Legal scooter meeting / drag race August 21, 2016

You have a tuned scooter and do you really want to extend it? Next weekend you will finally have the opportunity to do it again:

DssM ft. Ems Coast Tunerz are back with a day of racing fun!
The first collaboration went fantastic, after countless requests for a repeat, they decided to give you another one legal race day in 2016 to give.

The first 100 participants will receive a Goodiebag from Scooter Center! You can also win bgm PRO oil.

It's time for #ScootWars Session 2.0

  • 150 meter sprint with NSSC timekeeping
  • Test bench runs
  • custom show
  • Burnout contest


Racetrack right on the German-Dutch border

August 21, 2016 from 11:30 a.m. to 16:30 p.m.

Driver: 10Eur
Visitors: 5Eur

Test track Thedinga.
Veenakker's 25
7881XA Emmer Compascuum


Information on the procedure / rules

First, a waiver must be filled out and signed in the white tent on the main square. Then you can go on to the technical inspection, if you have passed this, there is a start number.


  • The vehicle must not leak any liquids. (Only pure water may be used as a coolant)
  • Brakes must be 100% functional.
  • An overflow container must be installed! (Energy box / small bottle is enough!)
  • No steering head bearing play
  • A closed, functional helmet is mandatory!
  • Long clothes & gloves!
  • Driving in the parking lot is an absolute ban, no test drives, if you do drive, you will be removed from the site!


The right tire for scooter sprint events:

Tire -PMT Drag Racing- 10 article no. 7676174

Tire -PMT Drag Racing- 10

Anyone who drives in racing will know the enormous importance of the tires used.
Every newcomer notices when the old hands are literally raging around the ears that it's not just the profile that counts, but above all the right rubber compound to match the weather, track and vehicle. The enormous difference in performance there is with tires is immediately clear to everyone who has one legendary PMT tires was allowed to try.

The Italian company PMT (Pauselli Model Tires), which has been active since 1990, was previously only active in the RC car and the minibike sector, which is popular in Italy.

With their entry into the scooter area, they have a top position among the ad hock Favorite tires of the TOP drivers got hold of. The PMT tires are available in perfect mixtures for the various soil, weather and temperature conditions.

Slick, mix: hard
The slick with a hard compound is ideally suited for routes with high asphalt temperatures and heavy use from many alternating curves and braking maneuvers. The hard mixture is the most abrasion-resistant and can therefore be used very well in endurance / long-distance races. The warm-up phase for the optimum operating temperature (~ 80 ° C) is significantly longer with this mixture than with the "medium" or "soft" mixture.
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Slick, mix: medium
The medium bridges the gap between the hard and persistent as well as the extremely well adhering but also quickly wearing soft mixture. The medium thus covers a very large area of ​​application. Its optimal operating temperature is ~ 75 ° C and, like the hard mixture, requires a longer break-in period than the soft mixture to get up to temperature.
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Slick, mix: soft
The soft PMT mixture offers full grip even at lower temperatures. Accordingly, it wears out quickly at higher temperatures and then no longer offers its full grip level. In return, it very quickly reaches its optimal operating temperature of 70 ° C.
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Slick, rain
With the rain slick PMT offers a new interpretation of an intermediate. An intermediate with a slick profile was created here, based on the rubber compound of the pure rain tire. Ideal for changeable weather with equal proportions of wet and dry sections of the route.
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Rain racing
The rain tire from PMT plays in the highest league of rain experts for the circuit.
Whoever has mounted this tire needs a good excuse if it did not work out with a good placement ...
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Drag Race
PMT's drag race tires are ideal for all quartermile engines.
No grip is lost here and all of the power is transferred to the asphalt without slipping.
But that also means that there is no mercy for clutch or transmission ...

Width 110 mm
Weight 2070 gr
Approval No
cross-section 55 %
Customs 10 "

The scooter tuning scene can also be found this year at the Motor Show in Essen, represented by a fat stand from Scooter Center, Püppi-Tuning and motor movies.

Among other things, real carbon panels, aluminum frames, drag race scooters with nitrous oxide and various other sprint, custom and switch scooters ala Vespa / Lambretta will be exhibited.

The girlyscoot by Doreen (Püppi-Tuning) will also take part in the daily show runs in Hall 7.

Our booth with the number 212 can be found in hall 4, you can get advice directly on site, the competent crew from Püppi-Tuning is looking forward to answering your open questions about scooters and tuning.


Here are some impressions already!
(Thanks a lot to for the pictures!)

[Nggallery id = 3]
[googleMap name = "Essen Motor Show 2011" width = "300" height = "300" directions_from = "true"] Norbertstrasse 1 45131 Essen [/ googleMap]


Scooter Center & Rollerschmiede Crew / DSSC runs MZA Luckau 2009

We took part in the DSSC run in Luckau.
We drove with our MaxiZip SCK 6,5234 sec / incl. 0,1319 response time!

Here is the video:

[youtube] 86XGM8s5dH4 [/ youtube]

4DSSC 1st run Saarbrücken. Reported on all weather channels and advertised everywhere on the Internet, should it rain in Saarbrücken on Saturday. Still full of optimism (last year it also rained and afterwards it was nice) we left Cologne at 7:30 am and arrived in Saarbücken on time.
The weather god really didn't play along this time and it was really nice to see how many familiar faces and newcomers had come to experience this spark of hope, the smell of gasoline and rubber on the asphalt.

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Scooter Center Sprinter at the Nitrolympics at Hockenheim

First of all: The work on the twin has paid off: 11,937sec and 168,35 km / h, wow! That is only 0,037 seconds (!!!) behind the world record

Just in time for them Nitrolympix at the Hockenheimring on 16./17. August we have ours two cylinders be able to finish. The first time, only roughly coordinated, he was on the road at the DSSC Stage 6 Team Meeting in Rothenburg.

So in order to be able to adjust the twin something, our driver Andi and I took a quick decision to test it on a suitable route on Thursday (MZH airfield). See videos and pictures.

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Last weekend the team Stage6 meeting in Rothenburg / Wümme was on the program.

Friday evening:
Alex still manages to get the TWIN ready in time. The only thing left was not much time to vote.
Since it was early in the evening, we postponed loading the SCK van to the next morning.

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On Saturday, April 12.04.08th, 1 the time had finally come. The 1st run of the DSSC eV took place in Saarbrücken. When the track dried out, our employee and driver Torsten Wengeler was able to steadily improve his times and drove in 5st position in the open class 6,734 from the start.

[inspic = 120, left, fullscreen, thumb] [inspic = 121, left, fullscreen, thumb] [inspic = 122, leftclear, fullscreen, thumb]