Eurolambretta 2017

Scooter Center with bgm booth at the Eurolambretta

1.800 Lambretta crazy people from all over the world met this weekend at the Adria Raceway for the 28th Eurolambretta 2017 in Italy.

We were of course at the start with our stand and, with bgm TUNING, above all presented our own products. With 35 degrees of heat at our booth, we worked up a sweat. But thanks to the many nice people, the great conversations and the overwhelming feedback, we rocked the Eurolambretta and provided everyone with merchandise and advice.

Here you can find our video for the Eurolambretta 2017

Eurolambretta 2017 Italy Lambretta Adria Scooter Center & bgm tuning

Photos of the Eurolambretta 2017

Eurolambretta 2017 Italia LOGO

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Just now is the big one Lambretta meeting In Geiselwind / Germany history, the planning for next year has to be tackled.

The Eurolambretta 2017 will take place from June 2nd to 4th at the Adria International Raceway instead of:

(Località Smergoncino, 7, 45011 Cavanella Po, Adria RO, Italy)

Flyer / Info Eurolambretta 2017 Italy

Eurolambretta 2017 Italy

Eurolambretta 2017 Italy Eurolambretta 2017 Italy

Eurolambretta 2017 Italy

Eurolambretta 2017 Italy

Eurolambretta 2017 Italy

Vespa World Days 2017

The parallel event for Vespa fans will take place again in Germany in 2017: Vespa World Days 2017 in Celle


Scooter Center with a bgm stand at the Eurolambretta

The LCD (Lambretta Club Germany) really celebrated its 50th birthday: Eurolambretta 2016 in Geiselwind!

Of course we were there and presented our latest bgm developments to the Lambretta world. In the best weather we had a lot of interested visitors at our stand and great discussions with our customers.

We were there with an exclusive preprint of the new bgm catalog and a large selection of Lambretta parts. Directly at the stand and in advance with our Express service directly at the event, we were able to help some guests who had traveled far. Here are our impressions of the great event:

Video Eurolambretta

Photos Eurolambretta

Eurolambretta 2016 Germany Geiselwind

Eurolambretta in Geiselwind / Germany

Next weekend, the Eurolambretta will take place again in Germany: In the beautiful Franconian region, in Geiselwind, it's turning from 24.06. to 26.06.2016 everything about the Lambretta. The event location is the Strohofer event center there.

Do you want to arrive spontaneously? Unfortunately, the Eurolambretta is one closed eventto which only the members of the national Lambretta clubs follow written pre-registration Have access. To take part in the next Eurolambretta, you can, for example, register with the Lambretta Club Germany:

Scooter Center Stand at the Eurolambretta

We support this legendary Lambretta meeting and of course we are back with our own Scooter Center Stand on site!

Lambretta spare parts service

Until Wednesday:
We all know: A Lambretta never breaks. Never. Well, should you still need urgent spare parts, we will be happy to bring the parts for you:

Until Thursday:
Delivery by UPS directly to the premises.

On Friday:
Delivery by UPS Express (surcharge) directly to the event site.
Order and payment on site at our stand at the Eurolambretta.

Last minute bgm catalog

Exclusive premiere for all participants: All registered participants will receive an exclusive preprint of the in their goodie bag brand new bgm catalog 2016. All others have to wait a few days until the final release. We'll keep you up to date here in the blog. All You can find bgm products in the Scooter Center-Shop.

bgm catalog 2016

This year took place Euro Lambretta in Wachtebeke near Ghent, Belgium. The venue was an island in the middle of a large pond at a local campsite.

Around 1.200 Lambretta drivers from all over the world came. The program was well organized and there were a lot of trips that were really great fun.

Of course, we took the opportunity to present our bgm test bike and give the visitors the opportunity to put it through its paces. We also had a parts store set up and our shop demonstrator with us.

It was really a great event and that Scooter Center Team really enjoyed their time in Belgium. We hope you all Euro Lambretta in Avignon, France.

(Photos: Yoleila)

We hung out and got our test bike ready for the EuroLambretta. It was an exciting project and we were well rewarded.

We managed to create a great engine with our bgm parts. 22,5 PS with plug & play tuning is quite an achievement. We used the original 200cc SIL housing halves from India. Here our newly developed MRB RT 225ccm cylinder was installed with the bgm Pro 60/110 crankshaft as well as a new version of the MRB Clubman exhaust specially made for us.

It is also a dream in terms of chassis technology. the bgm damper make something. Now the potholes can come. The road holding is great and I think that the people who will ride our test bike on the EuroLambretta will really enjoy it.

Our bgm test bike. This project will be restored with many of our bgm products in order to be able to present it at the EuroLambretta.

After the first hours of work, we try to get an overview of what is necessary.

So we found out that the scooter definitely needed a new floor pan with leg shield and side panels. With a little skill, the transitions from the cascade to the leg shield and also from the connector and the floor panel fit. Fortunately, almost all Lambretta fairings are available. Our Scooter Center Product stickers can even be seen in the photos.

We left the fender original (swiveling). The mountings for the fender were welded to the opposite side so that our bgm shock absorbers could be welded on professionally.

Now all that's missing is a suitable idea for painting.

In some places on the frame there was a need for action, so we disassembled everything again and made the frame shine.

Of course, we also inspected the engine and disassembled it into its individual parts and also made the housing shine.

Sequel follows…

Stylish and safe to the Eurolambretta:
The SCOOTER CENTER Cologne is the first choice for Lambretta - accessories, spare parts and tuning parts.

Shopping tip: Just a few kilometers from the SCOOTER CENTER removed, now has the Lambretta boutique opened. Here you can also get the stylish clothes to match your classic scooter:

Here you come directly to the shop:

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