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Horn -POLI Micro Tromba air horns

Microtromba, that's what these wonderful compressed air fanfares are called as they were back in the 1960s Accessories for Vespa and Lambretta were offered. Since this is the original from Italy, the horns are made of chrome-plated metal. In addition, the goblet is painted red. They are available in two versions. The classic version with a rubber bellows and the foot operated version, which is very suitable for the scooter footplate.

In both cases, the compressed air is generated manually and is therefore completely independent of the on-board network. The Microtromba is designed as a double fanfare and creates a harmonious two-tone sound that, depending on the pressure, can be heard up to a kilometer away. The fanfares of different lengths cover a wide frequency spectrum, which further improves perception.

The Microtomba is not only to be understood as a contemporary accessory but also offers a real plus in safety compared to the standard buzzing of the scooters at that time (if any).

The classic assembly of the foot pump is done through a hole in the footplate area, so that the bellows can be operated comfortably and powerfully with the foot. The version with hand bellows, on the other hand, can be positioned anywhere. The red connection hose has a length of 1 meter. The dimensions of the horns are 19x12cm. On the side there is a metal bracket with a hole that is screwed to the horns with an M8 screw.

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Rubber bladder:

The rubber bellows is mounted like a classic bicycle bell. With a clamp that is suitable for pipes up to 20mm in diameter, it can be mounted on a crash bar, for example. The diameter of the rubber bladder is Ø70mm.

Foot pump:

For the plastic foot pump, a hole with Ø 12mm is drilled in the step plate. The detachable actuating pin is then pushed through from below and screwed with the supplied nut from above. Then just pull the accordion rubber over the pin, that's it. The foot pump itself is cylindrical and has a length of 15cm and a diameter of Ø 6cm.



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