Side panel Vespa PX with luggage compartment

Side panel Vespa PX luggage compartment 3330659

Side panel Vespa PX luggage compartment 3330659

Side hoods for the PX with luggage compartment are a rarity. This side cover (cheek) for the spare wheel side, which is otherwise only known from Vespa vintage cars, was originally used on the Spanish Vespa PX licensed buildings by Motovespa.

Today we can offer you these rare side panels for the P series of the Vespa, from LML, the Indian licensed manufacturer of the Vespa PX.

Cheek with side compartment Vespa PX 3330659

Lots of space in the Vespa

To make full use of the storage space, the electrical system can also be relocated under the tank. Then offers an enormous storage volume which, in connection with the standard luggage compartment in the leg shield, makes the PX very suitable for travel.

Side panel Vespa PX 3330659

A spare wheel then naturally has no more space under the side panel and it makes sense to remove the existing holder for the spare wheel.

If you still don't want to do without a spare wheel and want storage space, we recommend this Luggage rack with spare wheel holder:

Foldable rear rack + backrest + spare wheel holder -AMS CUPPINI- Vespa Largeframe

Vespa PX luggage rack with spare wheel holder



The Side panel Vespa PX luggage compartment you can find in Scooter Center Scootershop for Vespa.

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