vespa sidecar hoffmann-spann

Vespa sidecar

Today we are introducing a very special scooter from our custom show before:

A beautiful Hoffmann Vespa team

vespa sidecar hoffmann-spann

You can find this scooter and many other great old Vespa scooters at Scooter Center Facebook - Customshow. The award ceremony will take place on the Scooter Center Classic Day instead.

Vespa sidecar at Scooter Center

At the Scooter Center Sidecars are also available in different versions for your Vespa:

vespa sidecar cozy

Indian Cozy Vespa sidecar

Indian Cozy Vespa sidecar / sidecar for all 10 ″ Vespa models with 3-point seat attachment.
These are all Largeframes from 1960, with the narrow PX traverse, i.e. PX | PX Lusso | Rally | Sprint | T4 and the like.
The sprung Vespa sidecars are mounted on the engine side (right).
Dimensions 185x75x85 cm.
The partially assembled Vespa sidecar includes a windshield, trunk, steering damper, seat tarpaulin and a complete assembly set.
The Vespa sidecars do not have a TÜV certificate or ABE and must be entered individually by the buyer for his vehicle / or presented to the TÜV.
The price is ex-store. Shipping on request.

Hoffman Vespa?

Around 63 years ago, the scooter boom began around the corner in Germany. Almost 50km from the Scooter Center removed the first Vespa scooters were built under license at the Hoffmann works in Lintorf.

This is how the Vespa came to Germany.

As the loser countries of the Second World War, Italy and Germany were subject to the strict ban on the exchange of industrial goods. The Vespa was a best seller in Italy and the Italians were looking for a way to bypass the prohibited goods traffic. So Piaggio sold licenses to manufacture and sell the Vespa. In Germany, Hoffmann Werke received this license and built 1950 Hoffmann Vespa from 1954 to 40.000.

You can find more information about the Hoffmann Vespa at Mike Hahn, a specialist in Hoffmann Vespa and author / co-author of various books, among others together with Robin Davy.

Vespa World Days 2009

img_0774 For the Vespa World Days we quickly restored our old Hoffmann Vespa so that we can take it with us to Zell am See to the world's largest Vespa meeting - with a fresh TÜV, of course. ;-)

Here are the photos of the restoration.

We see and at the lake!

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