Scooter Center Customshow 2016 the video

Video Scooter Center Custom Show 2016

What a party! We recorded a 12 minute video here all day. We hope you like the video. Please give us a like and / or comment on the video on Youtube.

The Results the Scooter Customshow and many photos you find here Customshow 2016 photos

After the show is before the show - the preparations are already underway. 2017 will be a big year:

  • 25 years Scooter Center and
  • 10 years Scooter Center Custom show!

Scooter Center Customshow 2016 - No. 9

You can find the video of the Scootershow 2016 here Custom show video 2016



On April 9th, 2016 the time had finally come again. The ninth custom show of the starts in the adventure halls in Cologne Scooter Centers.



In the most beautiful sunshine, almost 2.000 visitors come to admire well over a hundred exhibits that reflect the entire spectrum of the scooter scene.

The custom scooters are rounded off by the private parts market and dealer stands. The bar for the coming year was set very high and the unanimous tenor of visitors, exhibitors and the organizer is that this is the best of all SC custom shows so far.

The proportion of real custom scooters is also encouraging. Our friend Champ from the German scooter magazine puts it in a nutshell CLASSIC SCOOTER:

“There was an impressive number of top scooters. It has been a custom show for a long time, which lived up to its name (and not just a classic car exhibition). "

There is no better way to put it. And the comeback of customs has been reminiscent of the weddings in the nineties. Scooters like the LEGIO X from Paul are definitely characteristic. The love that went into the details and the amount of work involved can be seen not least on the gold-plated rear bgm PRO Lambretta shock absorber.

The special charm is the mixture of the different styles.

From the hypothetical 1953 factory racer from the Hoffmann company by Andreas Nagy to one of the two existing 2-cylinder SX prototypes from Innocenti to the 80s dream ship from Yoleila, everything is represented.

A highlight is definitely the booth of our Italian friends from Parmakit, Casa Lambretta and the Rimini Lambretta Center. The Casa Performance catalog 2016 has its world premiere here and has been printed in an edition of 150 as a special edition for the custom show.

Vittorio Tessera from Casa Lambretta also likes the event: “You have prepared an incredible scooter show!”

The show is not limited to the exhibition halls. When the weather is beautiful, a hundred more scooters will be parked in front of the hall and there will be a lively exchange of ideas on the subject of tuning, restoration and optimization.


The bottom line is: great weather, great atmosphere and a successful start to the season that makes you want more!


Best of all:
Cup winners scooter Center Customshow 2016 Classic

Classical results:
Cup winners scooter Center Customshow 2016 Classic

Results automatic:
Cup winners Scooter Center Customshow 2016 automatic


Trophies Customshow 2016

Trophies 2016

Many of the exhibitors are probably feeling the same - they are still busy screwing and polishing to be ready for the big Cutomshow in Cologne on Saturday.

It's no different for us. Today the trophies are finally ready.

On Saturday we will hand out no less than 43 trophies to the best scooters on ours custom show.


Categories Scooter Customshow


(A price)

  • BEST OF ALL - best scooter on the show
  • BEST LAMBRETTA - the best Lambretta
  • BEST VESPA - best Vespa
  • BEST AUTOMATIC - best automatic scooter
  • BEST CLUB DISPLAY - coolest club stand


(First and second place)

  • BEST ENGINEERING - best technical implementation
  • BEST ORIGINAL CONDITION - show your oldie
  • BEST STREETRACER - focus on entries
  • BEST CUSTOM - best refinement “Chrome & Flames”
  • BEST STREETCUSTOM - (focus on daily use (signs of use) despite airbrush, chrome etc.)
  • BEST SPRINTER / CUPRACER - racing device (e.g. DBM / ESC)
  • BEST PAINT / AIRBRUSH - best painting and / or airbrush
  • BEST O-LACK RESCUE - only with documentation
  • BEST MOD - accessory bomber
  • CRAZIEST CONVERSION - without words


(First and second place)

  • BEST MODERN VESPA - GT / GTV / GTS / LX / LXV / 946 etc.
  • BEST CUSTOM - best refinement “Chrome & Flames”
  • BEST STREETCUSTOM - roadworthy ready to drive
  • BEST SPRINTER / RACER - racing device (DSSC, DM or similar)
  • BEST ENGINEERING - best technical implementation
  • BEST PAINT / AIRBRUSH - best painting and / or airbrush
  • BEST BODYWORK - best bodywork conversion
  • BEST DISPLAY - best presentation
  • CRAZIEST CONVERSION - without words

See you on Saturday at the Customshow :-)

Scooter Custom Show 2016

Wow - what a rush. We have never had so many exhibitors and customshow participants. We are proud of such blatant custom scooters and also absolute premieres at the Scooter Center custom show to have! Thank you for your engagement!!

All confirmations are out! Have you signed up and received neither an announcement nor a confirmation? Then please contact us.



