New Vespa helmets 2021 2022

Vespa Piaggio helmets 2021/2022

We now have the brand new ones in our helmet shop Vespa helmets, original from Piaggio on offer.

The new Vespa helmets in the 21/22 collection are also Made in Italy. We have super nice full face helmets and a large selection of open face helmets available. You can get the Piaggio helmets with and without visor, in different shapes, designs and colors.

In addition to the most modern and safest security features, there is a classic Italian design and very high quality workmanship. Functionally, there are practical features such as the inside that can be removed for washing and, of course, Piaggio has also made sure that the open face helmets also fit perfectly into the Vespa helmet compartments.

There are also cheek pads, visors and umbrellas as spare parts if the worst comes to the worst!

New Vespa helmets Piaggio 2021/2022 jet helmet & full face helmet Vespa


VESPA open face helmet 75th Anniversary

This is my personal highlight of the new helmet collection: Zum 75 birthday from Piaggio there is not only the GTS as a special model, there is also a noble helmet in limited edition75th Anniversary".

The classic jet helmet with three press studs is an absolute eye-catcher. The helmet shell is made of thermoplastic, the helmet has a ratchet lock. Chrome-plated borders, the lining with the Vespa logo, the smoky gray paintwork and the yellow graphic with the Vespa logo characterize this helmet. The scope of delivery includes an exclusive helmet bag with the anniversary logo, which is stylish and practical at the same time. The quality and comfort of the helmet is guaranteed by “Made in Italy”. Homologation ECE 22.05. That could be something too for collectors be!

Piaggio helmet VESPA jet helmet 75th Anniversary black

Racing Sixties 60s Vespa full face helmet

NEW: Vespa full face helmet! To match the Vespa, there is now a Racing Sixties 60s full-face helmet as a special edition after the jet helmet! The two-tone graphics of this special model are coordinated with the design of the Vespa Racing 60s. Available in RED WHITE and in GREEN YELLOW


Vespa full face helmet 60s Racing


  • Outer shell made of fiberglass, double shell
  • Scratch-resistant visor
  • UV-resistant coating
  • Removable and washable inner lining
  • DOUBLE-D closure


Vespa P-Xential 2.0

This is the new Vespa P-Xential 2.0 Open face helmet without visor, the popular jet helmet is also named after the successful Vespa PX: “PX helmet”


Vespa PX open face helmet


The new edition of the classic helmet Vespa P-Xential is based on the style of the bandit helmets. The available colors are coordinated with the color variants of the currently available Vespa models.

The inner lining has been significantly upgraded compared to the previous model and noticeably increases wearing comfort. In addition, the anti-allergic cheek pads can be easily removed and washed, which significantly increases the suitability for everyday use.
The subject of safety is also very important with this helmet. The ABS helmet shell made of thermoplastic meets the strict ECE 22.05 safety standard.

  • classic open face helmet made in Italy
  • Homologation: Safety standard ECE 22.05
  • ABS thermoplastic outer shell
  • Vespa logo in the forehead and neck area
  • 5 press studs for attaching a visor or parasol (available as an accessory)
  • Leather loop in the neck area for attaching motorcycle goggles
  • Anti-allergic velor lining
  • comfortable chin strap with ratchet fastener
  • Weight approx. 1.150g

Visor 3.0 jet helmet with visor

Attractive helmet in beautiful colors and a large classic engraved 3D Vespa logo on the back. The helmet is trimmed with leather and the neat seam underlines the high-quality workmanship.

Vespa VISOR 3.0 jet helmet with visor



The big visor has a recess in the nose area, which makes it very comfortable to wear and prevents the visor from fogging up so quickly.

  • Vespa jet helmet, made of ABS plastic
  • With a clear, scratch-resistant visor
  • Engraved Vespa logo on the back
  • Innovative, breathable interior made of 3D fabric
  • Inner lining removable and washable
  • ECE 22.05 approval
  • made in Italy


Visor jet helmet BT Super Tech jet helmet with sound module

As a basis, the same top equipment as the Visor 3.0, but also an approved one Bluetooth sound module.

