Successful year for SCOOTER CENTER and News 2010

proportionalThe year is coming to an end and we are facing a new decade. That SCOOTER CENTER Team thanks its customers for their loyalty. Thanks also to you, 2009 is another successful year for the SCOOTER CENTER become.

This year there were many milestones and great moments for that SCOOTER CENTER, e.g.

  • the new logistics center including Showroom We didn't really finish until this year.
  • the Vespa catalogs, Modern Vespa and Classic Vespa (another update is planned for 2010)
  • SCOOTERSHOW, Max Speed ​​Festival and Classic Days
  • great Events like the custom shows in Munich and Riva, World Vespa Days in Zell am See
  • and of course the new one SCOOTER CENTER online-shop!

The SCOOTER CENTER starts the new decade at full throttle:

We wish you and your friends a good start into the new year and all the best for 2010!

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