Scooter Center at Pontedera

Vespa World Days Pontedera 2024 was a dream, but for us it started much earlier. The first task was preparing the scooters. We arrived with two GTS, a GTV and our Ciao.

Vespa GTS Keyless 2023

Moto Nostra indicators: MN633KTB

bgm rims: bgm7660

Luggage carrier: MN2001

Mirror: MN1409

Passenger footrest adapter: MN1061

Luggage rack access: MN1063

Vario lid cover: MN3070

Sump: MN1071

Brake lever set: bgm4513

bgm shock absorber: bgm7756B

Malossi exhaust: M3218960KO

We start a trip of 1300 km destination Pontedera! #vespaworlddays2024

The journey is the destination, which is why I have dedicated myself to traveling to the most beautiful corners of Germany.


The Scooter Center Team was waiting for me so I had to hurry and that was the best decision because we took advantage of the opportunity our friends from Malossi to visit and they helped us with the 1000km service of the GTS.

visiting @malossispayt #malossi #gtsmalossi


Vespa World Days, Pontedera 2024

The event was organized in record time and Pontedera was chosen because of the 140th anniversary of the Piaggio factory. The Vespa Clubs of Pontedera, Florence, Pisa and other locations have come together to support the logistics required for an event of this magnitude.

All Vespas are beautiful

Although we know that the customization options of a Vespa are unique, at a meeting with more than 15.000 Vespas there is something to see for every taste.

#RealScooterists everywhere

We find scenes like from a Renaissance painting. how we saw several Vespisti repairing a Vespa, a beautiful couple from Greece with a sticker showing them as they are or the clever choice of costumes for the parade (Corso). The #Realscooterists don't lack creativity.

The highlight was undoubtedly the commitment of Pontedera and all the surrounding villages. The shops were decorated with Vespas and all the residents greeted with applause and smiles the kilometer-long line of Vespas that filled Tuscany with Vespa charm for over three hours.

On the first day we were able to take part in the tour of the beautiful village of Lari, which was a gastronomic experience. We could also Nicola Limpennatore in the Vespa Village, who performed his incredible feats on a Vespa.

Of course, I am personally very proud that Latin America is made up of a large group Vespa Club Mexico, VC Argentina, VC Puerto Rico, VC Chile, VC Peru, the two-stroke movement MCL2T and of course the VC Colombia is represented.

the next  Vespa World Days will take place from May 1st to 4th, 2025 in Gijon, Spain and we will follow the preparations closely.