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Vespa calendar 2012
SCOOTER CENTER Calendar 2012

Now it starts again! Last week was the official beginning of spring, yesterday the clocks were set to summer time and here the dates for the obligatory roll-up patter.

Have you already done the first lap on your scooter? We are full of scooter fever and have some new parts at the start that we would like to recommend to you today.

The cover picture of today's newsletter is something very special: together with photographer Christoph Gabler, we are bringing out a great VESPA calendar with completely different motifs and particularly high-quality printing. The calendar is now going to print and the edition is limited - we will inform you as soon as the calendar is available. 2012 including a sheet April - December 2011 to hang up immediately ;-)

Here we go:

Ignition -BGM PRO base plate HP V2.0- Lambretta electronic ignition

Ignition base plate Lambretta V2: it has finally arrived: the ultimate Lambretta ignition base plate with sufficient power.

Five years after we brought the first Lambretta stator plate onto the market, we are proud to be able to present the further optimized version:
create new, optimized windings and improved components, especially in connection with the BGM voltage converter, a light output that is second to none.

We were ourselves surprised how bright the light from the Lambretta can be. Even when you press the brake pedal, the voltage now remains stable and the light is constantly super bright.

Markus Fröschen, the President of the LCD, put it through its paces on the way to the Eurolambretta in Spain last year and was able to charge his navigation system via the BGM voltage regulator WITHOUT BATTERY. You should BGM LED rear light have not yet installed, we recommend this to you as a further optimization


Ignition -BGM PRO base plate


Voltage regulator -4-pin BGM PRO 12V AC / DC 

Universal: Vespa & Lambretta

Voltage regulator -4-pin BGM PRO 12V AC / DC- universal

Compact voltage regulator for all electronic ignitions.

The controller supplies alternating current and optionally also direct current. So he is the one perfect replacement for all Ducati 3-pin and 5-pin controllers as well as for the controller of the Vespa and Variotronic.

  • AC - AC alternating current: Input and output for the unregulated alternating current of the ignition base plate and the regulated current for the wiring harness.
  • SENSE: The AC input and output must be bridged. The output voltage is compared with a reference via the sense line (bridge). This means that the voltage remains constant even when the load fluctuates.
  • DC direct current: output with direct current for charging the battery. With a correspondingly powerful ignition system, consumers can also be connected directly. For example: Satnav systems, water pumps, tachometers, speedometers and all kinds of other toys.
  • Earth: Earth connection to the frame, can easily be taken over from the old controller. Otherwise, connect output earth to the frame and, ideally, to the housing of the controller.

The connection to the existing wiring harness is conceivable easy:

With complete AC systems, the regulated AC current simply has to be applied to the lines for the electrical consumers.

For systems that are operated with AC and DC, a distinction only has to be made between AC and DC and wired accordingly.

A few connection examples are provided under the documents on the right.


Voltage regulator -4-pin BGM PRO 12V AC / DC


Voltage regulator -4-pin BGM PRO 12V AC / DC


Crankshaft -BGM Pro Racing 51mm stroke, 105mm connecting rod- Vespa PK 80-125XL

The Vespa Smallframe Racing crankshaft BGM Pro Racing with 51 mm stroke is perfect for class 1 of the ESC.

The proven crank webs of the 54 mm shaft are used here. The larger cheek diameter was retained here in order to achieve a higher overlap on the crank pin and additional security against rotation. at virgin housings you have to spin open the housing. A later ascent to 54mm shaft is then easily possible because the cheek diameters are identical.

That is a huge advantage 105 mm long connecting rod. This is 125 mm longer than the standard connecting rod of the 8 series. A corresponding spacer so that the shaft can also be used with cylinders that are not specially designed for this purpose, we also offer.

