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La Vespa in Spain

The scooter market in Spain is very strong and has a long tradition. Spain is one of the largest markets for scooters in Europe and in addition to new vehicles there is also a lively market for scooters in Spain used Vespas. Many lovers of classic Vespas are looking for restored or well-preserved older models to revive the charm of bygone times.

Here are some of the parts that will keep Vespas on the road for many years:

Moto Vespa Spain

Motovespa 160GT
The Motovespa 160 is one of the most sought-after vehicles from Spanish production.
The leg shield is vaguely reminiscent of the iconic Vespa SS50 and SS90 and, in conjunction with the trapezoidal headlight, gives the 160GT an elegant, sporty look.
The engine of the 160 and 160GT already shows some technical features similar to the big sister SS180 from Piaggio.
For this engine type, we had bgm reproduce some components that were no longer available or difficult to obtain.

motovespa VAPE ignition system

Vape for the 160 GT the chic Spaniard can be equipped with a modern and very reliable ignition system. Powerful 12V light included.
Other items already available for the 160, 160GT

A perfect complement is the bgm Wiring harness set conversion


Moto vespa españa are Scootersthat for bgm increasingly important and has for some time started developing specific products for the Spanish market.
Here are some of the most notable products

Direct intake, stroke = 57mm, connecting rod = 105mm
BGM057105MV: Motovespa 125, Motovespa 150S – Piston pin Ø15mm (needle bearing), clutch type Vespa PX (Ø 15mm), also for converting Vespa VNA1T-VNA2T
BGM057105: Vespa GS150 (VS1-5T), Motovespa 150GS (04M engine), 150S (VTT, V13502C), 150 Sprint (04M engine) – piston pin Ø15mm (needle bearing)

Direct intake, stroke = 60mm, connecting rod = 105mm
BGM060105: Vespa GS150 (VS1-5T), Motovespa 150GS (04M engine), 150S (VTT, V13502C), 150 Sprint (04M engine) – piston pin Ø15mm (needle bearing)

Motovespa GT 160 (09C) engine (M09)
Direct intake, 57mm stroke

BGM057MVX: (for coupling type PX) 

Direct intake, 60mm stroke
 (fits only with spindles)

BGM060MV  and BGM060MVX

some MotoVespa highlights

Vespa España classic look

And for a perfect classic look and performance, the bgm classic tyres, of the shock absorber and the bgm train set not missing the 

Vespa T5

For a long time there were no more suitable seats for the T5, which was only produced in small numbers compared to the PX.

Here a good reproduction of the original seat of the Vespa T5 models, made in Vietnam

More highlights for the T5

Vespa España waiting for new and upcoming products:

and product development continues, the following items are currently planned


(23mm and Ø=28mm)
In set
(23mm and Ø=28mm)
In set membrane
(23mm and Ø=28mm)

set membrane upper part (23mm and Ø=28mm)

 set membrane lower part

Gasket set engine bgm

For Motovespa 160, 160GT, 160GTI (09M-E70), 150S (V201M-S61, 502M-S64,
Sprint 150 (04M-S66),
150L (V202M-2L62),
150GS (04M-G67)

and in silicone

and Gasket for spacer clutch cover for Vespa Wideframe VM1T, VM2T, VN1T (-60000), VU1T, ACMA 125 (1951-1955), Motovespa 125N (1953-1958) – Ø=128×0.5mm

bgm PRO Vespa Wideframe crankshaft

Vespa Wideframe Tuning crankshaft

The bgm PRO crankshaft is optically based on the purpose-built design of the 50s and offers all the advantages of modern materials and manufacturing methods. with 57 mm stroke and a 110 mm connecting rod it is perfect for converting all 2-channel motors from 54 to 57 mm and thus the To enable assembly of a tuning cylinder.

We have developed an extremely resilient tuning crankshaft for the highest demands!

The forged crank webs are adapted to the balancing factor for the cylinder and piston used for tuning by means of compensating bores and offer a particularly good running smoothness even at a higher speed level of the more powerful engines. The high surface quality not only offers an impressive look, the ground surfaces also ensure a long service life for the shaft sealing rings and a reliable fit of the crankshaft bearings.

High-alloy forging blanks had to serve this noble BGM PRO crankshaft for Vespa Wideframe Models could arise. This shaft is ideal in connection with the BGM PRO 150cc Vespa Wideframe Tuning cylinder.

You don't even want to tune your old Vespa? This wave is of course also called a quasi indestructible wave for original engines a clear recommendation.

The bgm PRO crankshaft offers a stronger connecting rod with high quality bearings. The lower connecting rod bearing is flanked by robust thrust washers and is therefore sufficiently dimensioned for higher speeds and outputs. Generous lubrication slots and pockets ensure an optimal supply of the lower bearing with the important lubricant. With the use of a needle bearing instead of a traditional gunmetal bushing for the piston pin, the bgm PRO crankshaft offers another decisive advantage for creating a permanently powerful engine. For a better oil supply, there are also lubrication holes in the upper connecting rod eye, which absorb the centrifugal oil and pass it on to the piston pin bearing.

Vespa Wideframe Tuning crankshaft in the Vespa catalog

Modern technology for the old engine

A big advantage of the BGM PRO crankshaft compared to an original one is the use of a high-quality connecting rod with needle bearing (instead of a plain bearing bush) and a slotted lower connecting rod eye. This significantly reduces the oil requirement so that the engines can use today's high-quality oils without any problems 1:50 mixture can be driven.

The balancing factor was improved, among other things, by a hollow crank pin.

  • Hub: 57mm
  • Connecting rod length: 110mm
  • Piston pin: Ø15mm
  • Connecting rod bearings: needle bearings (top and bottom)

Suitable for 125 and 150 Wideframe Vespa engines

The crankshaft is suitable for all 125ccm and 150ccm engines. The 125ccm engines only have a stroke of 54mm ex works, so a cylinder is required here that is designed for 57mm stroke (BGM1550, Pinasco North Cape).

The BGM PRO Vespa Wideframe crankshaft fits in the following vehicles:

  1. Vespa: VM, VN
  2. ACMA: 125 (70191-295883), GL150
  3. Motovespa 125N, 125S, V56, V58, V72
  4. Douglas GL2, 42L2, 92L2


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