What happens to a Vespa that has crossed a whole continent in 22 months and driven 72.000 km with a full load - over 100 kg of luggage alone - over all kinds of roads?

We are always excited when someone shows up with a great adventure and see with great interest how they are prepared for this trip and are curious to see which parts can withstand the stresses best. Rarely do we get the chance to see the wear and tear of every part after a great trip.

Atze's adventure with Vesparicana is a very good example of this. He was with different people back then bgm Parts traveled and after this adventure and years later Jan visited us at SC to show us these parts.

Jan is the mechanic of Atze and his Vespa Elsi and he knows exactly which pieces deserve to rest. Like the bgm shock absorberthat was installed on Elsi. Due to the heavy luggage, the frame warped in the area of ​​the upper shock absorber mount. As a result, the shock absorber's reservoir was in permanent contact with the chassis. Through the work of the damper and enemy contact, the damper has been exposed up to the O-rings. And if we consider that the weight of the luggage was almost 120kg at the beginning and later about 100kg of it was 10l gasoline, 5l water, almost 30kg tools and spare parts and the rest was equipment such as tent, stove, sleeping bag and clothing, all of that plus corrosion as a driver. Then it is clear what would happen, and while the shock absorber still does its job, it's time to replace it as a new adventure approaches.


Across America - 72.000 kilometers with bgm shock absorbers

At the mechanic's and the wear and tear


Vespa Elsi and driver Atze deserve a new shock absorber and many more parts for the next adventure. We know that the two of them are planning a new, beautiful adventure through Africa, we are excited to see how it will turn out and we will keep you up to date. Of course, also about the preparations for the Vespa.


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Vespa globetrotters at the Scooter Customshow in Cologne

On Scooter Center custom show will be one again World travel Vespa to stand. With his discarded Postvespa "Elsi" dares Scooter Center Client “Atze” Alexander Eischeid the adventure and sets off to America.

From Vancouver it goes north. When the land ends and the ocean is reached, Elsi receives her last mission in life: "Bring the water from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to the South Atlantic to Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego."

Forests, deserts, tropics, mountains, rain and storms, tar, gravel and sand had to be in 19 countries and 22 months be conquered until the oceans unite.

This trip brought unimaginable encounters, unexpected situations and breathtaking landscapes with it.

  • Eight pistons,
  • two cylinders,
  • He used up three brake drums 71.000km.

Blood, tears, sweat, adventure and pure joie de vivre. 

His motto: Life is for living - life is to live. And that's what he recorded in his book. Info here.

Experience Atze and Elsi live on May 5th, 2018 at the Scooter Customshow in Cologne.
Tickets there here or at the box office.

Vesparicana - Probably the toughest trip on a Vespa ever made!





Atze's Vespa Adventure as a book

We accompanied our Cologne Vespa customer on his adventurous Vespa trips in the blog and provided him with spare parts, for example one Delivery to Alaska.

Now he has published a book about his Vespa tour. Today his message reaches us with the Invitation to the reading:

Hello everyone, full of anticipation and proud to have put all my experiences on paper, I will soon present my first work VESPARICANA! On Sunday, March 19, 2017 I have reserved the culture café “Die Lichtung” and will read from my book in the evening (admission from 19.00pm, start around 19.30pm) and also give parts of my lecture to the best. Admission is free! Since the event room can accommodate around 130 listeners and my previous events have always been well attended, it is an advantage to arrive on time, because whoever comes first hears and sees first. I am very happy to see you guys!Greetings from the author Atze / Alex / Alejandro




Vespa world tour Welcome Home Vespa parade

With the Vespa from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego

19 months, 19 countries and over 65.000 km is our customer, the Cologne Vespa traveler Alexander “Atze” Eischeid scooted from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego!

Incredible adventuresr and visits to numerous Vespa clubs and scooter friends across the American continent made his trip a unique, unforgettable experience made!

Of course it has Scooter Center Atze supports his customers in this and, among other things, urgent Vespa spare parts for example to Alaska cleverly.

Vespa trip

Welcome Home Corso

His friends would like to pay tribute to him and welcome him to his hometown of Cologne. And what is the best and most stylish way to do that? By accompanying him on his last stage through Cologne!


Meeting point: 14 p.m. at Nippeser Schillplatz
Aim: A joint final photo on the Deutz Kirmesplatz with all participating scooters in front of our city panorama.
Coffee, cake and drinks will be provided!

Everyone who has the desire and time is cordially invited.


Meeting point: 16:00 p.m. at the Kirmesplatz in Deutz
All non-Vespa drivers are welcome to come by Lambretta, bike, KVB or their feet to the end point at the fairground in Deutz. Around 16.00 p.m.

Then we will let the day chill out in “La Barra” on Barbarossaplatz.


Information about the trip:

Atze Welcome poster 06.02

With the Vespa from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego

"Atze", Scooter Center-Customer from Cologne, is currently on a Vespa tour through the with his Vespa PX125 World history.

Here, on his blog, you can watch the insane tour through South, Central and North America. He updates his travel reports regularly and is also happy to receive guest book entries.

vespa tour

In Alaska he urgently needed spare parts for his original Vespa PX 125, which of course he bought Scooter Center ordered. The parts are already on their way!

Here is my favorite photo from his blog - a delicious Kölsch on the Arctic Ocean - awesome!
Cheers young.

Vespa Kölsch in the world

Have fun, Atze and come back safe.