Sticker sheet for every order in June

Free stickers scooter motor scooter

Stickers for free

June 1, 2017. Now it's here, the first Summer month. Today is the official one meteorological beginning of summer.

How fitting that our new one Sticker sheets are now available for your scooter. Throughout June, we celebrate summer and pack one with every order Sticker sheet free of charge to! Simply here in our Online scooter shop order and we will do the rest.

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Show us your scooter

Show us your scooter with the new ones Scooter Center Stickers! For the best picture with Scooter Center We'll come up with something nice on stickers. Please just post your picture here on Facebook in the comments on this post .

Post your picture with sticker here

Free stickers scooter motor scooter Free stickers scooter motor scooter

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