Plan / drawing for baseboards original Innocenti Lambretta

Casa Lambretta footboard strip sets Li family

The supply of spare parts for the Lambretta is probably better today than it has been for fifty years. The range of parts from various manufacturers is getting bigger and more colorful.

We remember with horror the supply of spare parts at the time we did it Scooter Center Started in 1992. Even if the parts did fit, the gray tones of the rubber parts of a series 3, for example, changed from whitish yellow to anthracite. Supplying series 1 and 2 parts was hard to imagine.

We are Casa Lambretta dealers for Germany

Scooter Center Team with Vittorio Tessera

Fortunately, we have been since the beginning of the new millennium Casa Lambretta dealer for Germany. A nice report on the history of Victor Tessera and Casa Lambretta can be found in the November and December 2017 issue of Scootering. The report is currently also available online:

There is an outline of the history of Casa Lambretta, which began in 1979/80. So not that long after the end of production of the dl / GP series. The parallel between Vittorio's experiences with Lambretta in the early days and those of the Lambretta drivers in the early nineties is particularly beautiful. Where a minority had to acquire a thick skin to justify the Lambretta. But we seem to digress ...

Actually, it's about the step rails from Casa Lambretta for the Li family. Let's do it chronologically.

Lambretta TV 175 Series 1

It's very easy for the TV 175 Series 1. For the top model from Innocenti, which was built around 10.000 times between 1957 and 1958, there is the

Lambretta LI series 1

With the Li series 1 there is a distinction between the 125 cc and the 150 cc models. The Li 125 comes with continuous aluminum strips at the front and the gray plastic strips on the running boards:

The Li 150 Series 1 has aluminum strips at the front, into which rubber tread strips are inserted and which are closed off by the tread strip end pieces:

Lambretta LI & TV Series 2

After more than 150.000 series 1 Lambrettas have been built, the series 2 is the successor. The solution for the gradation of the models by - among other things - the step rails is retained. The TV 175 Series 2 gets the same floor strips and end pieces as the Li 150.

Lambretta LI series 3

With the Series 3 it's very easy. Here, all models get the same set of steps made of plastic in gray, paired with inner aluminum strips with rubber inlay and step rail end pieces as a finishing touch:

Lambretta dl/GP

In the case of the dl / GP series, in addition to the color - black instead of gray - only the design of the treadboard end pieces and of course the specific lengths at the front for the other leg shield of the dl / GP compared to series 3 changes:

Built according to original Innocenti plans

Plan / drawing for baseboards original Innocenti Lambretta

The nice thing about the Casa Lambretta parts is next to that excellent quality the fact that many parts after the original Innocenti drawings are manufactured. The correct mounting material is included in the scope of delivery.

Made with original tools

Machine / tool for baseboards original Innocenti Lambretta

In the case of the plastic step strips for Series 3, the attention to detail can go a little further. They are cast on the original tools by one of the original manufacturers for Innocenti. So they correspond exactly to the original in every aspect. Also with regard to the corrugation on the top. An advantage that should not be underestimated for an accurate restoration.

Scooter Center

Casa Lambretta Lambretta bench cover

Made in Italy: handmade bench covers by Casa Lambretta

We have been working very closely with Vittorio Tessera from Casa Lambretta for many years. Our cooperation is based on a friendly relationship and a love for the vehicles from Milan.

Casa Lambretta produces Lambretta parts for the Li family (Li, TV, LiS, GT, SX, dl and GP) the small Lambrettas Junior and LUI as well as for the early cardan models.

In addition to reproducing parts, Vittorio Tessera has a considerable collection of various scooters that he makes available to the public in the Museo Scooter & Lambretta. As a rule, he also likes to take the time for a personal tour:

Lambretta Museum Museo Italy Milano Vittorio Tessera: world's oldest Lambretta 😯


Lambretta literature

As if that weren't enough, Vittorio also wrote the standard works on Lambretta. Here you will find almost all information about Lambretta and the special features of the vehicles as well as changes within the model series.

Lambretta books by Vittorio

Vittorio Tessera books


Lambretta tuning

For some time now, Vittorio has also taken up the topic of tuning and is together with Dean Orton the head behind the Casa performance Share.

