Scooter & Service Vespa Tuning Brochure

Scooter and Service Vespa Tuning

Scooter & Service Vespa Tuning

"A vintage Vespa experience"

Scooter & Service Vespa Tuning: News from our partner Scooter & Service. Here we already have a detailed report about our visit to him: "Scooter & Service". Now, Wolle has published a beautiful brochure that we do not want to withhold from you.

Scooter & Service is Vespa tuning, customizing and engineering. In the workshop in Bispingen near Hamburg, individual engine and chassis concepts, bodywork conversions and hand-made special parts are created in small series. The now internationally known Custom Vespa models of the Scooter & Service Superlow Series combine in-house developed technical concepts from two decades in a freely configurable vintage vehicle configurator.

Vespa PX from 6 to 32HP

Nice to see in the flyer. For example, have your Vespa PX 80 converted: from 6PS to the Superlow Series in VNB style with 32PS and 260ccm displacement.

Vespa PX Tuning 6HP -32HP

Scooter & Service Vespa Tuning Catalog

You can get the vehicle conversions directly from "Scooter & Service": You can of course get the noble special parts from us. Scooter & Service Shop.

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Scooter and Service Vespa tuning parts