My adventures are not only related to the Vespas, but this time to their little sister: the mopeds.
In an impromptu plan, I accompanied some members of the technical team from Scooter Center: Marc, Frank and Roland test their Ciaos on the Moped festival 2022 by Iron Mofa.
Platonika would stay parked because I had to drive in a real vehicle! And I couldn't get a better backseat than the Flatliners boys tandem!
Not knowing what to expect, I set up cameras and we embarked on an adventure that turned out to be a lot more fun than I imagined.

It was fun to see so many bad boys in these little vehicles, but above all, as always, to meet wonderful people full of good humor.

Hello tandem: 

The reason for the construction of this tandem is special, as are the components that make it possible Scooter Center managed to create this rarity!

The tandem is driven by a Polini speed engine with a DR Evo cylinder farms.
As a further tuning measures were a 13/13 carburetor with a SIL Tech Venturi and a Malossi air filter installed.
The exhaust gases are through a Gianeli OriPower derived.
The landing gear was through the Shock absorber holder from MMW and the bgm ProF16 shock absorbers upgraded.
Due to the increased load on the axles, the normal front axle bearing was replaced by a MC Proparts Front axle kit replaces + socket set

But it wouldn't be the only distinctive feature I would see at this meeting:
The motor of this Ciao comes from a cut-off grinder for railroad tracks.



bgm PRO tuning parts from the Casa Lambretta racing team

Lambretta Racing animation

Lambretta Racing

Casa Lambretta Racing Team

We supply the Casa Lambretta Racing Team from Vittorio Tessera with a selection of our high quality bgm PRO LambrettaProducts.

The racing team is very successful and is currently clearing all prizes across Europe. We are pleased that we can contribute to this with the bgm parts. The following parts are built into the Rennlambrettas:

bgm PRO parts

  • Rear shock absorber -BGM PRO R12 V2 Black Edition, 300-310mm- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP - black article no. BGM7772
    Latest version of the Lambretta bgm shock absorber. Compared to its predecessor, many details have been further optimized.
    The biggest innovation is the ability to adjust the height of the shock absorber by 10 mm. This allows additional space to be created between the frame and the suction cup.
    New features:
    Bushings with silent rubbers mounted
    - progressively wound spring
    - Rebound and compression damping with marking hard -> soft
    - Length adjustment by 10 mmThe proven features have remained:
    massive 14 mm piston rod
    - Adjustment of the spring preload
    - massive CNC body, anodized
  • Cable set -BGM PRO- Lambretta DL, GP Article no. BGM6401N
    Revised version of the proven Lambretta bgm PRO cable set. The well-known features such as the correct length of the outer and inner sleeves, the outer cable with a PTFE sleeve for smooth operation and the detailed plan for laying the cables have of course been retained Inner cables are less susceptible to wear. The clutch cable and front brake cable now have inner cables with pear nipple adapters. This ensures a significantly lower load on the cable at the barrel in the area of ​​the lever. This means that torn clutch cables are a thing of the past. The scope of delivery includes the following cables: gearshift (2x), clutch, front brake, rear brake, gas cable, an additional long inner gas cable for using larger carburetors, choke cable and soldering nipple to adjust the length of non-original ones carburetors.
  • Coupling socket -BGM PRO- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX. TV (series 2-3), DL / GP article no. BGM8010B
    The bgm Pro coupling socket is another innovation in the field of Lambretta coupling technology. A high-quality, special material always ensures optimal sliding behavior. The socket allows the clutch to be separated very cleanly, and the start-up behavior is optimized. The result is a clean coupling without judder, even with very powerful engines. The bushing is manufactured by bgm from a special material (for operation with little lubricant) with high precision from the solid.
    - Heavy-duty, special material
    - Made in Germany
    - Clean separation behavior of the coupling
    - Start-up without chattering
    - Circumferential lubrication groove
    - Suitable for Lambretta LI, LI S, SX. TV (series 2-3), DL / GP

Video Lambretta Racing

Photos Lambretta Racing