6V and 12V buzzers and horns for the Li family of Lambrettas and their attachment

In view of the 14 years of construction of the Li family - starting with the TV 175 Series 1 in September 1957 and ending with the dl / GP 200 in April 1971 - the variation in horns and buzzers and their attachment to the Lambretta frame is not that confusing.

First of all, it should be mentioned that there is either buzzing (for AC systems with alternating voltage) or horns (for DC systems with direct current to be recognized by the battery). All Lambrettas were originally delivered with 6 V on-board electronics.

When converting to 12 V systems, the original buzzers and horns continue to work without any problems, even with the 12 volts that are now available. But humiliations should be avoided, otherwise they will quit the service sooner or later.

Series 1 and early Series 2 models to July 1960

On all Series 1 and Series 2 models through July 1960 the horn mount is welded directly to the frame and looks like this:

The right horn:

art. Number: CLE66D

Horn -GPM 12V DC
Lambretta LI 150 (Series 1), LI 150 (Series 2), TV 175 (Series 1), TV 175 (Series 2)

is screwed directly to the frame and decoupled from the frame with two rectangular anti-vibration rubbers.

Series 2 from 07/1960 and Series 3 up to the end of 1967

During the construction of the Series 2, the attachment of the horn was changed. The welded bracket with two bolts is replaced with a rectangular block with an M8 stud. A retaining plate, often called a Y-bracket, is attached to this. And the original looks like this:

This special retaining plate was not available as a repro for a long time, Timo from TD Customs took care of it and supplies us with it:
Bracket Horn -TD-Customs
Lambretta LI (Series 2), TV (Series 2) -> 07/1960

art. Number: 3333492

We already know the corresponding horn:
Horn -GPM 12V DC
Lambretta LI 150 (Series 1), LI 150 (Series 2), TV 175 (Series 1), TV 175 (Series 2)

art. Number: CLE66D

Since the mounting of the late Series 2 is known to be identical to the Series 3, the Series 3 retaining plate can also be used with the corresponding horn. The retaining plate in the series comes much closer to the name Y-Bracket:

and using this part:

fastened to the frame with M8 nut and corrugated washer on the stud.

art. Number: 7672861

Horns (or buzzers) suitable for the holder are available in 6 V and 12 V:

Horn (buzzer) CASA LAMBRETTA 6V/12V AC
Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (Series 2-3)

Horn -GPM 6V DC
Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (Series 2-3)

Horn -GPM 12V DC
Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (Series 2-3)

Series 3 from 1968 and dl / GP

At the end of 1967, i.e. in 1968, the attachment was simplified and the Y-bracket was replaced by a bracket welded to the frame.

In order to decouple the horn from vibrations, the holes in the retaining plate on the horn are enlarged and special Allen screws and vibration rubbers and washers are used.

Here the horn with the anti-vibration rubbers:

Found for alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) electrical systems:

Horn -GPM 6V/12V DC
Lambretta LIS (1968-), SX (1968-), DL, GP

Horn -GPM 6V/12V AC
Lambretta LIS (1968-), SX (1968-), DL, GP

You can find the screws here:

And this is what it looks like installed on a preserved dl 200:

The background probably doesn't seem unfamiliar to the inclined Lambretta connoisseur.

Many thanks to Markus for the image rights.

And now something about big horns. Originally, the real horns (i.e. the DC things) had a larger diameter. Namely 85mm. Occasionally we also get those from Casa Lambretta:

Horn -GPM 6V/12V DC
Lambretta LIS (1968-), SX (1968-), DL, GP

Horn -GPM 6V/12V AC
Lambretta LIS (1968-), SX (1968-), DL, GP

Tools not only please the heart of a screwdriver, with the right tool the work is also easier to do.

Contrary to the usual myth that you need tons of special tools for the Lambretta, only a few tools are really essential.

ESSENTIALS CATEGORY It doesn't work without them

Allen key bgm PRO 3.5mm

Unusual size and used for the clamping nipples on the gearshift and clutch. The bgm key comes with a practical ball head. This means that the rear shift cable can also be reached when the clutch cable is attached and without a special control block.



Rotor puller M27x1,25

(A – D, LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP, J, Lui) 

Rotor puller M30 x 1,5

(motor place ignition)

Flywheel holder 2+3 windows

LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP, Lui, J50-125

Flywheel holder for flywheel bgm PRO

LI, LIS, SX, TV, GP, DL with 29cm

Rotor holder Casatronic (IDM ignition) 


Rotor holder Casatronic (Ducati ignition


Flywheel puller and suitable holders are the only way to remove the flywheel from the cone of the crankshaft. This is required for all work on the ignition system. But also if you want or need to penetrate deeper into the innards of the engine.