Vespa jet helmet with Bluetooth stereo headphones and microphone


The name alone makes it the perfect helmet for yours Vespa GTS Super Tech, of course also portable to all other models. The technical top model is equipped with two integrated headphones with stereo sound and a microphone with modern noise canceling.

The Sound module with bluetooth connectivity tB enables you to pair your phone and transmit the sound to and from the helmet, e.g.

  • Navigate
  • Phone
  • Music
  • With additional equipment as an absolute hands-free communication center with intercom

Be Gironi's helmet

Visor 3.0 special edition for the special model Sei giorni

NEW: Vespa VJ jet helmet

The new Original open face helmet from Vespa - now New with double visor: a large clear and an additional sun visor. Great colors, also available with carbon applications and as a Sean Wotherspoon special model! The visor mechanism is available individually as a spare part and in many colors for customization as an accessory.

  • Double visor
    • Retractable sun visor (dark tinted)
    • Continuous, large clear visor
  • The helmet colors are based on the new vehicle colors of the Vespa Primavera and Vespa GTS.
  • ABS thermoplastic helmet shell
  • Removable, washable and hypoallergenic inner lining
  • Chin strap with ratchet fastener / micrometric holding system
  • Homologation: ECE 22.05 approved
  • Engraved Vespa lettering
  • Logo on the back “Vespa”
  • Made in Italy

Why does Piaggio / Vespa also make helmets?

The helmets go perfectly with the respective vehicle colors and can be stowed away in the helmet compartments of the scooter. This ensures that you get a stylish helmet on the beautiful scooter. A Vespa helmet from Piaggio rounds off the Vespa feeling, either as an airy jet helmet or as a sporty classic as a full-face helmet: adapt the look to your personal style!

You can find all helmets in many colors and sizes in our Helmet finder.

You can also get helmets and tips on ours Scooter helmet Special page!

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DMD helmets now at Scooter Center

DMD helmets now at Scooter Center

A great scooter helmet: DMD vintage helmets

We are always looking for great products that make life for us scooter drivers more beautiful, safer, faster and simply better!

We currently have the DMD Vintage helmet and other helmets from Italian brand DMD included in the program.

Vespa helmet DMD Vintage Jet

Scooter helmets: DMD vintage helmet for scooter riders

For us scooter drivers, the helmets from the VINTAGE series are from DMD especially interesting:

The helmets in this series are a perfect evolutionary step from the legendary Open face helmets from the seventies. Just as slim and light as it was back then, but certified safely with the ECE standard!

All information compact:

  • Smallest open face helmets available on the market MIT Approval (ECE22.05)
  • This is achieved by using three different helmet shells for each size!
    The size M itself has its own helmet shell. Many manufacturers only use two trays, which means that sizes M-XL have to be covered with one tray. It goes without saying that size M, with a small head, can look huge with an XL bowl.
  • Made in Italy
  • Personally, we all found the helmets very comfortable
  • In addition, it turned out that wearers of an L helmet even got along well with the size M from DMD
  • Made of fiberglass = light & stable
  • Removable & washable inner lining
  • Double-D closure = safe & fast
  • Over 30 different designs - there is something for everyone!

Made in Italy

When developing these helmets, DMD aimed not only to maintain the conventional retro look of the helmet, but also to optimize it. The DMD designers created a top fashionable helmet with a retro look in 30 different designs. Every scooterist will find his or her style!

DMD Jet Helmets Vintage Scooter Helmet Vespa

Narrowest helmets with ECE - style & safety

When developing DMD, the main focus was on minimum size, combined with maximum possible safety and comfort, that's what the DMD Vintage helmet is all about narrowest approved helmet on the market.
Only state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and complex production with three different, size-adapted outer shells make this small design of the helmet possible. The material is light and durable fiberglass. In addition, the DMD vintage helmet is very comfortable and available in sizes XS to XL. That makes him the best Scooter helmet.

These open face helmets are perfect for city traffic and of course not only fit Vespa, Lambretta and Co. but also every motorcycle, scooter, shopper and café racer.
Discover the now DMD vintage helmets the Scooter Center; each model has its own personality and exclusive motifs, matching your style!


