Summer party of the Lambretta Club Germany

The Lambretta Club Germany welcomed him to his last weekend summer festival invited. That SCOOTER CENTER has it proven to be one of the Main sponsors of course not to be missed from celebrating.

The weekend started with a blast: the Busters! In a private atmosphere the old hands could be seen live - hey clear - and open air. We are right at the absolutely harmonious location, the Klindworths' Gasthof & Hotel ( Definitely even without the Lambretta Club summer party worth a trip. And not just because of the low prices for delicious food and drink. Soft, home-brewed beer, a wide range of schnapps, friendly service, good breakfast, perfect sanitary facilities were very popular all weekend.

Summer festival of the German Lambretta club

Last weekend, the “Lambretta Club Deutschland” invited its trusty members and other scooter enthusiasts to their first summer festival. naturally, SCOOTER CITY CENTER, being one of the main sponsorswhat a part of the show!

The weekend started with a bang: the Busters! In an intimate, familiar atmosphere the old hands gave an open-air concert. Live, of course! Which brings us to the great location - the Klindworth's hotel, beer garden, and brewery ( What a combination! Definitely worth the trip, even without a summer festival, not only because of their reasonable prices. We got the chance to taste their self-made beer, as well as a rich assortment of liquors. Apart from that, they were able to jolly all guests along with friendly service, great breakfast and perfect sanitation.

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Summer festival Lambretta Club Germany

We want to go back to that briefly summer festival of Lambretta Club of Germany remember that this weekend takes place:

See here and here directly on the website of the Lambretta Club Germany.

The SCOOTER CENTER supports the meeting and is also on site with a booth!
The summer festival takes place in the north of Germany, in beautiful Sauensiek in a great location, the Klindworths Inn with camping, natural swimming, etc.

Two weeks later we have the next tip, this time much further south, in beautiful Tyrol. A legendary meeting that gladly dated SCOOTER CENTER is sponsored:

Riverhouse Scooterrun in Fieberbrunn / Tyrol

Am 7.08.2010 the Riverhouse Scooterrun takes place in beautiful Tyrol.
The BLUES SC Austria together with the BLUES Munich and the Lambretta Club Austria have been organizing the meeting regularly for 3 years now.

The history of the Vespa & Lambretta The meeting goes way back to 1991. The motif of this year's flyer with the legendary patch comes from this year - if you find the bug, you can keep it ...

The Lambretta Club Germany host a big one summer festival:

The Busters live - Fungames - Nighter - Customshow - regularity ride ...

Summer party of the Lambretta Club Germany
The Lambretta Club Germany cordially invites you to its summer party.

23.07/25.07.2010 - XNUMX - Sauensiek near Hamburg at “Klindworths”

Link to the venue:
The Busters:

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