The advantages:

  • More favorable deflection angle and thus less friction of the piston in the raceway and thus also more power
  • Lower pre-compression, which is particularly important with the new Reso systems aka Scherer & Ludwig works great
  • The transition to the transfer ports in the motor housing can be designed to be much more favorable in terms of flow

BGM0223 | Spacer cylinder base -BGM PRO- Vespa V50, PV 125, ET3, PK 50-125 - 8mm | 14,90 euros
Do not forget: Stud set

Wasp Smallframe PK crankshaft -BGM Pro Racing 51mm stroke,


Pressed HIGH QUALITY side panels Vespa

We didn't want to believe it at first, but these hoods are PRESSED. Gone are the days of nasty spatula monsters and excessive, dented piles of rust in well-known auction houses.

The hoods are manufactured on NEW tools with great attention to detail and can hardly be distinguished from NOS hoods. The hoods for the lamp below models should actually be made of aluminum, but the quality compensates for the small deviation from the original. They are delivered in a transport primer which we recommend to remove before applying the paint.


Side panel set -VESPA-


Side panel set -VESPA-

Vespa GS 150 (VS1 to VS3)

Pressed side hoods
Pressed side hoods

Side panel set -VESPA-

Vespa GS 150 (VS4 to VS5)

Side panel set -VESPA-

Vespa V1 to V15, V30 to V33

Pressed side hoods
Pressed side hoods


Exhaust insulation wool -BGM PRO

Over time, every rear silencer becomes clogged with carbon deposits and the exhaust becomes louder. In addition, the Negatively impacted performance and of course you magically attract the law enforcement officers. Here it only helps to open the rear silencer of the racing exhaust and to re-insulate it.

New in the program is the BGM exhaust wool, which is ideally suited for this purpose. The core of the wool is made of stainless steel. The outer layer of glass wool with 80µ density.

The wool can easily be trimmed to the right size. Depending on the size of the silencer, the pack is sufficient for one or two refills.

Exhaust insulation wool -BGM PRO 300x600x8mm- white

See also at BGM on Facebook



Aupuff insulation wool



LED sofa

Now it's finally over with glowing taillights and indicators:

We offer you now Sofittes with LEDs are equipped. The huge advantage is that essential better light output and the ger lower power consumption.

This means that more power is available to other consumers. The driving lights in particular benefit and become significantly brighter. Conclusion: Safety Plus!

LED sofa


LED sofa


Rubber mallet BGM

At first we thought “Everyone has a hammer anyway”. Upon closer inspection, we knew that this is probably not the case.

Izetools is a renowned manufacturer from Taiwan. Particular emphasis was placed on ergonomics and good "operation". The shaft is ribbed and the weight (1,13 kg) is evenly distributed so that the hammer sits comfortably in the hand.

The real highlight, however, is that the Weight due to lead balls is achieved. These can move in the head and absorb the kickback. With conventional rubber hammers, a large part of the energy is lost in the recoil instead of the impact on the target.

The bgm rubber mallet by Izetools should not be missing in any workshop and the color should help you to always have it at hand ...

Rubber hammer -BGM ORIGINAL- non-kickback - 1,13kg

rubber hammer


Bandit open face helmets

Style tip: Bandit open face helmet

The Bandit helmet has an extremely narrow cut, just like the original: the helmets from the 60s and 70s. It is tight and has a super comfortable fit and this has the advantage, in addition to the great look, that the ears are well protected from the wind and annoying noises.

  • super stylish
  • very easy
  • great fit
  • Fiberglass (GRP) bowl
  • including sun shield
  • including helmet bag
  • quick release
  • 60s / 70s retro design
Bandit open face helmets


SCOOTER CENTER Catalog mislaid?

Here you find all SCOOTER CENTER Catalogs for online browsing and download.

We are already one step further with the new one Automatic catalog. The current price and availability are displayed here and with one click you are immediately at the product in the online shop.

We are working on it and will probably gradually implement all catalogs like this:

How do you like the catalogs?
Tell us what you think Facebook.

Control block -MB DEVELOPMENTS V2.0-


LED rot LED gelb
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