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Many bgm innovations were part of our Platonica project, in this video you can see them Disc brake and the brake caliper mount im bgm Tutorial.

Tutorial SC - New brake caliper mount bgm Vespa PX


Our professional brake caliper mount from bgm PRO Made in Italy: Allows the assembly of the radially mounted BGM PRO 4-piston brake caliper, which enables braking values ​​at motorbike level with fine dosing.

The brake caliper mount is available for Vespa or LML. The difference between the two types lies in the different dimensions of the speedometer drive. The selection of the right adapter therefore depends on the existing/used brake drum (Piaggio or LML).

  • A Vespa PX (1985 model) that was subsequently converted to disc brakes with a Grimeca retrofit kit requires the PX adapter.
  • A Vespa PX (1985 model) that was subsequently converted to disc brakes with an LML fork requires the LML adapter.
  • A Vespa PX Disc (1998 model) requires the adapter type Vespa PX.
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1. Put the O-ring on the axle and put it over the swingarm.
2. Put the shim on the axle.
3. Put the V-ring on the axle.

4. Grease the bearing of the brake caliper mount and put it on the axle.
5. Place the appropriate D-washer on the axle and align it with the recess in the axle.
6. Place the Ø 20mm circlip on the axle and make sure it is securely seated in the groove, then position the O-ring.


7. Put the brake drum on the axle and fasten it with a nut. Then secure with a safety cage and cotter pin. Attention, see step 13 before tightening the nut.










8. Fasten the brake caliper with the two screws and check the alignment with the brake disc.

9. Adjust the position of the brake caliper to the brake disc with the discs provided. Repeat steps 3 through 9 with the options until the caliper is centered over the disc as shown in Fig. 13. After the adjustment of the brake caliper mount, fasten the central nut of the brake drum with 90Nm. Tighten the brake caliper bolts to 16Nm.


Platonica 5

Putting your feet on the ground is a statement in itself!

A confirmation of our identity; Scooter Boys & Girls, Mods, Racers and Travelers know that their ideologies and beliefs end up in accessories that become symbols of their very own qualities.

So do too Platonica this big step after having been in the air for months preparing for the existence of an ideal Vespa to finally touch the garage floor that has endowed her with symbols of safety, style and fun.

For her strong personality, Platonika has now received the latest bgm products, check out the video!

5 Down to earth Platónika Vespa PX bgm 177 by Scooter Center

Vespa sport shock absorbers

bgm PRO SPORT Shock absorber set | bgm7741BKTS

Based on the competition chassis, but without a separate expansion tank and a fixed damping rate. Ideal for everyday sporting use, even with powerful engines.
Very harmonious basic set-up with an optimal balance between sportiness and suitability for everyday use. Compared to the Competition chassis, it is infinitely adjustable in height. This means that the height of the vehicle can be adjusted on both axles. In this way, the front can be lowered or the rear can be raised without having to change the pre-load, which is so important for the negative spring deflection. The front shock absorber can be continuously adjusted between a height of 240mm and 220mm.

  • stepless adjustment of the spring preload
  • sporty, harmonious damping technology
  • individually height adjustable (20mm)


Vespa tire set

The Complete set of tires -bgm Sport black matt tubeless bgm tire and bgm Vespa aluminum rim | bgm35010SLKB 

BGM Pro Sport tires (3.50-10) fully assembled on aluminum sport rim BGM Pro tubeless (2.10-10)
Ready-to-install tire set consisting of the first-class BGM Pro sports tire with a speed index S (approved up to 180km / h) and a load index of 59 (243kg per tire) as well as the exclusive BGM Pro light alloy wheel *.

The specially coordinated material mix with a high silica compound ensures excellent grip in dry and wet conditions. The extremely stable carcass ensures perfect straight-line stability and excellent line accuracy when cornering quickly. Usually tires are simply pressed into shape from a layer of rubber. The bgm tires are significantly more complex to produce and consist of several layers in order to create the perfect tire that meets the highest requirements and has the highest speed rating on the market.

The solid aluminum rim from BGM PRO made by FA.Italia saves around 600 grams compared to an original PX steel rim. In addition, there is a weight saving of around 370 grams due to the hose that is no longer required. The unsprung mass is thus reduced by almost one kilogram per axle. The responsiveness of the chassis improves noticeably.

With a double so-called "hump" in the rim bed, the tire is always safely guided in the rim. Similar to the latest runflat technology in the automotive sector, the air can slowly escape if a foreign object (nail or similar) is inserted without the tire slipping into the rim well. The vehicle comes to a controlled stop. The rim has recesses between the screw-on points. The cooling of the brake is improved.


Vespa 4 piston brake caliper

Brake caliper and brake carrier bgm Touring | Bgm2506BK & bgm2507LBL

Solid 4 piston Vespa brake caliper with radial attachment.
Two-part CNC milled housing made of high-strength aluminum, anodized.

With 4x25mm pistons, the caliper has 40% more piston area than a conventional two-piston caliper with 30mm pistons. The hydraulic transmission ratio is greatly improved and the braking force (with the same lever force) increased. Another advantage of the 4 piston technology is the symmetrical loading of the pads, which means that they are always fully in contact. A pad change is done quickly and easily with a stud bolt. A big advantage in racing. Central connection of the brake line.


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