Vesspa Bigbox Touring this is it

The BGM BigBox Touring - power for the big tour

Torque from idle with the optics and acoustics like a standard exhaust

Vesspa Bigbox Touring this is it

Available now! Only 158,99 euros *

Exhaust Vespa PX 200, Rally
Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox TOURING- Vespa PX200, Rally200

Exhaust Vespa PX 80-150, Sprint, VNB, etc. also 8 ″ & 10 ″
Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox TOURING- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, Sprint, GT, GTR

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Vespa touring exhaust

The steam hammer

The BGM BigBox Touring the touring steamer in our program.
Developed for full thrust from the lowest engine speed range.

A early entry into performance As well as the significantly increased torque make the touring version of our BigBox the ideal companion for everyone who likes to travel as a couple or with a lot of luggage. Trailer drivers can also look forward to it. The high available torque makes the otherwise mandatory reduction of the reduction unnecessary!

Vespa touring exhaust


On a standard PX200, the touring box gets on 300 rpm earlier than the previous king of all touring riders, the standard exhaust. This exhaust is also in good hands on powerhouses like the Polini or Malossi sport cylinders.
Just like the original Vespa exhaust, the BigBox is natural also double-walled and provided with insulating wool.

Vespa touring exhaust

The BigBox Touring

  • Original optics
  • Quiet thanks to the double wall and insulation wool like the original exhaust
  • High torque
  • No performance hole
  • Speed ​​range like original
  • Very unobtrusive
  • Also fits rally / sprint without modifications
  • Solid construction with clamp on the cylinder
  • Handcrafted in Europe


The exhaust is mounted like the original exhaust. The elbow is attached to the cylinder using a clamp. Compared to loose fastening with an O-ring seal, this results in the best stability and prevents damage to the outlet flange. The elbow has spring tabs. To ensure optimum ground clearance, a spacer that is too short should not be used on the rear shock absorber.

Vespa touring exhaust


With a longer gear ratio, the available speed range can be stretched enormously in each gear. This means that the high torque can also be converted into high speed.
Ideal: just that BGM Superstrong clutch with 24 tooth pinion install (original 23 teeth). Works without otherwise having to change anything on the engine and results a plus of ~ 5km / h.

Motors with an abundance of torque can do the longer BGM primary gear with 64 teeth Use in combination with the 24 tooth clutch (+ 8km / h).

A lot of steam at a low speed - yeah!

Vespa touring exhaust

New Vespa touring exhaust

Today we have the first Manufacturing sample the BigBox Touring for the 200 Vespa PX engines.

The normal process of a sample test includes, in addition to evaluating the appearance and fit, runs on ours Scooter Center P4 dynamometer.

As we did in an earlier one Contributions to this Vespa exhaust have already noted, the BigBox Touring is significantly more delicate in the manifold area than its big sister, the BigBox Sport.

BigBox P200_2

Without her black, heat-resistant garment the BigBox Touring looks a bit bare. But we also attach great importance to taking a close look at all the connection points without a “top layer” during a sample test.

BigBox P200_3

Test assembly on Vespa Sprint with 200 engine

One of the first tests was assembly on one Vespa VLB (Sprint). In combination with a 200 PX motor, such conversions often lead to space problems. Especially in the area of ​​the main stand, especially the “U's” and the tabs for the stand springs. The stand feet may also collide with the manifold, depending on the routing of the exhaust system.

With the BigBox Touring, we made sure that these bottlenecks are sensibly defused. Even with vehicles with the only two-spring system on the main stand that has been introduced for the German market fits the BigBox and the stand feet are at a safe distance to the hot manifold.

BigBox P200_4

The BigBox Touring Just like its big sister, it is equipped with a solid clamp and additional holders for exhaust springs.

If you want to be on the safe side at this point, then this is ours Retaining plate with 2 exhaust springs exactly the right accessories for your BigBox.

BGM101HMSR (1)

Performance measurement Vespa exhaust

If we like the look, workmanship and fit, then it goes to them Performance measurements.

Our first "test victim" is a Cast iron Polini with 207ccm, SI24 carburetor on a standard Vespa PX200 engine.


big box touring 200

Early torque for everyday use and touring

When developing the BigBox Touring, we made sure that the possible torque is available very early and that the exhaust has a lot of pressure from the low revs.

The earlier and more homogeneously a motor delivers its torque, the more pleasant it is Everyday driving. With the BigBox Touring, you can already step in on our test engine with the good, old gray cast iron Polini 3900rpm over 18Nm Forward. Converted to fourth gear, that means a pleasant one Cruising at 50km / h with a very good potential to accelerate through to the top speed.


Longer translation possible

Depending on which engine you are using the BigBox Touring on, a longer primary reduction may be required makes perfect sense can be used to drive a little more revs at the same cruising speed. The easiest way to extend the reduction is with a clutch pinion. That bgm clutch pinion for the Cosa type clutches or a durable solution like ours bgm Superstrong clutch are good and loyal companions here. Due to the longer reduction, up to to 5km / h more top speed at the same speed is possible.



Let's test it - the BigBox Touring is waiting for you!

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