Vespa meeting Isny ​​Allg

Vespa meeting of the Vespa Pirates Allgäu at the IAA Isny ​​automobile exhibition.

With a large Vespa Corso and raffle, powered by Scooter Center

Am May 09, 2015 automobiles are on display throughout the city, and Espantorstrasse becomes VESPAtorstrasse. Vespacorso also for 50 gerle around the city.

All Vespistis and visitors are WELCOME !!!

Vespa meeting Isny ​​Allgau

Program Sequence:

Vespa meeting Saturday 9 May 2015 in Isny ​​im Allgäu
(takes place in any weather)
Registration from 11 a.m.
Installation of the Vespas in Espantorstrasse
Vespacorso around the Städtle + photo shoot from 13 p.m.
small raffle at around 13pm including merchandise from Scooter Center to win
End from 16 p.m.

Ifnos about the event also on Facebook

Vespa Allgaeu



There is a coffee and cake for every registration.
The Pizza cart is available at the beginning of Vespatorstrasse and so the proper catering is also provided:
Pizza Giovanni

pizza giovanni Vespa meeting

The following applies to the Vepacorso:

Those who take part in the tour do so at their own risk! There is also no liability for any technical failures. All participants should be in the corso considerate with sufficient Safety distance drive to the other participants. Overtaking within the corso is just as undesirable as any other dangerous feat. Pirates marked with safety vests will guard at the crossings. At the steeply sloping point, remember: hands off the front brake! We recommend the slower participants to sort themselves further up front in the corso, but tricycles, Ape and Co have to drive at the back.


Your scooter is not ready for the Corso yet?

You can buy Vespa parts quickly and cheaply at Scooter Center Vespa shop- also by UPS - Express - for only 6,90 Euro express shipping costs. (As of 05.2015)

Buy Vespa parts


How do I get there?

The approach should be chosen from the direction of Lindau and Leutkirch via the Espantor (Vespator).
Participants from the direction of Kempten are allowed to drive through the closed exhibitor area Kemptener Strasse to Vespatorstrasse.

Scooter Ccenter Italy 2 Lambretta Rally

Part 2 Test Cromate Scooter Club Ride Out / Rimini

1. Rimini Lambretta Center 20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini
2. Try Cromate Scooter Club Ride Out / Rimini
3. Polini factory tour / Bergamo
4. Casa Lambretta and Lambretta Museum visit / Milan

Lambretta Rally

The local Lambretta Club Teste Cromate SC organized as a supporting program for Rimini Lambretta Center Open Day on Sunday a great ride through the rolling hills of Emilia Romagna.




Complete video

Here is the video of the entire exit from the stopover at Europlastsucci GPS speed indicator, have fun:


Delicious stopover

After a few kilometers in one routinely organized corso with about fifty lambrettas, we reach the first stage destination: Europlastsucci. Long-standing customer and manufacturer of GRP frame parts and others Lambretta specialties.


There is one here to strengthen yourself for the onward journey and as a mental preparation for the upcoming lunch Aperitif. After adjusting the idle gas with Prosecco and other fortifications in non-liquid form, we leave the city and it goes on a great route in and through the mountains.

Lambretta BSG Corse with 45 HP and 305 cc

Of course we already had the opportunity to ride a lot of extreme scooters. But what Philip was allowed to drive on the Corso the hammer:

Lambretta Scooter Center Italy

The BSG Corse Lambretta with a displacement of 305 cc and an output of over 50 hp. The most violent thing we've ever driven. CNC - engine block milled from one piece, 305 cc BSG Corse cylinder, Cyclone5 five-speed transmission and bgm PRO Superstrong clutch. This monster has over 50 hp. For the RLC Open Day, the demonstrator was unfortunately throttled from 51 HP to 45 HP via the ignition.

The first impression:

The beast hangs on the gas, with the blink of an eye you are beyond 100 km / h. The switching operations are thanks bgm PRO SUPERSTRONG clutch clean, simple and soft as butter, the gearbox with 5 gears is great. Endless power and pressure in every gear.


Lambretta with a lot of steam

Im CNC motor runs a nice wide crankshaft with two huge bearings. But in spite of that 305 cc runs the engine thanks to the bgm silent blocks äextremely low vibration. The bgm PRO Lambretta chassis brings the power safely and confidently to the road. Despite the rather massive belly of the exhaust, there are no bumps or similar ground contact in the switchbacks in the mountains. the MMW brake ensures the appropriate delay.

The engine has an insane power. The frame reaches its limits due to the power that the engine makes available. Not entirely unexpected when you consider that this engine is the five times the power of the original engine has.

Many thanks to Dean Orton for this great experience with this scooter!
Thanks to the Try Cromate SC for this beautiful day!


All fotos

All pictures from the Lambretta Rally in Rimini:

Vespa scooter season start in Cologne

Vespa scooter season start in Cologne

Scooter season start in Cologne - Sponsored by Scooter Center

The Prengel Scooter Club invites you to the Vespa / Lambretta Kickdown 24 on April 2013, 2013.

Vespa and Lambretta - friends meet and spend the whole day together - until well into the next morning.

Start: Rollers from Cologne
The start of the scooter season in Cologne begins with the meeting point at 14 p.m. at the Mediapark. From there you go on a 3-hour scooter tour around Cologne. You're coloring a Vespa Smallframe with 50ccm? The seasonal motor scooter is of course suitable for Fuffi. Few traffic lights and lots and lots of free travel make the tour an experience.

Motor scooter - scavenger hunt for Vespa & Co.
At the same time there will also be a scooter scavenger hunt through Cologne - on a voyage of discovery through Cologne on a Vespa.

Meeting point 18:00 p.m. Odonia - at least now it's getting wild
Fair entrance fees:
"Smalframe package for 5 euros" so you can chill until the allnighter (party):
Including supporting program

  • Fun fames,
  • Scavenger Hunt Award Ceremony,
  • soulful music
  • counter
  • Griull
  • chat,
  • Watch the scooter

Or directly the "Largeframe-Package for 10 euros ”and be part of the spectacular Nighter. Including patch of the event.

If you start “cautiously” and then want to party until Sunday, just make a booking and get the other ribbon at the entrance.

Scooters can be parked on the enclosed area.

At Nighter there is soul, ska, rock'n roll from various DJs, one or the other surprise program, inside and outside counters - it's going to be wild!

Vespa season opening, finally you can dare to take to the streets:
It's getting warmer, spring is in sight and scooter riding on a Vespa is even more fun!

The Vespa season will open in Aachen on May 11, 2013.
Here is the nice video for the appointment. At the Vespanest you will also find helpful tips for driving in a group, the “Scooter - Corso”:

  • General information about the Vespa Exit
  • Vespa motor scooter Coros made easy

So that the start of the season "runs like clockwork:


Excerpts from the Vespanest tips:

General Questions

  1. Please come with a fully fueled Vespa!
  2. If you have any problems or questions at the meeting point, I ask you to report to the service vehicle immediately.
  3. We ask you, for organizational reasons, not to wear an orange high-visibility vest!
  4. As always, we won't leave anyone behind! We just have to limit the repairs during the journey due to time constraints! Anything that can be fixed in five to ten minutes (Trains, Tubes) will be repaired immediately! Everything else is transported to the end point using the service vehicle! (Transport to your home possible by arrangement)
    Read more: