Vespa Smallframe Tool check - bgm clutch and flywheel multitool


Good tools are fun when screwing. Or better, that makes screwing even more fun.

Our bgm multitool tool bgm8819 consists bgm8811 and bgm8812.

The bgm8811 is a flywheel puller (M28x1) for all Vespa with electronic ignition, including our ignitions for converting the Vespa Sprint / VBB and V50 / Primavera and clutch puller for the Vespa Smallframe Models in one.

Together with the toolbgm8812 this also results in a clutch compressor
for the Vespa Smallframe models. Here it is possible to replace the clutch linings with the clutch installed in the engine. The part of the program: "Blocking the primary to loosen the clutch nut" is therefore deleted without replacement. Especially for converted PK-XL2 couplings with 12 springs a good help. The springs remain installed when the pads are changed and the Sisyphean task of sorting the springs back in is no longer necessary.

Of course, the clutch compressor also fits all common PK and V50, Polini double spring Couplings with 3 and 4 discs.

After the clutch cover and the Pressure plate removed, we screwed in the puller bgm8811.

Then the clutch compressor bgm8812 is attached and

Pre-tensioned with the enclosed nut, washer and screw from bgm8811.

As soon as the friction disks can rotate freely, the locking ring and the linings with the steel disks can be changed.

Before loosening the clutch compressor, you must of course not forget to reassemble the oil baffle and the circlip.

Install pressure plate and cover - done!


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