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Challenge Scootthole

Project Paul at the 10-hour race in Magny-Cours

Finally it was time again! After what felt like an eternity, in which various long-distance races had to be canceled, the loaded Team Scotthole on September 12th to 10-hour race to Magny-Cours a. Full of anticipation, we followed from Paul project - in addition to about 30 other teams - their call.

A lot of time has passed since the last race, time that team boss Dennis has not wasted. So he devoted himself - with great support from Scooter Center - the construction of a completely new racing scooter, the sixth Paul since the formation of the team in 2015. The former PLC-Racer, a V50, with which Andy had already started in the ESC for years, served as the basis. Disassembled into its individual parts, the scooter was rebuilt from scratch and equipped with a lot of power. After a day of testing on the test bench, Paul number 6 with starting number 6 was ready for his race in France.


On Saturday, the day before the race, there was a lot on the program. In addition to the construction of the pit and the technical acceptance, the final adjustments had to be made during the training runs before qualifying, in which we actually ended up in first place - the test was passed, the race could come!

Exciting 10 hours in Magny-Cours

The alarm clock rang early on Sunday morning. The closer the race got, the more the stage fright increased - not only among the drivers, it simply infects everyone. So off to the track, which Paul woke up and Felix put in the station wagon. Up to this point everything went smoothly. About ten minutes before the start - we were already in position - we noticed with Paul that he was "leaving it to himself" ... Without thinking long and losing unnecessary time, we went back to the pits. The reason could be found quickly: a screw on the clutch cover was not properly tightened. Fortunately, no big deal, just the ten minutes left before it started was not enough to fix the problem. So the start took place without Paul, who only took up the chase half a lap later with Felix. Starter after starter, the two began to roll up the field from behind. Arrived at position 17, bad luck caught up with us again when the membrane plate flew around our ears. The associated stay in the pits cost us six places, so we took up the chase again from 23rd place.

Arrived in 14th place, the rubber carburetor thought that this would be a good time to make the number a little more exciting and spontaneously parted with the carburetor. Driver Andreas was forced to push Paul off the track into the already familiar pit. Equipped with an additional clamp, it went back into the race to make up for lost places. And this time it should work! Team by team and round by round, Andreas, Felix, Thomas, Andy and Wolfi worked their way up to Place 1! For the remaining one and a half hours we had to “only” defend it - no easy task, because we didn't get anything for free from the French team “Superbordel”. The drivers, who are also very strong, always came close to us with their fast PK. Now just don't make a mistake ...

The (planned) last driver change took place 40 minutes before the finish line. Andy was able to hold his position, and Andreas started the last stint when the red light came on less than ten minutes later. Termination of the race. All drivers from the pits. But where was Andreas? The ambulance and service car sprinted onto the track towards a part that was not visible from the pits. Minutes passed, puffed up like chewing gum. The ambulance left the route first and drove straight through to the medical supply room, followed by the service car loaded with our number 6. Our hearts stopped for a moment. Part of the team ran straight away to inquire about Andreas, the others ran to the service car. Andy still had his station wagon on and grabbed his helmet while Dennis, Thomas and Felix Paul checked briefly and started again. The drivers of the other teams were right next to us in the starting position and were waiting to be let out on the track again. Andy lined up, it could actually go on! We were still in the lead with a good two laps gap, and Andy crossed the finish line with Paul in first place after a nerve-wracking ten hours!

With the award ceremony, that has been beneficial for Project Paul so far most exciting racing weekend a happy ending, because Andreas was also able to attend - despite severe pain in his shoulder - and receive his very own trophy: with a time of He has the fastest lap in 1.29.3 minutes burned into the asphalt!


Powered by Scooter Center

We thank the Scooter Center, which supports us with the parts supply at all times, as well as our supporters KR Automation, Egig Performance and FalkR, without whom the construction of such a vehicle would not have been possible without further ado. We would also like to thank the organizer, who realized this great event despite adverse circumstances, and of course all the other teams for a fair race! It is always a great honor for us to be able to share this passion with friends. Thanks a lot for this!