Casa performance

Casa Lambretta Tuning Casa Performance Lambretta Parts

Handmade Lambretta seat covers

The Casa Lambretta seat covers are handcrafted in Italy. The covers for the Li family come as standard with the INNOCENTI shield as it was used until 1968:

LAmbretta seat cover with Innocenti sign

Buy Casa Lambretta seat cover here

INNOCENTI - sign until 1968

The INNOCENTI sign is of course also available individually:

Lettering bench -LAMBRETTA- Innocenti -

INNOCENTI - sign from 1968

The sign used from 1968 is of course also available.

Lettering bench -LAMBRETTA- Lambretta Innocenti - LI, LIS, SX, TV - black Article no. 8050085


Lambretta bench sign dl / GP

Not to be confused with the sign for the dl / GP:

Lettering bench -LAMBRETTA- Lambretta - DL, GP Article no. 8050121

The bgm PRO seat pad for more comfort

A nice addition to increase driving comfort on longer tours is the bgm PRO seat pad:

Seat cushion (foam) -BGM PRO- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX, TV, DL, GP - for standard seat article no. 3330894

Restoration of the Lambretta bench

An old frame can also be overhauled with new springs if necessary:

Bench frame spring set -MADE IN ITALY- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX, TV Article no. 7676765

Link spring kit:

New Lambretta bench frame

Of course, the bench frames are also available in completely new:

New Lambretta bench frame

Color of the seams on the Lambretta's seat cover

A popular and controversial question is the color of the seams on the seat covers. Would the seams have to be white or the same as the color of the seat? For this purpose, Vittorio sent us a couple of original photos from Innocenti, which show the color of the seams. Nice to see in the photo with the two Silver Specials that both end caps on the seat belt were used during production.

Casa Lambretta Lambretta bench cover Casa Lambretta Lambretta bench cover Casa Lambretta Lambretta bench cover

Buy Casa Lambretta seat cover here

bgm PRO tuning parts from the Casa Lambretta racing team

Lambretta Racing animation

Lambretta Racing

Casa Lambretta Racing Team

We supply the Casa Lambretta Racing Team from Vittorio Tessera with a selection of our high quality bgm PRO LambrettaProducts.

The racing team is very successful and is currently clearing all prizes across Europe. We are pleased that we can contribute to this with the bgm parts. The following parts are built into the Rennlambrettas:

bgm PRO parts

  • Rear shock absorber -BGM PRO R12 V2 Black Edition, 300-310mm- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP - black article no. BGM7772
    Latest version of the Lambretta bgm shock absorber. Compared to its predecessor, many details have been further optimized.
    The biggest innovation is the ability to adjust the height of the shock absorber by 10 mm. This allows additional space to be created between the frame and the suction cup.
    New features:
    Bushings with silent rubbers mounted
    - progressively wound spring
    – Rebound and compression damping marked hard -> soft
    - Length adjustment by 10 mmThe proven features have remained:
    massive 14 mm piston rod
    - Adjustment of the spring preload
    - massive CNC body, anodized
  • Cable set -BGM PRO- Lambretta DL, GP Article no. BGM6401N
    Revised version of the proven Lambretta bgm PRO cable set. The well-known features such as the correct length of the outer and inner sleeves, the outer cable with a PTFE sleeve for smooth operation and the detailed plan for laying the cables have of course been retained Inner cables are less susceptible to wear. The clutch cable and front brake cable now have inner cables with pear nipple adapters. This ensures a significantly lower load on the cable at the barrel in the area of ​​the lever. This means that torn clutch cables are a thing of the past. The scope of delivery includes the following cables: gearshift (2x), clutch, front brake, rear brake, gas cable, an additional long inner gas cable for using larger carburetors, choke cable and soldering nipple to adjust the length of non-original ones carburetors.
  • Coupling socket -BGM PRO- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX. TV (series 2-3), DL / GP article no. BGM8010B
    The bgm Pro clutch bush is another innovation in the field of Lambretta clutch technology. A high-quality, special material always ensures optimal sliding behavior. The socket allows the clutch to separate very cleanly, and the starting behavior is optimised. As a result, clean engagement without juddering is guaranteed, even with very powerful engines. The bush is manufactured by bgm with high precision from a special material (for operation with little lubricant).
    – Heavy-duty, special material
    - Made in Germany
    - Clean separation behavior of the coupling
    - Start-up without chattering
    - Circumferential lubrication groove
    - Suitable for Lambretta LI, LI S, SX. TV (series 2-3), DL / GP

Video Lambretta Racing

Photos Lambretta Racing

Lambretta Museum Casa Lambretta Vittorio Tessera Itlaia

Lambretta, Lambretta, Lambretta ...

