Summer festival Vespaclub Regensburg

Vespa summer festival Regensburg

Vespaclub Regensburg Friday, August 04th 2017

A good 30 members of the Regensburg Vespa Club have gathered on the leisure island of Bad Abbach to set up the annual summer festival and Vespa meeting. The looks are skeptical upwards. Should the weather thwart our plans this year? No! That was not allowed to happen, because this year we not only want to offer a great day for all Vespa enthusiasts from near and far, but also do good. One of the highlights is to be a raffle in favor of the Hospice Association Regensburg eV and so there was no thought of bad things Weather wasted and all the more tackled.

Within a few hours there were seats, stalls, counters and the bar tent, the space was brought into shape and the driveways graveled. From late afternoon on, some traders and guests came who had answered the call to arrive the evening before and pitch their tents. They stoked up the grill and spent a nice evening together ... Rumor has it that midnight was well past.


Saturday: Sun for the Vespa meeting

Saturday greeted us early in the morning with rays of sunshine. All of our worries were blown away. Punctually, after the last dealer - many of them followed the call of the Vespa Club, they came to us from Munich and Ludwigshafen - had set up their stand, the first guests started rolling in. And as in the previous year, our reception team had all their hands to do from then on. Every scooter is greeted personally in Regensburg. By lunchtime we were able to count over 400 vehicles.

After the opening of the dealer mile and the coffee bar under the guidance of our Vespaclub girls, a guided tour to the nearby Walhalla started. One of the traditions of the Vespa club, which is praised again and again by those who have traveled further. Under the leadership of Franz Hebauer and Tobias Pilz, around 15 scooters made their way to the temple of fame Ludwig I directly on the Danube in Donaustauf.

Meanwhile the place filled up more and more. Suddenly one spotted not only license plates from the area around Regensburg, no, Swabia or Allgäu could also be seen.

We were very pleased that our comrade Renate Otto arrived, who came to us directly from Hamburg on the move.

The island was now full. Many visitors have known each other for years and are engrossed in gasoline discussions or talking shop on the dynamometer. The drinks sales were in full swing and queues formed at the food stands for burgers, grilled meat, sausage pizza and ice cream. And the little ones besieged their very own realm - the big bouncy castle right on the square.

However, the lottery ticket sales attracted a lot of attention. Thomas Porubka, Treasurer of the Vespa Club, was able to report more than 800 lottery sales until shortly before the parade.

300 scooters at the parade

But first one of the highlights: At 14:45 p.m., tour manager Joachim Meister called over the loudspeakers to set up the parade.

Under the leadership of our first board member Markus Jakomet, more than 300 visitors started their scooters and set off. Thanks to the perfect work of the Regensburg tour guides, the parade from the first to the last scooter was well over a kilometer long without accidents or breakdowns.

Halfway through the area around Bad Abbach, all participants were given water ice, which everyone gladly accepted to cool off in the bright sunshine.

After the parade returned, it got exciting. There was one last chance to stock up on tickets.

Big raffle with great prizes in the afternoon

Shortly before 17 p.m., the first board member Markus Jakomet, Vice Norbert Stingl and tour manager Joachim Meister started the draw. Exactly 1 prizes had to be drawn. But first we were able to welcome Karin Dehner from the hospice association, who thanked the VCR again for the commitment.


However, we would like to thank our sponsors directly, who immediately agreed to support the good cause with their donations.

Many thanks to that too Scooter Center Cologne for the great support!

Main prize 250 euros

It got exciting ... most of the prizes were gone. Only who should get it, the main prize of 250 euros in cash, which Raiffeisenbank Regensburg-Wenzenbach eG had generously donated.

Joachim Meister made it exciting. It was a very low number - someone who had been on the island all day. After calling the number, our Regensburg member Wolfgang Cieplik was happy about the oversized check, but he did not hesitate for a second and decided at the same moment to donate the entire profit to the hospice association as well. The thunderous applause from all the guests proved him right.

The winner of a SIP Road sports exhaust did the same for him and sold it on the spot in order to also donate the proceeds.

2.300 euros donation amount

So the Vespaclub Regensburg can raise the proud amount of 2.300 euros to the Hospice Association Regensburg e. V. and prove that Vespa drivers are good at doing good.

From this point on it was just partying, partying, partying. Immediately the bar tent was opened and the music of the SC scene echoed across the square. Because they were invited too. The direction behind the bar was taken over by the kickback slider SC Ratisbona - all of them also members of the VCR. Whether Pacemakers, Drunken Monkeys or Vespa Veterans Club. At the meeting of the Vespaclub Regensburg they celebrate together until the early hours of the morning.

Free breakfast

The traditional, free hangover breakfast was also popular.

Last but not least, we would like to say a big thank you again all of our helpers!

Without this insane bunch, nothing would work. Regardless of whether it is setting up and dismantling, serving, cake counters, reception, merchandise, guided tours, tour guides at the parade ... That's exactly the kind of people a club needs in order to function! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


Vespa Club Regensburg




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