The flywheel holder 2+3 windows is intended for all original Innocenti and Indian flywheels with the corresponding recesses.

The bgm PRO pole wheel has an external hexagon on which the corresponding holder is attached. The holder is supported on the nut of the large silent blocks to hold it up.

There are two variants of the Casatronic ignition, one based on the IDM ignition and the current variant manufactured by Ducati Energia. The pole wheels are blocked with two or three pins on the pole wheel with the appropriate holder.


Clutch compressor bgm PRO 

LI, LIS, SX, TV (Series 2-3), DL, GP, J, Lui 

Clutch compressor

LI, LIS, SX, TV (Series 2-3), DL, GP, J, Lui 

Coupling holder 

LI, LIS, SX, TV (Series 2-3), DL, GP 

Both of them are irreplaceable. The compressor is used to relieve the circlip on the Lambretta clutch. After removing the ring, the coupling can be removed.
The clutch nut is tightened with 66 - 74 Nm. For both loosening and tightening the nut, the clutch basket should be blocked with the appropriate tool/holder.

brake drum puller


LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP             





In the mid-1960s the design of the brake drum was changed. At this point, the Series 2 will have three M7 threads instead of the two M6 threads previously used. This goes hand in hand with the use of the retaining ring for the cap nut on the main shaft/brake drum. Our pullers come with both M6 and M7 screws to hold the puller in place. If it is attached to the brake drum, the brake drum is pressed by the main shaft via the large central screw.

The OEM quality of the puller works, but is not the best in terms of haptics.

Casa Lambretta offers the tool in a beautiful workshop quality and it corresponds to the original Innocenti tool.

MBD has optimized the original design and features knurling on the outer edge and a ball in the tip of the central screw. This fits into the recess on the mainshaft and is intended to prevent any damage.

Headset mounting wrench MBD

LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP, J, Lui 

The MBD key for the headset bearing is perfectly adapted to the Lambretta. The holder for countering is separated according to the conditions of the Lambretta.

fork spring compressor


LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP             





The compressor for the springs in the fork is used to overhaul the fork. Neither the fork links nor the springs and their spring guide rods can be removed from the fork without compressing the springs. 

Both the Casa Lambretta and the MB compressor are based on the original design of the tool. This is sometimes a bit difficult to handle and a third or even fourth helping hand is usually not bad.

The OEM design, on the other hand, is screwed to the fork and handling is very easy and time-efficient. So here: clear purchase recommendation for OEMs.

Silent block assembly tool bgm PRO


The silent blocks can only be changed with the appropriate tool and with a sufficiently heated engine housing. The bgm tool for this is a solid turned construction.


crankshaft pulling sleeve 

LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP             

Crankshaft removal tool -MBD


Crankshaft pulling tool 


It is best to pull the crankshaft into the bearing on the drive side. The original drive sleeve with the screw for the front sprocket can be used for this.

The pull-in sleeve is a length-optimized version of the original drive sleeve and offers comfort and speed when screwing. In both versions, the crankshaft must be fixed (e.g. with a connecting rod locking tool.

The Casa Performance version is a rather ingenious further development, in which the crankshaft does not have to be blocked and the shaft is drawn particularly gently into the bearing seat.

The MB tool is still the first choice for dismantling the crankshaft. It is screwed onto the motor housing and then the shaft can simply be pushed out of the bearing seat

Video CP tool

BUZZWANGLE from Sticky

The buzzwangle tool is a brilliant idea from the sticky. A digital degree disc can be clamped onto the threads for the flywheel puller using an adapter with four mounts. Thus, the digital angle dial gauge is immovably attached and both the ignition point and the control times can be determined and adjusted to an accuracy of 0,1°.

Fits all Lambretta Innocenti models and their derivatives. Just like on most Vespa and Piaggio models.

It's best if you just watch the video

NEW the video is also available with a German soundtrack


Spark plug wrench bgm PRO SW21mm/13mm

LI, LIS, SX, TV, DL, GP, Lui, Junior

The Li family's spark plug accessibility isn't the best. The original spark plug wrench fits, of course, but has the disadvantage that removing a hot spark plug can result in burnt fingers. With the bgm part, the candle can easily be completely unscrewed by hand after loosening. And not only that, an integrated magnet holds the candle securely in the key. There are guaranteed no burnt fingers here.


