Shock absorbers for Vespa with TÜV / ABE available

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Vespa shock absorbers with ABE

bgm shock absorber with TÜV for Vespa

Our top seller among the Vespa shock absorbers is since today back in stock. The easy and perfectly adjustable bgm PRO suspension for Vespa is available for many vehicles with TÜV approval.

The bgm PRO shock absorbers will be successful on the racetrack used and of course also offer the necessary in everyday life, on tours or trips with a passenger Comfort and security.

Vespa shock absorbers with ABE

Finally available again

bgm PRO shock absorber Vespa

  • with "ABE / TÜV"
  • Available individually or directly as a set
  • athletic
  • comfortable
  • fully adjustable
  • very durable
  • massive CNC body, anodized
  • high-strength aluminum for low weight
  • Rebound damping 12/16-fold adjustable, depending on the version
  • stepless adjustment of the spring preload

THE Vespa - shock absorber with TÜV!

Shock absorbers for the Vespa Scooters from the bgm PRO SC series are THE chassis for your Vespa. with TÜV!
The chassis developed by bgm in Germany is equipped with a ABE available for many Vespa scooters.

The shock absorbers are fully adjustable. With the infinitely variable adjustment of the spring preload and the separately adjustable rebound and compression stages, they can be perfectly matched for every application. From the big tour over the Alps with luggage to normal everyday driving to the racetracks of this world.

Vespa shock absorber bgm PRO SC


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