Vespa t5 meeting

The Vespa T5 turns 30!

We have to celebrate this! But contrary to what you might expect, the big party is not taking place in Italy.

Our Friends team T5 France from France celebrate the Vespa T5 with a lavish party and you are invited. More information soon here:

Vespa T5 30 meeting info

Scooter Center is the main sponsor

We are happy to announce that we are Main sponsors are allowed to be there. So every visitor receives one Scooter Center / bgm Welcome bag with keyring etc.
This donates for the custom show and for the raffle Scooter Center one 23 teeth Vespa clutch bgm Superstrong and a set of bgm PRO SC shock absorber in elegant black, both of course perfectly match the Vespa T5!

Clutch Vespa T5 bgm Superstrong

(made in Germany) CNC milled, 10 springs, 23 teeth


bgm pro superstrong Vespa clutch 23 teeth

More information about the Vespa clutch

Shock absorber set Vespa T5 bgm PRO SC

(with ABE)

bgm shock absorber Vespa black

More information about the Vespa shock absorbers

Vespa T5

You can find spare parts for the Vespa T5 here: Vespa T5 spare parts

25 years of the Vespa T5 Congratulations Vespa T5 on its 25th birthday! - the motor with five overcurrents (Traversi5) ...July 12

Vespa race and ESC opening in Mirecourt 2014


Mirecourt Vespa & Lambretta races 2014 in France

Vespa race and ESC opening in Mirecourt 2014

It was another great Vespa race of this classic: That Challenge Scooter Tol Race in Mirecourt with the start of the season at the same time ESC (European Scooter Challenge).
The best Vespa and Lambretta racing drivers from all over Europe met here, or rather together and celebrated this event on the long weekend of Pentecost.

Challenge + Mirecourt + 2014 + 531


120 Starter had to advance to this Vesparennes Registered. Most of them arrived early to be able to start training on the track on Thursday. The training was also necessary, and this year Mirecourt offered an interesting novelty with the high-speed corner in front of the home straight. The fastest drivers hunted there too more than 135km / h on your classic Vespa or Lambretta through the KURVE!


With light rain on Friday, the weather turned into a perfect racing day on Saturday: dry track and no serious accidents.


The high number of “Scootergirls” on Vespa was great 13 starters in class C7 / K7. The class C25 / K5 had 39 participants.



After the award ceremony there was again the from SCOOTER CENTER sponsored raffle for participants. There was an excellent atmosphere at the party on Saturday, when Scooterists from all over Europe celebrated mightily!


You can find all the results of this great race here:


* Fairplay trophy: George Luthy (CH) # 346
* Best scooter: Jentsch Mark (DE) # 190
* Best Newbie: Maxime Gauthier (FR) # 294


"Thanks again to SCOOTER CENTER for supporting Challenge Scootentole!"

Lots of great pictures by Michel Lemarie ( ) and from others you can find here: here

Challenge Scooter Tol

French scooter scene in France is the counterpart to the “GSF” in Germany.

Scootentole team

And the guys from Scootentole organize the racing series for classic scooters in France Challenge Scooter Tol -> So the counterpart to the ESC in Germany.

These events are a true sign of German-French friendship: for example, an ESC run is held as part of the Scootentole Challenge. The German drivers bring potatoes and beer, the Fanzosen frogs and wine ... ;-)

Challenge Scooter Tol

The special atmosphere at the races has long since ceased to be an insider tip and so more and more German starters can be found in the races of the Scootentole troop. That Scooter Center has been supporting Scootentole since the beginning and every year we get great pictures as a thank you, all of them Scooter Center Buildings hanging on the wall.

We don't want to withhold the current pictures from 2013:

Challenge Scooter Tol

Challenge Scooter Tol

Challenge Scooter Tol