24h Vespa race

24h Vespa race

Even before the first ESC racing events are held in Germany, a 24-hour racing spectacle takes place every year in Spain on the Circuito Internacional de Zuera. 24h Vespa race At 30 o'clock in Zuera, with summer temperatures of over 12 ° C, 62 teams started the 24-hour hunt. Including 6 teams from Germany and 1 team from Austria.

24h Vespa race Le Mans start

Zuera 2014 start of the 24h Vespa race After the Le Mans start Within the first hour, the lead changed between Scuderia ESC and Team Germany GSF / SCK before Team Germany took the lead for long hours. That 24h Vespa race is divided into 4 different classes.

What is allowed is allowed

You can find the fastest teams in the so-called Proto classes for Vespa Large and Smallframe. In these classes what is allowed is allowed, the performance is only regulated by the fact that the engine should keep in racing trim for as long as possible 24 hours at a time. Less powerful but also by no means unexciting are the classes Vespa Small and Largframe with original components. In this class you will find a PK75 as well as a PX125. The original engine components may be optimized, the original chassis unfortunately not. For the Protos, some of which are equipped with up to 30HP and have a good chassis, it became an experience here and there to plow through the field of the original classes. Some PK125s appear at night as a small, red taillight point on the start and finish straight in front of a fast driver and then grow into a whole scooter in a fraction of a second, which is apparently on the track. Nevertheless, the original classes are very popular, as a vehicle that is competitive in its class is available with few resources. Just like the claim of class 5 in the domestic ESC. IMG_1257 In relation to the distance of the race, some teams already showed failures after a short time. IMG_6968 Fortunately, in most cases the defects were minor. The premature death of some of the plug connections is probably one of the most common causes of short breaks, also taken with pleasure, the slipped carburetor ... In the meantime, could Team Germany (Powered by Scooter Center) continue to expand leadership. Up until the early evening, a good lead on the also very powerful team Laranja could be driven out. Zuera time table

At night with the Vespa on the racetrack

Driving on a racetrack at night is a special experience - fortunately, all teams had enough time in the light to memorize the course of the route. IMG_1339 In order to drive well through the night, the teams were allowed to compete with up to 6 drivers. Thus, sufficiently long breaks are possible for every driver. 24h vespa race massage Unfortunately, as the race distance increases, the material begins to suffer significantly. The tires and braking systems in particular are subject to very high loads. Fortunately, tubeless rims are standard in the racing circuit. If the tire is defective, the air escapes much more slowly than if the tube could simply collapse. Flat Unfortunately, with a comfortable lead of 20 laps, the first components also began to tire at Team Germany. The piston and cylinder had to be changed shortly before midnight. With a backlog that could be made up after the repair, now in second place, the hunt for first place could be resumed. Unfortunately, the race to catch up was stopped a short time later by a defective crankshaft. After 2 laps with a predominant portion of leadership laps, the number 1 had to be turned off. The Laranja team, now in first place, was also only able to enjoy the lead for another 539 laps - here too, the water-cooled Yamaha unit went on strike. As is so often the case, this became the third member of the group, after inconspicuous, even keeping up, Team Tarragona Happy winner of the crazy 24h event and crossed the finish line as the first team after 24:00:46. We congratulate everyone who survived this madness and, above all, drove it to the end. Special respect to the only all-women team that 70's Scooter Girl'z, who finished the race in a remarkable 31st place. 70ties girls 24h Vespa race See you next year for the 24h Vespa race in Spain and a fall-free ESC season!

On days 3 and 4 we went to the surf mecca of Hossegor via Bordeaux. With the best surfing weather a successful change.

From here we went on to Spain. Then “fast” over the Pyrenees and the 1600Km would be done.

The Pyrenees were done and now it was on the home straight to Zaragoza.

2 days earlier than planned our 2 European travelers are in front of the Circuit ”Internacional de Zuera”. Now let's hope that the organizers will show up quickly ;-)

We wish our team every success in the 24h race and hope that the journey home will be just as great as the journey there.

Here is a short report from the IDSM race weekend on the Harzring.

On the Harzring took place on 12/13. July the 9th and 10th races for the IDSM 2008 take place.

Saturday morning didn't go well for our driver Thomas, as he had to change the engine after just a few laps in free practice! The engine block on the Hebo engine had cracked. Read more