The Superstrong coupling family receives in the large and Smallframe Growth.

For the Largeframe We equip the tried and tested models Superstrong with a 24 tooth DRT pinion off to the translation on an original 65 teeth primary gear to extend.

Especially with the current cylinders from Malossi and Poliniwhich provide a very high torque, it makes sense to lengthen the translation to convert the potential into speed.

bgm super strong 005

Im Smallframe Sector an additional coupling spider is suitably deposited for DRT auxiliary shafts in the Superstrong clutches offered. DRT auxiliary waves are a useful addition to almost all engine concepts in the SF area in order to adapt the transmission to a more sporty driving style. There are one here Variety of gradation variants to disposal. The auxiliary shafts offered by DRT are about 1,5mm higher.

Here the DRT variant:

04.12. 2013 021

and the regular version:

04.12. 2013 020

So that you don't become too strong Spacer for the clutch cover, we have adapted the Superstrong accordingly for this area of ​​application.

In order to keep the two variants apart, we have equipped the DRT version with a clearly visible collar.

On the left the regular version and on the right the DRT variant with collar.

04.12. 2013 025

Both couplings are available immediately.