Simmerings PTFE shaft seals Vespa

Malossi follows suit: after Polini some time ago reinforced shaft sealing rings in PTFE / FPM brought to market offers Malossi now also has a large selection of these “Wedis”

More resistant to mechanical and thermal loads

For engines that are more speed-oriented and thermally stressed, these low-friction shaft seals are a real benefit!

7675875 Vespa oil seals Simmerrings in PTFE / FPM The PTFE (also called Teflon ©) sealing lips of these shaft seals are very resistant to mechanical and, above all, thermal loads. While the normal shaft seals made of NBR can only reach a temperature of 100 ° or 120 ° can withstand, the PTFE shaft seal are with a load capacity of over 150 ° significantly more resistant.

Available for many models, make sure you have a good crankshaft!

Malossi offers for a lot of Vespa and automatic engines PTFE shaft seals. However, you should pay attention to the combination of the shaft seal and the paired crankshaft. The reason for this is that the PTFE sealing lips are relatively tough compared to the normal NBR versions. So with the crankshafts you should Models with better material To fall back on. Polini crankshafts are case-hardened, P2100034 (1)and our bgm crankshafts oppose the die-forged 25CrMo4 and thus easily withstand the PTFE shaft seals. 7673153 (1) Mazzucchelli offers crankshafts in tough K2D Material.


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