Michelin City Grip Winter scooter tires

michelin city grip winter

Michelin City Grip Winter

michelin city grip winter

The Michelin City Grip Winter scooter tires is a real winter tire with the corresponding approval as winter tires. The Michelin City Grip Winter is available in many sizes and therefore for almost all scooters.

Winter tires Michelin City Grip Winter scooter tires

Lamellar technology

The very successfully proven lamella technology has been adopted from the automotive sector. In conjunction with a soft carcass construction, the tire remains supple even at -10 ° and always adapts perfectly to the ground.

Michelin City Grip Winter 5 imp

Winter rubber compound

The level of grip achieved in this way together with the special winter rubber compound is very high and takes a long time cold and wet roads completely the horror. Our own scooters, which were equipped with these tires and are in daily use, completely convinced us.

Michelin City Grip Winter 3 imp

Also great in dry weather

A real all-round tire: Even in dry and moderate temperatures, the City Grip Winter is a completely new driving experience. An always extremely safe driving experience combined with superb braking performance even on wet roads make the City Grip Winter a confident recommendation for all year-round drivers.


Conclusion: Brilliant tire with an extremely high level of grip, not just for the very cold season! - Flyer_CityGrip Winter


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In Germany and many other European countries, scooter drivers are therefore always legally on the safe side during the cold season. The Michelin City Grip bears an "M + S" mark on the flank due to its suitability for winter conditions.


 Since November 29, 2010, winter tires have been compulsory in Germany for all motorized two-wheelers - from moped to superbike: “In the case of slippery snow, slushy frost or black ice, a motor vehicle may only be driven with tires whose tread profile, tread compound or structure is suitable for the named ones winter road conditions. ”This means that all motorized road users on German roads are obliged to drive with winter tires in the weather conditions mentioned. 

Michelin City Grip Winter 4 imp

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