DMD Vintage Helmet - Scooter Rider Helmet DMD Vintage Helmet - Scooter Rider Helmet DMD Vintage Helmet - Scooter Rider Helmet DMD Vintage Helmet - Scooter Rider Helmet DMD Vintage Helmet - Scooter Rider Helmet


Helmet Vespa PIaggio Decal Lux special offer SSV


Original VESPA open face helmets type 'Fiber' now on special offer



What could be nicer than using the coming wonderful autumn days for another nice tour?
In keeping with the season finale, we are offering the very high quality original Piaggio open face helmets (Fiber Decal and Fiber Lux type) for Special Price to:

The one from a extremely stable GRP (fiberglass) made helmet shell forms the basis for a top modern jet helmet with great features:
That is part of that integrated tinted sun protection visor which disappears invisibly inside the helmet when not in use.
The very easy and quick to use one is also up to date patented micrometer closure of the chinstrap.
This enables the helmet strap to be opened and closed within seconds.
Together with the removable and washable inner lining, which is antibacterial ex works, the Piaggio Fiber offers one unbeatable price / performance ratio.

The beautiful classic look is here in solid combination with the latest technology.

Now with us at a bargain price, while stocks last!

Vespa Fiber Decal helmet
Vespa Fiber Lux helmet

Original Piaggio Vespa jet helmet now for only 169 euros

169 € instead of 249 € - save 80 €


Bandit Jet Helmet Premium 2018

Bandit jet helmet 2018

The new 2018 season at BANDIT Helmets is all about a wealth of new products, new colors and optimizations of the Bandit open face helmets.

New colors

The BANDIT jet helmets get four innovations. The trend towards a second helmet is unbroken. And who could resist these colors as a complement to the obligatory white or matt black open face helmet:


Premium Quality

So these are the colors of the new premium line in the Bandit Jet Premium helmet range. These Bandit half-shell helmets are popular scooter helmets and 2018 even higher quality processed as usual:

  • Fine cotton materials in the interior and
  • high quality genuine leather around the helmet edges

These two upgrades give the beautiful new Bandit Jet Premium -Series the expression of the highest "BANDIT Original" quality.

Bandit Jet Helmets 2018

Bandit helmets since 1996

In 2018 too, Bandit stands for exceptional helmets and reliability in terms of price and quality. BANDIT means anything but mainstream. This is how the brand tradition should continue in the future.
This started in 1996. At that time, the beginnings of the BANDIT brand were still in the young streetfighter scene. Today Bandit has a big one Choice of helmetsthat appeals to a much broader target group. Scooter riders in particular love these helmets and Vespa riders like the narrow cut, every bandit helmet is unique and unconventional. And not just with the legendary BANDIT design. Because not only a great look is the trademark. Bandit lays on all helmets great emphasis on quality, fit and a comfortable feeling when wearing. The continuous improvement of the Bandit helmets is a daily requirement. Twenty years of experience in development enables the guys to offer helmets that are of higher quality than others in many areas.

The inner lining of the helmets is made exclusively for Bandit. It consists of 95% cotton and is made through a special manufacturing process particularly soft and skin-friendly. The same applies to the fiberglass of the helmet shell: it is braided in a special pattern for bandit helmets and achieves excellent test results in terms of safety. The quality standard extends to the helmet bag: The helmet bag is made of 100% pure cotton.

The helmets are made in small numbers and with a high proportion of manual labor. So at Bandit you still don't get mass-produced goods, but exceptionally beautiful and good helmets.

Bandit to the ECE standard

“The ECE test standard is always an occasion for questions. In Europe, the ECE 22-05 standard is mandatory. It is mandatory for motorcycle helmets in road traffic in many EU countries. In Germany this is not the case according to §21a, STVO. In this country, the following applies: A “suitable” helmet must be worn. He should
comply with ECE 22-05 or have an adequate protective effect. Unfortunately, the ECE standard also has some disadvantages. So the visor or field of vision is very large. Wearers of glasses, for example, often find this annoying, since normal glasses have a much smaller field of vision than a helmet according to the ECE standard. In addition, is
the impact test so strict that the helmet shell inevitably becomes larger. This look does not meet the expectations of most motorcyclists. Therefore, in addition to our ECE helmets, we also continue to have helmets without ECE standards in our range. They are significantly slimmer and correspond to the US standard FMVSS 218 of the Department of Transport of the USA (Bandit XXR, SuperStreet and Crystal), DOT for short, or roughly the former German standard
DIN 4848 (Bandit JET and Integral). All of these helmets are completely legal to wear in Germany. Regardless of this, we are a certified helmet manufacturer at the Federal Motor Transport Authority with our own manufacturer number and have a TÜV-tested quality management system. We develop many of our ECE-approved helmets on our own test bench, have them checked and homologated by TÜV.