Assembly stand bgm PRO

Lambretta Series 1-3

Replaces the engine for assembly work. The assembly stand is screwed to the frame via the shock absorber attachment and the engine bolt. The scooter can then be maneuvered as if the engine were inside. Suitable both for keeping the scooter mobile and upright while the engine is on the operating table or for setting up the Lambretta after the preparation or painting when the engine is not yet ready.


Rivet hammer for lettering

Lambretta A, B, C, LC, D, LD, LI, SX, TV, DL, GP, J, Lui

All lettering with pins on the back for attachment can be professionally attached. The pins on the lettering should be shortened so that they protrude by only 2 mm. A top tip from Dean from the Sticky Manual is to drill out the pins of the lettering. For reference page 203 Sticky Manual.


Rivet hammer for rivet luggage compartment lock


All lettering with pins on the back for attachment can be professionally attached. The pins on the lettering should be shortened so that they protrude by only 2 mm. A top tip from Dean from the Sticky Manual is to drill out the pins of the lettering. For reference page 203 Sticky Manual.


Mounting tool shifter claw bgm PRO 'ball crusher'


The ball crusher is a cleverly designed tool. With it, the shift balls and spring can be easily and conveniently installed in the main shaft. Without this tool, installing the shift dog can be a real game of patience. Simultaneously get the balls in position on both sides and enough preload without being shot into the endless expanses of the workshop by the switching spring?

Tool bag without tools CASA LAMBRETTA    



Tool bag including on-board tools  CASA LAMBRETTA




LI (Series1-3)


Lambretta tool bag retaining clip    

The Innocenti icing on the cake of a beautiful restoration is the original on-board tool kit in the right bag with Lambretta Innocenti ribbons and then fixed with the correct retaining clip.

A nice reading recommendation on the subject of tools is the reprint of the Innocenti tool catalogue.


Lambretta and Lambro (1960s models)     

And since the right tool is useless without knowing how to use it, here is the ultimate Lambretta reading tip! Since its release in 2004, the Sticky Manual has been the definitive repair manual for the Lambretta. The work steps are explained throughout with color illustrations. In addition to the pure repair instructions, the Sticky Manual is also an indispensable aid for identifying and distinguishing between parts.

Book -Complete Spanner's Manual Lambretta -Third Edition

by Sticky

Thanks to our friend Dean Orton, the Sticky Manual has also been available in Italian for over two years: 8100072IT

Pictures photo box

After hours of editing, the photos of our photo box are finally ready and we are happy to show you the pictures!
62 of 166 registered scooters have reported to the photo appointment and there are 128 pictures that you can see under this link can download!

Vespa ET3 - Petra

Evil Igor
Andreas Spiller – Frida & Carlo

exposed O-lacquer
Quattrini M200 engine

Lambretta special

Thomas Schulz

Vespa GTS team
Red Barons

Lambretta Li 150 Series 2

Lambretta TV 175 Series 2
mad farmer
Rimini Lambretta Center

Vespa V50N Special - Noah Winzen
Vespa V50S – Tim Bucklitsch

Vespa ACMA V56
Moritz Nagy
Pinasco engine

Lambretta DL / GP
Water-cooled Casa Performance
SSR270 engine

Johnny Love Motorsports No7
Martin - Celts RC

Lambretta choppers
Enola gay
Stoffi's garage

Vespa SS 50-90 Replica

Lambretta SX150
Airbrush arrow design

Freie Hansestadt Bremen
Peter-Zottel Zossen

Calendar 2023

The Scooterists Weekender Cologne left us a lot of great memories! The highlights were of course the beautiful scooters you brought and we liked them so much that we designed a limited edition of calendars. Twelve months for Vespa and Lambretta fans because the calendar is printed on both sides!

Thanks to everyone who came to the weekender with their scooters - you will find a few of them with a detailed description in our blog soon!



Stan wrote a great report on the event in Scootering Magazine's October issue, with a follow up in the next issue.

We are already looking forward to the next report!!!

Scooter & Classic

…and the Scooterist Weekender Cologne was indeed an unforgettable weekend, it seems to us what happened when we see the pictures, it is true!
We want to share all of these memories with you, so enjoy!


The variety of ways to enjoy scootering is impressive and we see it from the hundreds of Real Scooteristswho took the time to visit us.

Even after 30 years we would like to thank you for being with us, for building this wonderful scene together! And we hope to see you for at least 30 more years!

It's in the details!

Scooters, scooters and more scooters!

Nighters with our DJ team

Let the corks pop and celebrate together!

