KYTRONIC Vespa SmartBooster

KYTRONIK Vespa Smart Booster 2016

Here we have it for you Kytronik Smartbooster for Vespa presented. Now there is news on this;

In addition to a new Kytronic logo, which looks somewhat familiar to us, there is now a new version of the Kytronik Vespa Smartbooster.


  • Significantly improves acceleration and performance
  • Reduces mechanical stress and temperatures at high speeds.
  • Helps to reduce consumption
  • plug and play installation, no battery required
  • 16 revised Ignition curves for maximum efficiency
  • The ignition timing is constantly digitally calculated by an extremely precise microcontroller while the engine is running (accuracy 0,3 °)
  • Cast in a very resistant epoxy resin.
  • Housing made of red ABS plastic
  • 40 x 33 x 19 mm


Video Vespa Smartbooster:

kytronic Vespa CDI

kytronic Vespa CDI

Kytronic CDI tuning

The Kytronic is a mini CDI module with huge performance! To the update 2016/2017

Easy construction

This CDI add-on is simply plugged onto the original CDI. Side hood off, rubber protection up, pull off plug and insert AddOn. Change pre-ignition. Finished.

16 different ignition curves

By mere insertion So, do you have a CDI with 16 different ignition curves!
Underneath there is also a curve that the known one Vespatronic is very similar.

The engine generally gets in the lower speed range significantly more pre-ignition and, depending on the selected ignition curve, takes this back more or less with increasing engine speed. So the engine can operate in the lower speed range better torque produce without overheating or unwilling to turn in the upper speed range. On the contrary, the reduction of the ignition angle in the upper speed range promotes revving.

Clean idling as a Vespatronic

In the area of ​​the idle speed, the ignition angle is also greatly reduced and thus ensures easy and good starting behavior as well as very quiet idling. A feature that is unfortunately not inherent in the expensive Vespatronic and that often makes the engine rattle loudly when idling.

The only adjustment work necessary is to increase the pre-ignition to 24 ° -28 °, depending on the base engine and the degree of tuning.


The features of the Smart Booster module are:

  • Clearly noticeable improvement in acceleration and performance
  • Reduction of the mechanical and thermal stress on the engine components at higher speeds
  • Reduces consumption, smoke and pollutants in the exhaust gas
  • Plug and play, easy to set up, no battery required
  • 16 different pre-programmed ignition curves, tailored to your engine for best efficiency
  • Potted in a protective orange urethane case




Often does not work with Mitsubhi CDI replica.
We then recommend this against an original Ducati or
BGM CDI To deceive!

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