Spring for primary -BGM PRO- Vespa Smallframe V50, Primavera, PK

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Vespa Smallframe with more power

Around SmallframeThe potential of engines has increased significantly in recent years and appears to be growing steadily.

Power and torque values ​​of clearly over 35PS / 30Nm are found more and more frequently. As a result, other components are of course also stressed significantly more.

Vespa Sallframe Power

Primary springs need to be stronger

An important and highly stressed link between the crankshaft and the transmission is that Clutch and the primary drive. ThatThe weakest link in this chain are the feathers the shock absorption.

Reinforced bgm PRO springs for Vespa Smallframe Primarily buy here

All of the torque is transferred to the rear wheel through them. They ensure uniform power transmission to the gearbox and dampen the uneven running of the crank mechanism between the dead centers. Heavy crankshafts, centrifugal masses that are becoming lighter and lighter and heavy load changes not only in racing, shorten the difficult life of the original springs.

New reinforced springs from bgm PRO

Suitable for the BGM PRO primary repair kits BGM0190, BGM0192, MMW Hartz4/ 5 and of course the original primary repair kits, we have added reinforced springs to our range for you.

BGM0190F 002


More power with the new bgm PRO springs

Compared to a Piaggio spring, the BGM spring offers more spring force and, thanks to the selection of the spring wire, more travel.



Due to the greater possible travel and the increased spring rate, the gearbox and primary drive are protected from tooth breaking load peaks even under harsh operating conditions.

Since you cannot simply increase the dimensions significantly to increase the durability, due to the installation conditions, we have paid attention to good material and workmanship for the spring. Oteva is an extremely resistant spring steel that is used for high dynamic loads and is characterized, among other things, by its durability even under the influence of high temperatures with simultaneous high mechanical stress. To further increase the durability of the spring, the surface is shot-peened.


Spring BGM PRO BGM0190F for primary Vespa Samllframe

  • increased commute
  • increased spring force
  • original installation dimensions
  • Material selection and processing for increased durability
  • suitable in many primary drives


Reinforced bgm PRO springs for Vespa Smallframe Primarily buy here



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