Spare canisters and filler necks - everything for the long journey with the scooter

Because of the rather small tanks in our favorite vehicles, the range is relatively limited. Stupid if you get stuck on the way for lack of fuel.

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FuelFriend canister from Hünersdorff

We offer you Spare canister by hünersdorff, Europe's leading manufacturer. The Hünersdorff - Fuelfriend ® canisters are particularly interesting for traveling by scooter. We offer you the canisters in practical sizes:

  • 1 liters
  • 1 liters
  • 2 liters

This canister fit in the glove compartment or in the side cover, some have a holder for one strap.

Order FuelFriend canister HERE

Tank filler neck for quick and clean refueling

The small canisters do not come with a nozzle. The conventional filler neck would also be larger than the canister itself. For fast, safe and clean refueling with the replacement canister, we offer you the BIKE FILLER filling system:

Bike Filler Hünersdorff quick filler neck for canisters for quick and clean refueling

BIKE FILLER motorcycle safety filling system

Motorcycle safety filling system made of HD-PE for fuel, black / red ideal for placing on motorcycle tank openings

  • Glug-free pouring thanks to integrated ventilation
  • Automatic filling stop: no overflow or spilling of the product before, during and after refueling
  • reduces the escape of gasoline fumes and protects the environment from pollution
  • with union nut for exact positioning with small tank openings
  • with adapter disc and captive screw connection
  • with loop for attaching to the canister
  • For all common hünersdorff fuel canisters up to 5 L and FuelFriend 1-2 L
  • Nozzle outer Ø 21 mm and length = 160 mm
  • for a = thread outside Ø = 38 mm / (for w = inside Ø of the filling opening = 29 mm)
Order Hünersdorff BikeFiller HERE


MIX IT! 2-stroke mixture

The classic scooters with 2-stroke engines and without an oil tank / pump fill up with a ready-made 2-stroke mixture of gasoline and 2-stroke oil. Mixing is really easy with the practical oil mixing bottles from bgm. Available in 250, 500 and 1000ml.

Reserve canister Hünersdorff

This practical bgm Pro dosing bottle fulfills two tasks:

  1. On the one hand, it serves as an OIL storage container
  2. At the same time, a small amount can be dosed very quickly and easily.

The upper dosing chamber is simply filled by pressing the lower bottle body and has graduation marks in 5 ml steps up to 25 ml. The amount of liquid measured in this way can then be conveniently emptied, the rest of the container is reliably closed by the second screw cap.

A separate measuring cup is therefore superfluous.
The bottle can be refilled through the two screw caps.

Order an oil bottle with an integrated oil measuring cup


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