Our ECE jet helmets are unique, smaller than others, developed by us, tested by TÜV and homologated for us.
Decide for yourself which standard, which protective effect and which appearance is important to you! "


The right bandit helmet size


  • Measure your head circumference at the widest point above your ears to find out the right size.
  • If you don't have a tape measure at hand, just take a thread, clutch cable, throttle cable or cord and then measure the circumference with a folding rule
  • Please only test the new helmet with a balaclava, also for hygienic reasons.
  • When you've put on your helmet and fastened the chin strap, shake your head. If the helmet slips, it is too big.
  • Check whether you can get under the helmet with 2 fingers. If so, the helmet is too big.
  • If you wear glasses, be sure to test the helmet with glasses.
  • Note that the helmet should be very tight at the beginning, every helmet expands after a while and should only then be comfortable.
Table of helmet sizes

Helmet size Europe








Centimeter head circumference









20 7/8 - 21 1/4

21 5/8 - 22

22 1/2 - 22 7/8

23 1/4 - 23 5/8

24 - 24 3/8

24 3/4 - 25 1/4

25 5/8 - 26

Helmet size US

6 5/8 - 6 3/4

6 7/8 - 7

7 1/8 - 7 1/4

7 3/8 - 7 1/2

7 5/8 - 7 3/4

7 7/8 - 8

8 1/8 - 8 1/4

Happy Helmoween discounts on helmets

20% discount on all helmets in stock

Happy Helmoween discounts on helmets

We know what you did with your helmet this summer - Uring time for a new helmet!

On Saturday, October 31.10.2015, XNUMX let's celebrate our HELMOWEEN FEST, which means for you:

  • Saturday, October 31.10.2015, 10, 00:14 a.m. - 00:XNUMX p.m.
  • 20% discount on all helmets in stock *
  • Up to 50% discount on selected models
  • Free breakfast: coffee and pretzels

Our helmets:


Directions to Scooter Center Store

* Helmets with a green dot in the online shop are not necessarily in stock, as they may be “just in time items”. Cannot be combined with other promotions / percentages, only while stocks last. Only in the shop. No shipping.

NOLAN N21 100% Made in Italy

Nolan N21 Visor Vespa Scooter Helmet

NOLAN 21 and NOLAN 21 VISOR helmets connect in a wonderful way classic vintage look with modern helmet technology and therefore go great with VESPA. The highlight of the Nolan 21 helmet series is the tinted folding visor integrated into the helmet! This means that not only are the sunglasses already on board, insects that fly deeply are also effectively countered during a brisk journey.

The Nolan 21 VISOR goes one step further and has an additional, externally attached, clear Folding visor. The weather protection is in no way inferior to a full-face helmet and that significantly larger field of view!

Top features:

  • Modern Microlock locking system (ratchet / snap lock)
  • Double-walled polycarbonate outer shell
  • Inner shell made of EPS (expanded polystyrene for optimized shock absorption)
  • Comfort equipment "clima comfort" (removable and washable)
  • Integrated folding visor *
  • Visor scratch-resistant and tinted (VPS = Vision Protection System)
  • Inner visors with UV400 sun protection
  • Ring for attachment to a lock
  • Prepared for NOLAN n-com helmet intercom systems
  • Comfortable neck pad
  • ECE approved (also tinted visors)

* Helmet types LARIO, BANNER, DURANGO with additionally enclosed green tinted inner visor.

Buy Nolan N21 here

The NOLAN 21 helmets are manufactured in two different sized outer shells (XXS-M and L-XXL). The inner shells (EPS) are produced in five versions. XXS and XS as well as XL and XXL each share a shape. The sizes S, M and L have their own shells.