Music provided by: Flappo, Michael Peltzer, Félix Dominguez, Michael Wink, Dynamic Eric, Bread Sinclair, Faulker Fuller, Leo Erns and Andi Aspossible.

Thank you to them and everyone who attended!


Your Scooter Center Team

And as you can imagine, we are very happy to function well as a team outside of the SC and to work so well together to spend some time with you. We hope to see you again soon!

Thanks to our photographers:

Crisis Studio®

& Zoe Leon

An old friend of Scooter Center was here. Sebastian Alvarez from Argentina, he came especially for EuroLambretta 2022 in Belgium and Euro Vespa Days in Portugal and now that he was around he decided to stock up on spare parts for his shops, learn more about the facilities at the Scooter Centers to find out and to visit us.

And of course I had to be there to tell him all about it in his native language Scooter Center and Cologne to explain!!!

History of Vespa and Lambretta in Argentina

but we also took the opportunity to learn a little more about the incredible history of Vespa, Lambretta and the very special one: Siambretta in Argentina, because it is one of the South American countries with the longest Vespa and Vespa Club history, and how could different when the Vespa is represented by a legend: Juan Manuel FANGIO, the Argentine racing driver considered by experts as one of the most outstanding professional drivers in world motorsport of all time, having won five world titles in Formula 1.

With so much luck, Sebastian had access to beautiful treasures from his customers, like this piece with original papers signed by Fangio:

The origin of the Siambretta in Argentina begins in the 1950s, with the SIAM company, which imported all the parts, but then started building under the name: SIAM-Lambretta, the desire then took the name: siambretta, the success was such that it started production quite nationally.

The curious thing about the Siambretta is that the most famous models in Argentina were exactly the oldest Lambretta models, while in Italy the 200, 175, 150, etc. are the most "common" Lambrettas, while in Argentina the 125 was very successful. In Argentina there are circles of “siambreteros” who own motorcycles admirable for their level of originality.

Restauraciones Extremas - Official Dealer Scooter Center in Argentina

and Restauraciones Extremas are part of this important history in Argentina, reviving ancient beauties. Here are some examples of the "extreme restorations" he's done and some of them are possible thanks to the new parts he's from Scooter Center got.  

Siambretta 125 LD and Siambretta TV175

Congratulations for such dedicated work, nice to see how everyone in the Lambretta world knows each other and forms a nice community, have fun in the EuroLambretta and thank you Sebastian for visiting us, you are always welcome You can do more of his work see here:

So that we can get an overview of the participants at an early stage, we would be grateful if you would name yourselves online as soon as possible. There you will also find all information about the regulations etc.

viewer discount

Simply scan the QR code and you will receive it 5 Eur Discount with the promotional code: start2022


Fringe events

The first run of 2022 at the Ring's Grand Prix circuit is the first weekend in July. This time with even more travel time and a colorful supporting program.

In addition to other exciting racing series such as sidecars and IG Königsklasse should finally Spectators allowed again be. We set up a small tent city in the paddock and look forward to a happy get-together and a lively exchange between drivers and visitors.

minimum age

We have adjusted the regulations. Minimum age is now 14 years. So off to the workshop and build a racer for the kids...

Here's the data:

Open to all scooters up to 13 inches.
Date(s): 01.-02.07.2022 (arrival on 30.06.2022 in the evening)
Route: Nürburgring Grand Prix track (5,2km)
driving time: 135 minutes (3x training, 1x qualification, 1 GLP)
Costs: €299 plus €19 DMSB Race Card

DMC Scooter Center Cup 1st-2nd July 2022

Hi all,

it goes on in Scooter Center Cup at the Nurburgring.
The first run 2022 on the Ring's Grand Prix circuit is the first weekend of July. This time with even more travel time and a colorful supporting program.

In addition to other exciting racing series such as sidecars and IG Königsklasse, spectators should finally be allowed again. We set up a small tent city in the paddock and look forward to a happy get-together and a lively exchange between drivers and visitors.

The regulations remain unchanged and are open to all scooters up to 13 inches.

Here's the data:

Date(s): 01.-02.07.2022 (Arrival on 30.06.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX in the evening)

Route: Nürburgring Grand Prix track (5,2km)

driving time: 135 Minutes (3x training, 1x qualification, 1 GLP)

Costs: €299 plus €19 DMSB Race Card

So that we can get an overview of the participants at an early stage, I would be grateful if you would name yourselves online as soon as possible. There you will also find all information about the regulations etc.

I will update on Facebook post regularly.

I'll see you on the ring.

