GS150 Pinasco 206

Nagy Blechroller has done it again...!

An Vespa GS150 that still lives up to its name (Grand Sport) today?
No problem for Andreas Nagy from Nagy tin roller.

He built a great engine based on an original GS150 engine housing and visited us with it.
In his search for new concepts, he continually explores new boundaries, which has earned him a very good reputation as a professional engine builder.
Nothing is left to chance and it is completely natural for Andreas to come rushing along on his own in the GS150.
Motto: Engines are there for driving, not for the test bench. We have nothing to add to that other than to put the whole thing to the test... 😉

Working in the original engine shells of the GS150 engine:

  • Crankshaft Kingwelle with 62mm stroke / 130mm connecting rod
  • Exhaust POSCH box


The result is more than impressive.

With cylinder control angles of 183°/124°, the engine produces over 27 HP/27 Nm on the SC's test stand roll, measured in fourth gear.
Measured across all 4 gears, there is an impressive 28,7 hp on the bike and a wide usable speed range.
At 145 km/h there are still 24 hp at the wheel, which should bring tears of joy to many a GS rider.
Thanks to the specially made, solid Kingwelle crankshaft, the engine runs very smoothly and confidently.
We opened the throttle at 9000rpm and the engine could easily continue to rev without feeling overwhelmed.
The GS150 feels very confident and sporty in the road test.
Thanks Crimaz disc brake and bgm Pro shock absorber The chassis is also completely in harmony with the engine performance.
An all-round successful scooter with a spectacular engine.

A great project for which we can only congratulate Andreas!
Nagy built a great engine out of a GS150 engine housing with Pinasco 206 and visited us with it