Conclusion: Fantastic helmet, 100% Made in Italy, with great features and a good safety package, all at an unbeatable price. Our buying tip!



Competition Bell helmet wins Vespa driver_3

Direct hit - Karsten wins Bell Custom 500 open face helmet

I've never won anything !!!! Then I choose the Bell Custom 500 in the color Matte Metallic BrownKarsten


Win Bell Helmet

At the big one Scooter Center We have one great Advent game among all correct entries Open face helmet raffled. Not just any open face helmet, but a real classic: the Bell Custom 500. Bell helmets are legendary for their look in connection with fit and safety. Bell helmets are not retro - this is original stuff!

Winner drives Vespa himself

So the lot voted and Karsten won. Very appropriate, as we think, because Karsten has never won anything before and also drives a real classic himself: a Vespa Rally - the helmet fits perfectly!


This is the helmet, as usual, the helmet came in the great bag and Karsten promised to send us a photo with his Vespa rally.

We say: Congratulations and have fun with the new, awesome Bell helmet!

Vespa in summer

Today is the shortest day of the year

Mostly no snow yet, but still: cold. Wet. Winter. Your scooter is likely to be parked in the dark garage or basement for the winter.

It's just before Christmas - but that doesn't really comfort the real scooterist about the fact that now is not the best time to ride a scooter! In this deeply sad time we want to give hope to the scooter driver in you and show light at the end of the long winter tunnel.

You have to go over 7 bridges, seven tips to get over this winter:

1. Motivational video

2. Summer is definitely coming

Things are looking up: today is the shortest day of the year - that is, the worst is over and summer is coming! How about a new Vespa cup for hot tea or coffee while summer is still a long time coming. A new Vespa bath towel would also be great when summer finally arrives - it also looks good in the sauna during the already tense waiting time.

Vespa cup and Vespa towel

3. Become a scooter superhero now

Get your scooter out of the basement now and make it a custom project for the SCOOTERSHOW'15! This is the real one again Scooter Custom Show 2015 on March 21.03.2015st, XNUMX in Cologne

Scooter Custom Show 2015

4. Appearances are deceptive

Your motto is more like “Chrome won't bring you home”? Then now is the best time to have an engine overhaul on your scooter. With the Scooter Center Exploded drawings you can find the spare parts for your scooter quickly and easily! Select the scooter model here or visit all of them exploded.

5. Let it shine

But something for the optics: Paint care with our new ROTWEISS paint care products

Red and white paint care

6. Hard scooter boys

You don't even know what I'm writing about here? Are you always happy because you ride your scooter all year round? My advice: bgm PRO stainless steel rims and good winter tires. This is how you get through everywhere: Sticky is with them Vespa rims raced through the desert.

Vespa rim 0397

7. Christmas with friends

Now at the latest - when it comes to the desert - you should be warmer. But let's get back to the harsh reality: winter. Consecration! So to create a little Christmas spirit here too, you can visit our Advent Calendar look for bargains (TIP: also retrospectively) and a super cool one Bell Custom 500 jet helmet win!

We wish you a great Christmas time with friends and family!

Your Scooter Center Team


Nolan N21 & N21 Visor - new roller helmets from Nolan

NOLAN n21 Visor

This is the new Nolan helmet: the NOLAN N21 / VISOR.

Visually very successful and Made in Italy this modern helmet is timeless Vintage look of the perfect Helmet for Vespa - Driver and of course all other scooters in the Retro look.


2 versions

With the Nolan N21 and the Nolan N21 Visor, there are now two new helmets from Nolan that differ only in the shape of the visor and the sun visor. Both models are in the Sizes XXS to XXL .

Safe & convenient

The comfortable padding in the neck area ensures a secure and comfortable fit. The inside of the helmet is removable. The helmets have a micro-lock closure.


[Poll id = "14"]

VPS visor

We find the inner visor of the Nolan N21 Visior very practical: VPS (Vision Protection System).