This is the fourth and last part of our trip to Italy:

1. Rimini Lambretta Center 20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini
2. Try Cromate Scooter Club Ride Out / Rimini
3. Polini factory tour / Bergamo
4. Casa Lambretta and Lambretta Museum visit / Milan

After the morning for the Vespa driver at Polini, there was the compensation program at Casa Lambretta in the afternoon.

Spare parts, accessories and tuning parts for all Lambretta scooters



With Casa Lambretta we deliver all of them to you Lambretta restoration parts. The Casa Lambretta range extends from the parts for the very old Lambretta cardan models m (A) to F, to the Lambretta Smallframe Parts for the Junior and Lui models through to spare parts for the Li family. Next Spare parts “Made In Italy” offers Victor Tessera Auch Accessories and Tuning parts for all Lambretta scooters.

The whole Casa business is very fixated on Vittorio and he is the linchpin for all reproductions. In the recent past have become Dean Orton and that Rimini Lambretta Center offered as an external quality control for Casa. This is how the Casa products are made continuously improved. The latest example is that Toolbox lock for series 3that has got a new lock cylinder and now finally no longer attracts attention by rattling noises.

In addition to the need for restoration, Vittorio Tessera has quite a few Books on the Lambretta and written about scooters in general. With the book Innocenti The Definitive history does Vittorio have that Standard work on the Lambretta created. The book was later expanded to include the Restoration Guide. All the details on the restoration of the various Lambretta models are explained here:

  • Particularities,
  • Paint colors,
  • galvanic process
  • and what else there is to consider

Lambretta Museum


Lambretta Museum Vittorio Tessera Italia

As if that wasn't enough, there is also the museum. Milestones in the development of scooter history can be found here; these have been collected worldwide and, if necessary, also restored. The focus is clearly on the Lambretta and there is a lot to admire here, from the oldest Lambretta to the prototypes, which are also dealt with in Innocenti The Definitive History.

Lambretta Museum Museo Italy Milano Vittorio Tessera: world's oldest Lambretta 😯

Info, pictures, history and virtual tour:


Casa Lambretta store and warehouse

After a intensive and extensive guidance through the Roller Museum, it goes one floor down to the Casa Lambretta Shop and warehouse.

Here Vittorio shows us all the new ones Lambretta partsthat he has launched since our last visit or that are in the pipeline.

For example:

  • all spare parts for the SH carburettors including the mixing tubes,
  • all gear parts,
  • all springs for the headlights,
  • Gas and switching rollers in brass,
  • Series 2 switching tube

... are just some of the new Casa Lambretta parts that Vittorio will soon be supplying us with.

All fotos

Lambretta Scooter Center Italy

Scooter Center Italy Trip - Part 1 Rimini Lambretta Center

The Scooter Center-Team on tour of Italy: Oliver, Philipp and Heiko made their way to Italy at the weekend. The program was pretty full, the long way had to be worth it: over 3.000 km more have been on the clock since the weekend.




The stations of the Italy tour:

  1. Rimini Lambretta Center 20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini
  2. Try Cromate Scooter Club Ride Out / Rimini
  3. Polini factory tour / Bergamo
  4. Casa Lambretta and Lambretta Museum visit / Milan

Part 1

Rimini Lambretta Center
20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini

In the footsteps of the Scooter Center History on Lake Garda


The video for the first stage

The first stage destination was Lake Garda. Here we visited old friends, enjoyed Italy and remembered the old stories with joy. Lake Garda plays an important role in the 23-year-old history of Scooter Centers .



In Malcesine, Oliver Kluger had it back then very first scooter for the Scooter Center bought and transferred to Germany - it was one Vespa Rally TS 125. The Vespa was later refurbished and sold in Cologne. Volker bought it back then and still drives it today. He is our very first customer and of course still loyal to us today. While we are better known for our fast delivery of scooter spare, tuning and spare parts, we have a momentum at the moment used Vespa scooters on offer.

After a short night, it starts very early on Saturday to Rimini. The route sounds like music to your ears: “Verona, Mantova, Modena, Bologna, Imola, Rimini” and the closer we get to the goal, the greater the anticipation.




