Clutch linings are a very important link between the engine and the transmission. A well-functioning clutch is essential for driving fun, safety and performance.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not make the appropriate effort with such an important component with the result that the clutches go through or do not separate properly. The flooring manufacturers who deliver the decent quality always have delivery problems

The only logical consequence of BGM was the production of its own coverings. Manufactured exactly according to our specifications, we have managed to use a very high quality organic pad mixture that is pressure and temperature stable on the one hand, but still low-wear. The whole thing combined with a very good grip in order to always have the full torque applied to the rear wheel. Even with a very high spring force, the separation path is short because the material is not as soft and compressible as that of other manufacturers.

The pads can be used in all engines, from standard to fully exhausted engine setup.

Clutch linings -BGM PRO- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP - 4 discs

Item number: BGM8004

Clutch linings -BGM Pro Vespa Cosa2- 4 plates

Item number: BGM8084

Clutch linings -BGM Pro Vespa Smallframe- 3 discs

Item number: BGM8013

Clutch linings -BGM Pro Vespa type 6-springs- 3-discs

Item number: BGM8063

Clutch linings -BGM Pro Vespa type 7-springs- 3-discs

Item number: BGM8073