Great color selection

This open face helmet is available in many color combinations and fits every scooter and style. For example:

NOLAN_n21-visior_black-yellow NOLAN_n21-vision_black NOLAN_n21-vision_black NOLAN_n21-vision_yellow NOLAN_n21-vision_pink NOLAN_n21-vision_blue NOLAN_n21-vision_orange NOLAN_n21-vision_red




intermot 2014 do you VESPA? a

Scooter Center at the Intermot 2014

To give you the most interesting news of the Intermot 2014 To present, we tried to get press tickets this year and were able to go to the fair on Tuesday.

Our route naturally led us directly to Hall 7, where Piaggio set up its stand. On the way there we passed the Suzuki booth and we immediately saw a nice study, ok, ok, not a scooter, but since we all have gasoline in our blood, we were also enthusiastic about it.

The Piaggio Vespa stand

Piaggio presented itself on the front with Moto Guzzi and Aprilia and hid the Vespa on the back of the stand. Even if only a few vehicles such as the Vespa 946 or the new Vespa Sprint were presented, the stand was very nicely arranged and we liked it straight away.

Also interesting were small details like the bag for the passage in the style of a spare wheel - we are excited about the prices and will of course also include them in the program.

Vespa bag for the passage

Scomadi - A modern classic

Right next to Piaggio we were initially surprised - a new name but an "old" look: Scomadi!

Scomadi Scooter Lambretta

For weeks, hotly debated in various Internet forums, we were able to take a look at the scooters that are based on the design of the Lambretta GP / DL.

The 50ccm and 125ccm vehicles have the well-known China 4-stroke engines that can be found in pretty much all China scooters at the moment. It gets interesting with the 300ccm model - here the well-known 300ccm engine of the Vespa GTS is installed!


Paul Melici - PM Tuning

The air scoop in the picture, which houses the radiator, is exchanged for a GFK spoiler, the exhaust is optional and is made by Paul Melici from the English tuning company "PM-Tuning". And that was also the first surprise of the day, Paul was there himself and clarified the background of the Scomadi project, which he was instrumental in initiating.

Scomadi Paul Melici & Oliver Kluger

He also presented us his new exhaust systems in the style of a Reso exhaust for the 300ccm Piaggio 4-stroke engines and his new ones Brake calipers for the Vespa PX disc brakes (Already available from us in silver and black) These will soon also be available for the GTS models.

Paul Melici PM Tuning

BELL - helmets

Our next stop in Hall 7 was the “BELL” stand. Bell helmets are known for high-quality helmets for bicycles and motorcycles. Since this year will be
BELL helmets finally sold again in Germany and we are proud to be one of the first shops to offer BELL helmets.


We became aware of BELL through their "Custom 500" and "Bullit" models, which BELL manufactures based on original templates from the 60s and 70s: "Not retro. Original."

All helmets have ECE standards, there are 5 different outer shells and the helmets are of the highest quality.

John Wayne drives Vespa?

When strolling through the halls, we still have this "beautiful copy ” noticed:

Somehow it sounds familiar….

We'll be back on Thursday to keep you up to date.

Now New! The gift Sellector to find a chic present for every Vespa fan quickly and easily!
Simply select a category and / or the budget and a corresponding selection of articles will be displayed. By clicking on the respective picture you will easily land in our online shop for shopping!

Also available for tires (we also have winter tires for scooters!)

Also available for Vespa helmets!

Vespa gifts

The one already announced Merchandise and Gift Items Catalog came from the printer today.

Here you will find great Vespa gift ideas such as clocks, mugs, bags, towels, alarm clocks, clocks - everything that is really well received by Vespa fans as a gift!

Also the new Passione Veloce products:

Vespa towel Vespa cup

Vespa towel and Vespa cup Passione Veloce


Gift ideas for Vespa and scooter fans
Tolle Gifts to keep yourself or to give away to your friends:

In our gift flyer you will find many lovingly designed and high-quality products, and not just for scooter riders!

This is where the latest news meets Retro design on the Cult classic Vespa. Many of the detailed products also come in a decorative gift box. You will also find great scooter helmets, e.g. original Vespa helmets from Piaggio, great Nolan and FM helmets the iconic Bandit helmets or the cheap ones Boost helmets with ECE

Here are more VESPA GIFT IDEAS