Lambretta seats, COVERS & ACCESSORIES

For almost every application, there is the right, period correct and perfect looking Lambretta seat available. Standard seats for the spot-on restoration, sport seats to go with the racing style or just a personal touch. The Pegasus, the standard seats, and their derivation should leave nothing to be desired.







England was the only market where Lambretta sales exceeded Vespa sales. The main reason for this is the excellent marketing strategy of the Lambretta Concessionaires. The success story of the Lambretta is documented in Stuart Owen's book about the Lambretta Concessionaires extensively and in great detail (SC article no. 3332513). Besides special models, special color combinations, there was also the Pegasus seat. This was used on the Rallymaster, Series 2, TV 175 and GT (TV) 200 models. During the production, there were different versions and specifications. All our Pegasus seats are handmade in Italy. The frame is pressed from metal, the upholstery is made from high quality foam and also otherwise corresponds to the original. The Pegasus with its metal frame and sponge is regarded as one of the most comfortable seats by many.


The standard seats that we offer are all handmade in Italy. They came as complete units consisting of frame and cover fitted. Beside the standard seats there are also slightly variations available. Like the bgm one with Alfatex sides that is clearly a homage to one of the existing Lambretta SX 200 Twincylinder prototypes. The seat cover for this is also available on it's own to fit on Series 3 standard seat frames.




All our seat covers are sourced from Vittorio's Casa Lambretta or exclusively made for us in Italy. Fitting these to an existing frame is easy, but you should be prepared to take some time and a helping hand can also be an advantage.

A good idea on standard seat covers is to incorporate the seat cushion foam from bgm, this makes the seats more comfortable and nicer to use on long distance riding.




The next thing from Italy are the seat straps. They come in the same shade of the specific seat cover / seat color.


Also made in Italy and like the originals. If your frame is rotten by rust, this is the right choice. Easy replacement part.




We think that we stock all the parts to restore a seat frame properly. From the locking hook to the complete spring set and rubber components. And –sorry if this gets boring- all sourced in Italy.


Complete kits for fixing a seat are available as each single part on its own.


All seat brackets are available as spare parts, just in case they got lost. On new seats or seat frames these are always included in the delivery.




The badge with INNOCENTI was used until the year 1968. From 1968 until the dl / GP range turned up the reading showed LAMBRETTA INNOCENTI. With the dl / GP range there was a big writing of LAMBRETTA on it.

Casa Lambretta Lambretta bench cover

Made in Italy: handmade bench covers by Casa Lambretta

We have been working very closely with Vittorio Tessera from Casa Lambretta for many years. Our cooperation is based on a friendly relationship and a love for the vehicles from Milan.

Casa Lambretta produces Lambretta parts for the Li family (Li, TV, LiS, GT, SX, dl and GP) the small Lambrettas Junior and LUI as well as for the early cardan models.

In addition to reproducing parts, Vittorio Tessera has a considerable collection of various scooters that he makes available to the public in the Museo Scooter & Lambretta. As a rule, he also likes to take the time for a personal tour:

Lambretta Museum Museo Italy Milano Vittorio Tessera: world's oldest Lambretta 😯


Lambretta literature

As if that weren't enough, Vittorio also wrote the standard works on Lambretta. Here you will find almost all information about Lambretta and the special features of the vehicles as well as changes within the model series.

Lambretta books by Vittorio

Vittorio Tessera books


Lambretta tuning

For some time now, Vittorio has also taken up the topic of tuning and is together with Dean Orton the head behind the Casa performance Share.

Casa performance

Casa Lambretta Tuning Casa Performance Lambretta Parts

Handmade Lambretta seat covers

The Casa Lambretta seat covers are handcrafted in Italy. The covers for the Li family come as standard with the INNOCENTI shield as it was used until 1968:

LAmbretta seat cover with Innocenti sign

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INNOCENTI - sign until 1968

The INNOCENTI sign is of course also available individually:

Lettering bench -LAMBRETTA- Innocenti -

INNOCENTI - sign from 1968

The sign used from 1968 is of course also available.

Lettering bench -LAMBRETTA- Lambretta Innocenti - LI, LIS, SX, TV - black Article no. 8050085


Lambretta bench sign dl / GP

Not to be confused with the sign for the dl / GP:

Lettering bench -LAMBRETTA- Lambretta - DL, GP Article no. 8050121

The bgm PRO seat pad for more comfort

A nice addition to increase driving comfort on longer tours is the bgm PRO seat pad:

Seat cushion (foam) -BGM PRO- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX, TV, DL, GP - for standard seat article no. 3330894

Restoration of the Lambretta bench

An old frame can also be overhauled with new springs if necessary:

Bench frame spring set -MADE IN ITALY- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX, TV Article no. 7676765

Link spring kit:

New Lambretta bench frame

Of course, the bench frames are also available in completely new:

New Lambretta bench frame

Color of the seams on the Lambretta's seat cover

A popular and controversial question is the color of the seams on the seat covers. Would the seams have to be white or the same as the color of the seat? For this purpose, Vittorio sent us a couple of original photos from Innocenti, which show the color of the seams. Nice to see in the photo with the two Silver Specials that both end caps on the seat belt were used during production.

Casa Lambretta Lambretta bench cover Casa Lambretta Lambretta bench cover Casa Lambretta Lambretta bench cover

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