Ignition -BGM PRO base plate HP V4.0 AC- Lambretta electronic ignition article no. 8030572

bgm Lambretta ignition base plate available again

The bgm ignition base plates and ignition kits are already standard when it comes to optimizing a Lambretta. For good reason, the electronic bgm ignitions are the great basis for one high quality engine.
In strong alternator guarantees perfect light output, the HQ ignition components a clean and powerful engine.

Ideal for upgrading a decrepit, contact-controlled electrical system to a modern, maintenance-free high-performance ignition.

Ignition base plate Electronic ignition BGM PRO Article no. 8030572

Very popular ignition

It can happen that there are delivery bottlenecks. But now the much sought-after Lambretta ignition is back in stock, just in time for the Eurolambretta or the many other meetings that are now pending.

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  • High light output thanks to the maximum number of windings
  • Proven excitation coil with copper plate for maximum reliability
  • Pickup with a carbon barrier layer for a clean ignition pulse
  • Neatly processed light coils
  • High quality solder joints
  • Gray and black bougier tube
  • Sufficient cable length for individual cabling
  • Can be combined with additional modules (PiFi, Kytronic, Agusto)

Compared to a conventional electronic ignition, the BGM ignition base plate has specially combined coil windings. This is the The efficiency of the alternator has been significantly improved again.

Available individually or in a set:

AC / DC?
The alternators are available as AC and DC versions:

  • AC = alternating current = light via alternator
  • DC = direct current = light via battery

The AC variant is best for converting to a good electronic ignition. In principle, the on-board network is retained as it was designed by Innocenti, albeit best with a fresh wiring harness.

The conversion to DC only makes sense with the simultaneous conversion to a sufficiently dimensioned battery (from 5Ah). Here, the entire luminous flux feeds only the battery via a so-called full wave regulator. This then supplies all consumers. The required full-wave controller is included in the corresponding AC set, please order the battery separately. The advantage lies in the perfect light without flickering, even when idling. The disadvantages are the required battery, the high charging losses in the lower speed range (controller gets very warm) and the necessary modifications to the wiring harness.


The DC ignition can also be used as an AC ignition at any time. To do this, connect the red / yellow cable to ground. The yellow cable must then be connected as a live cable to a conventional voltage regulator (e.g. BGM6690).

The ignition kits are available for both types of crankshafts in the Lambretta Series 3 models:

  • Small alternator cone: LI, LIS, SX, TV
  • Large alternator cone: GP / DL

Note: The BGM ignition was carefully designed and harmonizes perfectly with all common ignition components, especially with the BGM pole wheel.
So that the BGM ignition always finds optimal conditions, we include spacer plates for the pickup with version 4.0. This means that the base plate can also be combined with pole wheels whose trigger surface height (tear-off surface of the PickUp) is outside the norm (e.g. AF pole wheels) or if the tolerances of the motor housing and / or crankshaft overlap unfavorably.

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