Scooter Run & Racing in Italy - Pomposa

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Run & Race 2016, Pomposa, Italy - September 16-18.09.2016, XNUMX

That was last weekend Scooter Center drove to the Adriatic coast for the Run & Race finals of the European Scooter Challenge. Thanks to the participation of the British Scooter Sport Organization (BSSO) and several other international drivers, the spectators are offered a good spectacle on the kart track.

With the Lambretta to the Adriatic

Sounds like a vacation, but the vacation is long gone. We had 3.000 kilometers and a few days of hard work in Bella Italia ahead of us. Our bus was packed with equipment and our best bgm parts for that Run & Race Italy

The journey started on Thursday in Cologne. After 1.000 km from Lake Garda, on Friday we drove the remaining 250 km to Pomposa on the Adriatic Sea with the scooters. So on Friday it is time to leave early and the tour group splits up into a tour guide and an escort vehicle. The tour guide is done by two RaceTour Lambrettas with 28 Polini carburetors and the bgm big box:

  1. Lambretta DL 150 with 225 bgm PRO RaceTour
  2. Lambretta LI 150 1st series 195 bgm PRO RaceTour

Lambretta DL & LI


Tough test drive in the rain and pothole slalom

Test drive in Bella Italia: summer, blue skies and every now and then a stop at the car grill. That's the plan! Half an hour after the start, reality overtakes our wishful thinking. After the motorway tunnel in Verona we drive into the pouring rain. Fortunately, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing - and we had plenty of that with us!

But nothing helps and until shortly before Pomposa we continue on the Autostrada in the rain.
Fortunately, we did not notice the violent storm directly. Several cars in guard rails and trenches, but give an impression of what must have been going on shortly before us.

Ride a scooter in the rain

Despite the capricious weather conditions and potholes, we are quite brisk. The cruising speed with the motors is around 110 km / h (GPS). The new TomTom Vio shows us the way. Both the bgm motors and the bgm chassis keep what is promised and the journey is quick and easy. The bottom line is a great tour that is a lot of fun.

The video of the scooter tour

Big Run & Race in Italy

As the rain stops a bit before Pomposa and the thick cloud cover tears up, we luckily do not arrive completely drenched. The welcome from Rimini Lambretta Centers Marco and the organizers of SIR is warm as usual. After the first cups of white wine, we first move into our luxurious bungalow.

Our luxury bungalow

There will be a 'menu' on both evenings. To be honest, we imagined it to be quite different in Italy ... Both evenings will be quite long for Philipp thanks to the super nighters.

The breakfast on Saturday morning is great, unfortunately we don't have much time because the stand needs to be set up and we are excited to see what awaits us. Breakfast by the sea in the best weather.


Thanks to our routine, setting up our stand is quite easy for us - at least for those who were sober in bed before 5 a.m.
Accompanied by the incessant howling of sophisticated scooter motors, we present our bgm product range throughout the day and have many great conversations with old and new friends from:

  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Greece
  • England
  • Cyprus

Our photos from the weekend

RACE - The races

The exciting races take place directly across the street, where fierce battles were held down to the last meter. The Italian teams from CASA Performance and Parmakit dominate the big classes here - LINK bgm TEILE RENNTEAM. Our Austrian friend Stoffi impressively wins the standard class with the Polini engine -> LINK Shop standard class. Michi from the Stoffi team, we hang our camera around - this is what a one-class training session looks like:

RUN - the scooter meeting

Run & Race - there is also a scooter run during the race. The Italian clubs have stands on the grounds of the racetrack and you can buy parts or merchandise, marvel at scooters and talk about petrol everywhere.
The evening events take place on a camping and bungalow park where all participants were accommodated. The announced concert on Saturday is unfortunately canceled, the Open Air Nighter boiled over until the police arrive. The event is spontaneously moved inside and, if the mood is even better, the party will continue until the early hours of the morning.
After an Italian breakfast on Sunday morning, saying goodbye is difficult! But this time the 250 km return journey lies ahead of us in the most beautiful sunshine. For the last part we leave the motorway and take a scenic route through the hinterland and mountains. We reach our base camp on Lake Garda in a good mood. We still had a lot to do here:

  • Photoshoot Kerresinhio Quartet
  • Visit to the piston manufacturer Meteor in Milan
  • Photos & videos


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