The Rimini Lambretta Center and Dean Orton

The Rimini Lambretta Center has been a good customer for years and supplies us with the CYCLONE 5 speed Lambretta transmission, the Maxi Flusso Lambretta intake manifold and the new one Casa Lambretta Performance cylinders.

Rimini Lambretta Center

That this Lambretta 5 speed gearbox is more than just a scooter part for Dean, you can also tell by that CYCLONE 5 Tattoo on his forearm. We mainly supply Rimini with ours bgm products, which they also use for their restorations. The Lambretta restorations are also the main business of the team around Dean Orton. The RLC loves and lives Lambretta. Spectacular Lambretta scooters are created in the impressive workshop. So the anticipation and our expectations were great and we should not be disappointed ...

Rimini in Emilia Romagna

“Rimini: Adriatic Sea, center of bathing tourism - a bathing resort with a long tradition, sand, sun, beach, sea“. But there are more important things to us! And that is in the Zona Industriale: The 20th birthday and OpenDay of the Rimini Lambretta Center.
After a warm welcome from many old friends, it is time to set up the stand. Which is done very quickly because Philipp sent the goods for the stand to the wrong address ... :-) Fortunately, we were able to help ourselves from the RLC warehouse and equip the stand.

bgm tuning Scooter Center in Rimini at Rimini Lambretta Center

Rimini Lambretta Center OpenDay

The area around the RLC quickly fills up with mostly Italian and English Lambrettisti. It was about 500 visitors on site with about 120 lambrettas and just a handful of Vespas.

Dean has to XNUMXth anniversary of the RLC quite turned up. When you enter the shop, you are first met by one Lambretta world record car Received: The fully disguised Lambretta that died on August 8th, 1951 200 km/h Broke mark over the flying kilometer. Romolo Ferri has the world record drove out on the closed autobahn between Ingolstadt and Munich. The mechanically charged one 125 cc engine should have around 21 hp have had.

A huge mobile pizzeria supplied the visitors with the finest specialties from the region, there was also plenty of vino, aqua, beer and a café.

Spectacular Lambretta test drive

The RLC had closed a circuit for public transport so that the scooters could be tested - once around the industrial park.



In addition to the scooters built by the RLC, it is mainly scooters from the Casa Lambretta collection that can be driven here. The two are in the focus of those present Lambretta Innocenti two-cylinder prototypes. This has Victor Tessera have the RLC processed in the last few months. In the June issue of scootering the reconditioning down to the innards of the engine will be presented. We also tested the original Innocenti two-cylinder prototypes. And here you can only say: it's a shame that it didn't make it into series production.

Lambretta with 305cc and 50PS

305cc and over 50PS - the hardest we have ever ridden: the BSG CasaPerformance 305cc prototypes. CNC engine block with 305cc BSG cylinder, Cyclone5 five-speed gearbox and bgm PRO Superstrong clutch. This monster brings about 50 PS. For the test drives, the Lambretta was castrated to 45 hp via the programmable ignition. At the exit on Sunday we had the opportunity to test it extensively, the video of the exit follows in the second part. Watch this space!

bsg 305cc lambretta



BSG Corse had scooters with impressive performance. Especially the Vespa Smallframes raced across the course at dizzying speeds. They were later joined by the legendary Signor Angelo Zirri and almost the entire Italian Smallframe Tuning scene was on site.

Unfortunately, since even the most beautiful events come to an end, at some point it will be dismantling!
Fortunately, there is still the joint dinner and the nighter with a great view over the mountains!

Nighter in the mountains of Emilia Romagna


The common meal and the allnighter took place in an osteria in the mountains. Fantastic location with a view of the lights of Rimini and San Marino in the distance.





Lots of nice conversations, lots of Italian snacks and a few vinos later we fell into bed sometime in the early morning. The rest was only brief and the recovery little, because the next highlight was already a few hours. On the exit we had the opportunity to test the 305cc prototype, especially with regard to the built-in bgm parts.

All photos from the first stage of our trip to Italy:

Cologne - Milan - Gorizia - Ried - Cologne

On the ninth of July around 23 p.m. that happened Scooter Center set off to:

    • To visit Casa Lambretta,
  • to dispose of two rusted Lambretta mopeds,
  • pick up an SX 150 in Gorizia
  • and deliver a Vespa in Ried.

Cow 2.500 km later, we sat back in Cologne at 7 o'clock on Sunday morning and had a look back over the trip at a café.
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