Strong scooter race in Croatia on June 25.06.2011th, XNUMX in Belica


Strong scooter race in Croatia on June 25.06.2011th, XNUMX in Belica

Croatia, the more contemplative sister of Italy on the Adriatic Sea, many people do not have on their radar when it comes to scooters. Of course you can rent small scooters in the tourist strongholds to take a gondola to the beach, but Croatia also has a very active scooter freak scene that is passionate and committed.

Our friends from Mojskuter held a scooter race for the first time in Belica, Northern Croatia on a karting course.
The area is known for changeable weather conditions, but convinced this weekend with strong sun and only light clouds. So there were some sunburns next to the already hot race track.

There was a classic round race on the kart track in three classes, free driving on the track, skill course, custom show, quartermile, stunt show and much more.
Even away from the race track and in the evening, the hospitable Croatians ensured a lot of fun and entertainment.
The audience and participants in this race come from all ages and cubic room classes.
A restricted view of brands or the like is not found here in a positive way. An old PX stands amicably in the parking lot next to a new Honda scooter, and on the quartermile a Gilera GP 800 scooter tries its luck against a much lighter two-stroke racing rocket.
Everything very relaxed.

The starting field was surprisingly international for a first event, and so you saw well-known drivers from Italy, who of course had a short journey to get there, and were eager to get to know a new route.

In addition to the always exciting races and quartermiles, the stunt show was particularly entertaining.
The organizer was also at peace with his first work and so there will probably be a scooter happening in Belica next year. An event that is worth a visit even if you have to travel further, especially since you can still spend a few nice days at the sea from there.

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