Last weekend (22-23.06.2024) the annual excursion “VESPA L'OUTSIDE” of the VSCK (Vespa Scooter Club Kemper). It was the 17th edition of this event, where the almost 40 members of the VSCK meet to ride the roads of the region.

This year it was organized on the Crozon peninsula with departure via Rosnoen.

The programme included a reception at the Domaine du Seillou, which ended with a barbecue in the evening, and on Sunday there was a descent after breakfast for the bravest.

We thank Patrick André for sending the photos and congratulate the VSCK on this meeting.


The companion meeting is in the 2nd round! This year's Vespa meeting in Wolfenbüttel starts on July 02.07.2022nd, XNUMX. Countless Vespas and other tin companions meet again on the former barracks site of the "Exers" in Wolfenbüttel. This year there is a decent program:

The participants can bring their Vespa scooters to the show! Moderated by the owner and YouTuber Timo Brenneke, the most beautiful restorations, the greatest conversions and the craziest tin companions are presented to the audience.

You can put your skills to the test on a Vespa course. Speed ​​is not important here. On the contrary: Slow driving, slalom driving and skilful braking are on the program.

Even the smallest tin companions are taken care of. There is a bouncy castle on the site and a children's course for balance bikes and the like has been set up.

Torsten Nowak (Madhouse Cooking), who, like last year, conjures up delicious burgers from the grill plate, takes care of the physical well-being. Of course, bratwurst and a drinks trolley should not be missing. Two converted old Apes provide the participants with ice cream and cappuccino. A little Italian flair in Wolfenbüttel!

The current projects of the tin companions can be examined at stands that have been set up. Vespa items such as helmets, tin signs, cans, shirts and much more can be tried out and bought on site.

Like last year, the joint trip to the old town of Wolfenbüttel and the surrounding area will start again.

Admission for the special event is €7,50, children up to and including 14 years have free admission. Tickets can be purchased online at or purchased on site. Registration for the burger consumption is desired online.

The process at a glance:

09 a.m. admission

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Vespa show

13:00 p.m. – 14:00 p.m. Time for burgers and photos in the photo box

14:00 p.m. – 16:00 p.m. Vespa course

16:00 p.m. Joint exit

18:00 p.m. Official end of the event

Address: Am Exer 19, 38302 Wolfenbüttel

Vespa meeting Poland Upper Silesia

II Vespa meeting in Upper Silesia Date 15-17.05. 2015.

Full Manetas Vespa gear

The Scooter Center supports this Vespa meeting in Poland:
The organizer of the 2nd Vespa meeting in Silesia is Full Manetas Vespa gear. The Full Manetas Vespa Gang is in 2013 Upper Silesia as spontaneous Project from friends originated that the Preference for Italian scooters connects. It turned out very quickly that the idea was well received throughout Poland, so that the current range of the scooter club extends as far as the Baltic Sea.

2014 the Vespa club in Upper Silesia has that First Vespa meeting organized. In addition to the local Vespa drivers, tough meeting participants naturally appeared. So that was Party at the meeting place was a huge success which encouraged to organize a meeting again this year.

Video Vespa meeting Poland 2014

Here is a short film from the 2014 meeting:

X zlot VCP i I zlot vespy na Śląsku

Vespa meeting 2015, culture & bathing lake

Last year the Full Manetas got a Vespa gear Hard coal mine visited. There are plenty of them in the Polish coal pot. This year they want to show the visitors who have come to the meeting more interesting objects from this region. So that it doesn't get boring, the meeting has been moved to a new location, just a stone's throw from Gliwice (Gleiwitz), Zabrze (Hindenburg) and Toszek (Tost), on an artificial lake: P? Awniowice

Vespa meeting Poland Upper Silesia

About the Vespa meeting in Upper Silesia:

Date: 15-17 May 2015
Location: Niewiesze bei Gliwice (Gruenwiese bei Gleiwitz) Complex “Hotel? Agiel”
Hotele Gliwice - Hotel? Agiel
Contribution to expenses (Fri-Sun): 160pln, about 40 Eur

Framework plan:

Friday 15.05
- Official opening of the meeting
- small welcome party

Samstag 16.05
- Exit:
- Gliwice radio station
- Tost Castle (+ lunch break in Tost on the market square)
- Skill tests
- raffle
- Summary of the meeting and award ceremony
- Farewell party

Sonntag 17.05
- Exercise in the fresh air (yoga, jogging;))
- Farewell to the participants


Vespa meeting Poland Upper Silesia


The contribution towards expenses (160pln, approx. 40 euros) includes: two nights, 2 x breakfasts, 2 x BBQ DIY dinners, gifts for the participants, prizes for the best of the exams.

We invite everyone on Thursday, there should be a warmup party, overnight stay on your own (not included in the contribution towards expenses), we expect you anyway :)


You can register

On Facebook:

On the event page:

Via the VCP forum

SCK dynamometer at VCVD Vespa meeting in Düsseldorf.

Saturday morning, Alex and I meet at 8:00 am SCOOTER CENTER. We are a well-rehearsed team and at 09:15 am we have everything we need for the performance measurements at the scooter meeting. So we make our way across the Rhine to Düsseldorf - Eller zum Vespa meeting of Vespa clubs Düsseldorf.

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Big Vespa meeting in Düsseldorf from July 16 to 18, 2010.
The SCOOTER CENTER is on site with the dynamometer!

The Vespa meeting takes place on:
Schützenplatz in Düsseldorf-Eller, Heidelberger Str. 4.
The easiest way to get there is via the BAB 46 exit Eller (26, in the cross
Düsseldorf Süd) - towards the city center. Information signs are available.

The most important Highlights:

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