Silent block set engine -BGM PRO- Vespa Small- and Largeframe

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Vespa silent block

Hand on heart - do you ever have that on your Vespa Replaced silent blocks? Unfortunately, this is usually neglected even with complete restorations.

After many, faithfully completed kilometers, it sometimes happens that when you look at the most beautiful rear part in the world you notice that something is wrong here.

If the rear wheel is tilted slightly to the side when viewed from the rear in the direction of travel, then you have vibration, also called silent blocks, put their prime behind them in the motor housing.

Why silent rubbers?

The silent rubbers do not have an easy task: they are supposed to be uncomfortable vibrations Eliminate the drive train swing arm and at the same time for a predictable and safe leadership of the rear wheel. Because the silent rubber on the right-hand side also has to carry a large part of the mass of the engine, this side is subject to greater stress and is therefore also subject to greater wear.

This problem should be solved with a fresh set of silicone rubbers - do you think ...

Beware of the "OEM quality"

In the meantime, let's call them “other” suppliers have apparently found their way into the Piaggo bag.
The original silent rubbers are sometimes so soft that the engine is tilted back in the frame due to its own weight. This condition does not improve under a load, i.e. with the driver. Due to worn or too soft silent blocks, brisk Vesps sometimes also tend to oscillate significantly in the longitudinal axis even at higher speeds.

The solution: load-optimized silent blocks

So we have the bgm PRO silent blocks Equipped with a somewhat tougher rubber and the more heavily loaded engine side has also been chosen one step tighter.

The firmer, right-hand side thus stands in the way of the motor's own life and the increased load, and ensures that the drive train swing arm is guided safely.

The bgm PRO silent blocks for Vespa engines are therefore color coded:

BGM7952 (1)

  • GREEN is the somewhat firmer silent rubber for the right side in the direction of travel
  • RED is the silent block for the left side.


Vespa silent block



Simple assembly of the silent blocks

We decided on the two-part solution for the design of the silent blocks.

This makes the assembly of the silent rubbers much easier.
To use the rubbers is suitable Tire fitting paste pretty good.
Fat should not be used.

So far we have been offering the silent blocks for the following Vespa models:



Engine silent block set -BGM PRO- Vespa V50, V90, SS50, SS90, PV125, ET3, PK S, PK XL




Engine silent block set -BGM PRO- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, Sprint150 (VLB1T), TS125 (VNL3T), GT125 (VNL2T),
GTR125 (VNL2T), Super, GL150 (VLA1T), VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB





Engine silent block set -BGM PRO- Vespa PX200



Engine silent block set -BGM PRO- Vespa PK 50-125, PK 50-125 S, PK 50-125 XL

Silent block Vespa silent rubber

Silent rubber shock absorber mount Vespa

Tip: As optimal addition We also offer the silent rubbers in the motor cross-member the silent rubber for the rear lower shock absorber mounte at.

1157103 (2)

The wide rubber optimally supports the damper and is contrary to the narrow-chested competitors significantly more resistant to wear and tear.
The rubber is available in a set with the most common silent block sleeves:

Lambretta silent blocks

We have been offering Sinlentblock sets for fans of Lambretta tracked vehicles for a long time.
The positive experience from development the different hardness of the silent rubbers, we have also incorporated into the silent block sets of the Vespa.


Silent block set engine -BGM PRO- Lambretta LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP - 29cm engine bolts


ImageDocument BGM7950G

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