Vespa Gentleman Giro

Vespa trip with donations - collection campaign

Vespa Gentleman Giro 2021: 2 months, 50ccm,> 6000km
For kids with cancer!
Markus has planned a lot. Meanwhile, Markus has with the Scooter Center-Motor 2.000km on the clock, these are his experiences from the last few days:

Day 10 Vespa Gentleman Giro

After 1144 km in 4 countries and over 4 Alpine passes (Arlberg, Brenner, Staller Sattel and Felbertauern) I am very, very satisfied, grateful and happy! So far, all clubs give everything! The donation amounts are impressive. Yesterday, too, thanks to the Alp Day Charity, another incredible € 1100 was donated to the Children's Cancer Aid Austria's donation account here in Zell am See. Thank you very much Franz F. Schmalzl !! Thanks also to the Vespa Club Pinzgau, who welcomed me to Franzl's garage yesterday!
I'm also very happy with my “Eleanore” with a real 50ccm (Polini). The engine, completely overhauled by the Scootercenter, worked great even with full throttle all day and with heavy luggage and there was not a single breakdown in the total of approx. 2000 km since installation. Only at the Felbertauertunnel was it classified as an obstacle despite a TopSpeed ​​of 60 and I had to “enjoy” the shuttle transfer while sitting on Eleanore in the back of a VW bus. Eleanore was not offended, however.
Today we are heading towards Liezen to arrive in Graz tomorrow. The next day it goes towards Vienna / Tulln.
Today I ride in overalls for once because I still have to do a few small maintenance work and it may still be raining today.
Wish you a great day and don't forget to stay awesome!



Day 11 & 12 Vespa Gentleman Giro

After another 180km without any special incidents, a quiet evening today!
Country 4
Km 1324
Glitches 0
Involuntary driving on the motorway 1
Involuntary shuttle 1 (5,2km)
Hangover 1
Oh yes, and not with 102 or 85 or 75 cc!

Day 13 Vespa Gentleman Giro

Vienna get ready I come through and Tulln let the DJ warm up?
I'm glad of !
Many thanks to everyone who was there yesterday in Graz and who ensured a great result of € 785 for the Austrian Children's Cancer Aid! ??
And again 115 km yesterday!
Today about 250 !!! Longest day of the Giro


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Vespa is coming home

Markus has now arrived in Italy with his Vespa via Switzerland and Austria

We don't yet know exactly how he spent yesterday evening and night. I am convinced: the European Football Championship final was definitely a great time for a stage stay in Italy on his Vespa Gentleman Giro!

In any case, one can see from his descriptions: he is so far very happy and grateful for the many nice people he meets and donations he can collect. Of course he enjoys his Vespa and the reliable engine. My greatest respect: almost 1.000 km in 9 days fully packed on an old Vespa with 50 cubic meters ... 

Day 6 Rohrschach (CH) Vespa Gentleman Giro

Km 630
Countries 2
Glitches 0
Rain suit used 6 times?
After a relaxed trip, the great team of the BG Crew Zurich to Rohrschach am Bodensee welcomed it very warmly and was then given delicious meals. In addition, about 300 francs were donated, which was up to September 12.9 is being topped up by the club through various measures.
Another long day with great people and good conversations!
Switzerland was good to me and tomorrow it's off, Feldkirch, country number 3?
Good night !


Day 7 & 8 Vespa Gentleman Giro

After a great night in Vespengeschwaders Vesbar until 4 a.m. and a 700 € donation for the Austrian Children's Cancer Foundation, I drove with my cat over the Arlberg Pass to Imst, where I met the Vespanest and old-timer friends MSC Imst over a nice coffee break, who donated another 430 € .
In the evening I raced towards Innsbruck, where I enjoy a quiet evening and sleep in a bit before going to country number 4 tomorrow? !
Days 7
Countries 3
Kilometers approx. 870
Donation total approx.> € 26.000
Correct Hangover 1
Thanks to:
Vespa Club Rohrschach
Feldkirch Vespen Squadron
Vespanest Imst
And to my sponsors:


Day 9 Vespa Gentleman Giro

Days 9
Km 964
Countries 4
Glitches 0
Hangover 1
Driving in the rain 8
accidental motorway journeys 1
Passports 2
Clubs visited / involved: ~ 18
Conclusion: thank you SCOOTER CENTER for a great engine that runs great!
Thank you Alvivo for the great softshell jacket, as it has often been cold!
Thanks to all clubs!
Thanks to Martina Gödert, for all the surprises and because you are my rock in the surf!
Thanks to 4smarts, because I always had a battery ?!
Thanks to Hockerty for looking horny everywhere except in the hot tub ?!
Thank you, thank you, thank you - anyway the most used word in my last few weeks, because I have such a great time and meet so many great people and by the way a lot of people are doing something good!


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Vespa Grentleman Giro in Switzerland

Vespa Gentleman Giro goes Switzerland

After his Start at the weekend, Markus has now arrived in Switzerland. Since the start of the tour he has driven 530km.

Meanwhile also in Bavarian TV and in the Radio reported about the tour.


2 months 5 countries with 50 cubic Vespa

Our 50cc Vespa engine, which our Alex built for him, has been running very well and reliably so far.

Engine bgm for the Vespa Gentleman Giro from Markus Meyer

Day 3 and 4 Vespa Gentleman Giro

Kilometers so far: 530
Glitches 0
Clubs: 6
Donate ~ 2230 €
Route: Leonberg - Freiburg - Singen - Ravensburg - Tettnang - Meersburg Konstanz - Zurich

“The days are long and eventful! Every day I meet incredibly great people from the clubs and elsewhere - someone at a bar gave me € 20 for gasoline, the staff at the ferry gave me my fare back, club members feed me, take care of me, refuel Eleanore or organize escorts from the club Club. Vincenzo E Katja Pecoraro gave me a mirror for my safety. Newspapers, radio and TV report and I can hardly keep up with the documentation of the highlights, because my days are full from 8 a.m. to often after midnight and of course I don't want to stare at the phone at the clubs but devote myself to them.
Thanks to the Vespa Club Singen Hegau, Scuderia Rallentatore, Vespa Classico Tettnang, BG Crew Zurich and everyone who scooted, grilled and donated with me over the past few days!
You guys are great !!!"


Day 5 Vespa Gentleman Giro

“Second evening in Zurich!
After a great men’s evening with food and beer and an oil change in the BG Crew screwdriver cave, today it was time for a coffee in the Lindt Museum and rain suit shopping. Mine had been on duty every day up to now, but was no longer sealed. So the guys from the BG crew decided to change my clothes. ???!
In the evening, about 30 people from Zurich from the VC Zurich and Vespa Fans Club came to join them and at a relaxed barbecue and despite Wednesday and the somewhat uncomfortable weather, the Swiss collected a whopping 1200 francs in donations ?!
Two great days in Zurich and tomorrow it's on to the Vespa Club Rohrschach!
Thanks to the great organization to the guys! Big cinema !"




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