Spare wheel holder in Vigano style for Lambretta Lui, Luna, Vega, Cometa

Spare wheel holder step-through -SCOOTER CENTER- Lambretta Lui, Luna, Vega, Cometa - stainless steel Scooter Center Product no .: 3333584VA

Spare wheel holder Lambretta Lui stainless steel in Vigano style

A quick look behind the Scooter Center Backdrops:

The Scooter Center as is well known, has 2 bosses. Both are with Vespa and Lambretta grew up and have meanwhile well over 30 years of experience.

If you lure them both out of their reserves, you can find out that Oliver's heart beats more for Vespa and Ulf's more for Lambretta. This balances out again and we have a great balance in the management. If you then take a closer look, you can certify that Ulf has a little Lambretta-Lui fetish.

It's not difficult to guess who is responsible for this very special product. As an experienced collector, Ulf knows that the original Vigano spare wheel holder is practically no longer available for Lui & Co.

Perfect replica in first-class quality - Made in Germany

Fortunately, the Lui fetishist had a template in his infinite pool here in the house, which we in Germany have had them reproduced exactly according to the original.

Suitable for:

  • Innocenti Lambretta Lui 50 (50 C, 50 CL, Luna)
  • Innocenti Lambretta Lui 75 (75 S, 75 SL, Vega, Cometa)
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