Wasp Smallframe Special 2019

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Wasp Smallframe Special catalog flyer 2019

Wasp Smallframe Specials / catalog / flyer

Our year starts well. We have released a new delicacy for all classic Vespa fans: That Scooter Center Specials for Vespa Smallframe:

Scooter Center Vespa specials Smallframe Leaflets 1 | 2019

In your Scooter Center Package

Available soon! You will soon find the special in yours Scooter Center Package with Vespa Smallframe-Share, just add it to your order for free: https://www.scooter-center.com/de/search?sSearch=sc+specials

Download as PDF

You can't wait Here you can download the SC Specials Vespa Smallfame as a PDF. The article numbers are clickable, so you get directly to the product in the Scooter Center Shop!

Download here now and watch it immediately


Gallery Smallframe Special


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