20 meters shorter braking distance

A comparison on a Vespa GTS model with Brembo brake caliper resulted in a braking distance up to 20 meters shorter than the standard components.

Whoever is on the brake lever for the first time Brembo calipers stocked Vespa GTS pulls, notices immediately what it offers in abundance: braking power!
So strongly the tire claws into the ground, like this sensitive lets you dose the braking force. This combination of perfectly noticeable pressure point in connection with the enormous stability of the brake creates a trust that has cemented Brembo's reputation for decades.

A good reason the Brembo calipers on a Vespa to assemble. The problem so far: there weren't any high-quality ones Adapter for the Brembo brake with TÜV certificate.

Brembo - Adapter GTS with TÜV certificate

Exclusive from Scooter Center what you get now is the noble Brembo racing brake technology TÜV certificate for the Vespa GT / GTS / GTV Models! The high quality adapters are for the modern Vespas with and without ABS available!

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Available individually or in an affordable set

You can get the adapters from us individually or in a practical set. The brake caliper included in the set comes from the Brembo P4 series and has four brake pistons (2x Ø30mm + 2x Ø34mm). It is delivered with an adapter suitable for Vespa GT, GTS and GTL from 2014 (with ABS).

  • Incl.adapter for Vespa GT / GTS / GTV models from 2014 with ABS
  • including TÜV certificate
  • Piston diameter 2 x 30 mm + 2 x 34 mm
  • 2 - part, cast, CNC machined
  • Hole stitch attachment: 40 mm
  • including brake pad 07BB1535
  • Brake fluid DOT 4 or 5.1

Brake caliper kit including front adapter (with TÜV certificate) -BREMBO, 4-piston

The story behind it

The Brembo adapter is also known as the Peter adapter. Our friend Peter von Peters Scooter Parts from Austria developed them. We took over the project last year and are now offering the adapters as Scooter Center - Product with certificate / TÜV.

Beware of cheap, inferior quality copies from, for example, Asia. Only real with the SC hologram!

Here is the info from Peter from the forum:

“… Hi dear Vespa friends! As some friends may already know, I have decided to hand over the PROJECT VESPA-GT-GTS-Brembo-TÜV brake adapter completely. After many positive discussions, I decided to hand over the entire project to the company SCOOTER-CENTER, which will now continue to sell all other TÜV adapters. I would like to thank all Vespa friends, whose I made it possible to officially drive this great brake system with TÜV blessing. Also a big thank you to Frank from the Scooter Center who is continuing this project from vonab ... ”TT

Brembo adapter Vespa GTS animation

Tip for the brake line

The brake line installed at the factory can still be used. To do this, loosen the cable from its original fastening clip in order to be able to lay the cable free of tension. Alternatively, we offer slightly longer, high quality Braided steel brake lines from Spiegler on. This also in a noble black version with anodized connection pieces. Please contact us directly regarding the color options for the Spiegler brake lines - many colors are possible here!

Vespa GTS Malossi tuning

Vespa GTS on the test bench with Malossi Tuning

Some tuning measures were carried out on the Vespa GTS by Bernd (customer), both visually and technically:

Engine: Vespa GTS with Malossi Tuning

Everything from Malossi was installed on the engine, from the cylinder, cylinder head, clutch, variator and gearbox. So the GTS has real pressure from below, that There is an increase in performance across the entire engine speed range on, and thanks to the Malossi Forcemaster2, the rev limiter is reduced by 1.000 rpm. raised, measured on this vehicle 10.500 rpm.

The 4 different setting maps of the Malossi Forcemaster2, depending on the expansion stage, also have the option of changing the injection quantity + -20% at min / medium / max.

  • Curve 0: original cylinder, original camshaft, original cylinder head and Malossi exhaust with DB killer
  • Curve 1: original cylinder, original camshaft, Malossi cylinder head and Malossi exhaust with DB killer
  • Curve 2: Malossi cylinder, original camshaft, Malossi cylinder head and original exhaust
  • Curve 3: Malossi cylinder, original camshaft, Malossi cylinder head and Malossi exhaust with DB killer

Built-in Malossi tuning for Vespa GTS

The following parts from the Scooter Center Vespa shop:

  • 7675562 Malossi cylinder set 282ccm³ V4, Ø = 75,5mm incl. Malossi V4 head
  • 7675672 Malossi injection module "Forcemaster2"
  • M6714844 Malossi secondary gear Z22 / 45 straight teeth
  • M5111885 Malossi Multivar with 3x14gr. + 3x15gr. roll
  • M6113027 Malossi Kevlar strap
  • M5211821 + M2911326 Malossi Delta clutch with Malossi springs red
  • 7674943RG Remus RSC stainless steel with a large dB eater

Performance + 5PS & +31 km / h

Performance diagram Vespa GTS

Data according to performance diagram

SERVICES 18,9 PS 23,9 PS
VMAX to limiter 134,9 km/h 166 km/h
SPEED LIMITER 9.500 rpm. 10.500 rpm.


So that the Vespa not only makes top marks and accelerates extremely well, but also comes to a safe stop, we will soon be able to find a suitable adapter for the Brembo 4 piston caliper offer. The following is already available:

Front brake caliper, left -BREMBO, 4-piston, Ø = 30 / 34mm, (P4 30 / 34C) - Titan Style

Article no. 3332085

Front brake caliper, left -BREMBO, 4-piston, Ø = 30 / 34mm, (P4 30 / 34C) - Titan Style article no. 3332085

Front brake caliper, left -BREMBO, 4-piston, Ø = 30 / 34mm, (P4 30 / 34C) - Titan Style
Article no. 3332085