Parking lot Custiomshow Cologne


There is a super delicious snack on our custom show


  • Currywurst 2,30 EURO
  • French fries 1,50 EUR
  • Nuggets 2,30 EURO
  • Vegan sausage 3,80 EURO

The currywurst is available in different sauces or heats:


A normal
* or with Happy Pig (slightly smoky)

B Slightly hot about 1.500 SCU
* or with Cowtown (slightly smoky)
* or Crazy Pig (slightly smoky and a little hotter)
+ Medium hot approx. 3.000 SCU
* or with Night of the living (slightly smoky)


C Sharp approx. 3.500 SCU
* or with Burning Pig (slightly smoky)
+ Red Jalapeno approx. 8.000 SCU
+ Green Jalapeno approx. 8.000 SCU
+ Ghost Pepper approx.22.800 SCU
+ Fire salamander about 50.000 SCU

PROFESSIONAL - use at your own risk!

- Green Tabasco approx. 100.000 SCU
- Red Tabasco approx. 100.000 SCU
- Beyond Insanity approx. 119.700 SCU

D Habanero approx. 175.000 SCU
+ Black widow approx. 229.000 SCU

E Ground Zero approx. 234.000 SCU
+ Red Savina Habanero about 280.000
+ Crazy Gibbon approx. 553.000 SCU
+ Mad Doc 357 approx. 600.000 SCU
+ Bih Jolokia approx. 800.000 SCU
+ Pepper King approx.1.000.000 SCU

F final answer approx. 1.500.000 SCU

Further sharpening only with signature and after good compatibility of Final Answer

Info: Tabasco has a heat of approx. 3.000 Scoville !!


Scooter Custom Show 2016


Hidden Power Scooter Club Custom Show

Hidden Power SC - veteran of the scooter scene

To call the Hidden Power SC one of the veterans of the German scooter scene is no exaggeration. It emerged in 1990 from the Hagen mod association “Volmeparka Society Hagen”.

Since then a bustling bunch, who are not too shy to be seen all over Europe, to organize their own custom shows and with the Holidays in the Sauerland one - for many the highlight in the Rto organize uncalendar.

Hidden Power Scooter Club Custom Show

We have always had a friendly relationship with the whole bunch, and of course we have a special bond with the two birds, who unfortunately were only our work colleagues for a short time.

We are pleased that the Hidden Power SC as a guest and exhibitor on our custom show comes on April 9th!

Auf dem Scooterists Niter on Friday Incidentally, Hoffi from the Hidden Power Scooter Club also plays.

Scooterist Niter



Dealer, manufacturer and club booths at the SCOOTERSHOW

Here we will again introduce you to an exhibitor at the 9. Scooter Center custom show on April 9, 2016.



Fanzine for the scooter sceneChamp

More Info:


Exhibitor Scooterstuff

Dealer, manufacturer and club booths at the SCOOTERSHOW

We want you in the remaining weeks before the 9. Scooter Center Customshow on April 9, 2016 the exhibitors at our custom show . imagine

We start today with SCOOTERSTUFF . René is also our DJ and presenter at the SCOOTERSHOW. We are looking forward to his show!

Exhibitor Scooterstuff


In business for years and luckily still not professional!Rene Leister

The offered

  • Shirts
  • Prints
  • sticker
  • Patches

are usually only produced in small numbers, and on the predominantly national runs to the Brought by the driver.

Whether in the rucksack or sidecar, the small selection quickly finds its place and no annoying van disturbs the harmonious picture on site. Usually as funny tipsy as his customers bring family business along with standing behind it Club combine "filthy & sly" Constant fashion for years and no trends on the body.

More Info:

Scootershow 2016 turns into a weekender

Not entirely by chance does ours start 9. Scooter Center Custom Show 2016 am 9. April this year.

This year, in addition to the many international exhibitors and a huge parts market, there is also a lot of supporting program on offer. So there are concerts, parties and the biggest bar hopping in the region on the Friday before the show and on the Saturday after the show Nighter. The party for the scooter show.

For Visitors

A visit to our custom show is worthwhile in many ways:

  • Over 150 international Vespa, Lambretta and Scootertuning Customs with a big trophy ceremony
  • A trendy get-together and an afternoon with friends
  • Large parts market with B-goods, remaining stock, rare single items and used scooter parts
  • Sticker bombs and high quality prizes
  • Modeation and live DJ
  • cheap meals
  • easy arrival
  • Metropolis and party city Cologne
  • cheap tickets, free entry for children

gift idea-customshow-tickets

You can find impressions from last year in this video, pictures from 2015 and all other custom shows are here: Scooter show

For exhibitors

In addition to fame and honor, exhibitors receive trophies, vouchers, sponsorship packages, great prizes and of course free entry to the show!
Participation is only possible with prior registration and confirmation:

For sellers

Would you like to sell parts at the Customshow? No problem. Please log in here.
Participation is only possible with prior registration and confirmation:

[wpanchor id = ”party”] The party

Scooterist's weekender

Thanks to concerts and parties this weekend, our custom show will be the perfect weekender for you:

Friday 8.4.2016

From 22: 00
HOFFI (hidden Power SC)

From 21: 00
CHARLES BRADLEY and His Extraordinaries

Saturday: 9.4.2016

Chills and Fewer Allnighter, Soul * RnB * RareGrooves
From 12: 00
Main event
Scooter Center custom show

From 18: 00
Culture / party

Ehrenfeld hopping
largest bar hopping in the region

From 20: 30

JOEL SARAKULA & the Jooles (GB / D)
AK: 6 euros for concert & niter
AK: 3 euros only niter

then Allniter with Dynamic Eric & Sir Faulker AK: 3 euros:

chills and fever all nighter,
Soul * RnB * Rare Grooves