Shift tube and gas tube set for handlebar indicators

From now on we can offer you a complete Set to convert to handlebar indicators for your Vespa Rally, Sprint and Primavera, ET3.

All scooters built after 01.01.1962 with more than 125ccm must be equipped with indicators in Germany.

So if you have a Vespa with 150 / 200ccm without indicators from Italy or your Vespa Sprint 125 with a cylinder from the 177 class or at the Smallframes one Parmakit from our campaign If you want to equip, this set will help you to get the desired TüV blessing.

The set corresponds to the Piaggio solution with inner tubes and an anti-twist device below the speedometer. The connections between turn signals, turn signal switch and anti-twist device are made with M3, M4 and M5 threaded screws.

Together with our harness and Voltage Regulators for 12V, you can give your scooter significantly better light and reliable ignition performance with a Electronic ignition retrofit.

Our conversion wiring harness is of course already prepared for the installation of the indicators. The detailed illustrated installation instructions will help you with the assembly. All you need is the matching flasher relay in 12V and the matching lamps in 12V .

You can of course also use the indicator set on your 6V ignition, for which you need the right one flasher relay and Festoon in 6V

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