Dortmund Motorsport Club eV

Video SC Cup at Nürburgring 2021

The end of an era is very near to come. There had been rumors in 2019 about the closure of the Scooters India Limited in 2019, in January 2021 it was official that the Indian cabinet made the decision for closing SIL indeed.

What was Scooters India Limited?

The SIL company took over the rights and tools for manufacturing the Lambretta from Innocenti in 1971. Until the plant was set up and running it took a while. But from 1975 onwards they produced and marketed the two-wheelers Vijai Deluxe (DL) and later the Vijai Super for the domestic market and the Lambretta GP for the export markets. Besides the two-wheeler production they also produced the three-wheelers, mainly for the domestic market though. The two-wheeler production was stopped in 1997 and the focus from then on was for the three-wheelers and Lambretta spares for the export market.

The SIL scooters were popular during the 90's and Scooter Center as well imported quite a few containers full of brand new SIL Lambretta GP 200 back then.

Now it seems that the factory is going to be demolished very soon. Our friend Abhi was so kind to send us some pictures he has taken recently in the SIL plant. Who knows, maybe the last ones.

The end of an era!


  • Incorporated in 1972 as Scooters India Limited.
  • Company's plant owes its origin to Innocenti of Italy from which it bought over the plant and machinery, design, documentation, copyright and so on. The company is also said to possess the world right of the trade name LAMBRETTA / LAMBRO.
  • In 1975, company started its commercial production of Scooters under the brand name of Vijai DL (later Vijai Super) for domestic market and Lambretta for oversea markets.
  • Located at 16 Km mile stone, South-west of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh on No 25 and well connected by road, rail and air.
  • Key player on supplying Lambretta enthusiasts around the world until the end of the 90s.
Scooter Center Cup Nurburgring 2021

SC Cup at the Nürburgring

2nd run Scooter Center Cup on September 26, 2021

Scooter Center Cup Nürburgring September 2021 – Scooter races at the Nürburgring

True to the motto "The fun is in the foreground"Took place last weekend as part of the German Endurance Championship of the Dortmund Motorcycle Club Scooter Center Cup instead. 42 participants had announced in advance to take part in the regularity drive for scooters on the Grand Prix track of the Nürburgring. The starting field was very mixed, as there were no restrictions in terms of make and year of construction. They started together, the scoring took place in two classes (divided into shift and automatic scooters).



From the Lambretta from 1954 about the classic Vespa up to modern automatic scooter, From seven to over 50 hp and from rookies to professionals, everything was represented. Everyone is allowed to take part, and that's exactly what makes this cup so appealing - the great variety of drivers and scooters who don't get in each other's way on the big and wide track. In addition, there are regulations that only regulate the safety aspects and otherwise leave all freedom. Open to oldies and young automatic scooters. The perfect event for everyone who wants to get a taste of racing and do a few laps on the track. Our Maryzabel took advantage of this opportunity and entered the race with her PX “Platónika”. She will share her experience with you in a second report.



You could register the day before from 18 p.m. and present your vehicle to the technical inspection. An advantage, as not everyone passed this test straight away (the problem was often the excessive volume, which according to the regulations could not exceed 98 dB), because this gave the opportunity to repair the defects in peace and to re-lock the vehicle the next day present.



On the day of the race there was a total of four runs, two training sessions of 20 minutes each, a qualifying and, finally, the actual race, the Regularity run, during which 35 minutes could be driven. The track was still a bit wet from the nightly rain during the first run, but it got already during the second practice session neatly turned on the gas! On Great fun for everyonethat we spoke to. At the end of the day there were a few technical failures, but no falls, everyone arrived safely at the finish line after the last run.

We hope that the last restrictions due to Corona will no longer apply next year and that we will be able to start again in front of an audience!

Results of the evenness run:

Class 1 (switch scooter)
1st place: Karsten Rehn (total diff. 0.173 sec.)
2nd place: Stefan Menke (total diff. 0.247 sec.)
3rd place: Andy Reid (total diff. 0.491 sec.)

Class 2 (automatic scooter)
1st place: Hans-Werner Both (total diff. 0.011 sec.)
2nd place: Christian Liebig (total diff. 0.024 sec.)
3rd place: Federico Vanore (total diff. 0.337 sec.)

Results in detail

part of Scooter Center Being a team also means working with great people. Driving is even better than working! Passionate Lambrettisti sit in the office on both my left and right. So it was only a matter of time before I would go with one of them. Or rather with her, but she is not just any girl, she is: Yoleila (as she is known on Facebook) or Julia. She is president of the Lambretta Club in Germany, drives scooter races, collects old vehicles in their original condition, works as a graphic designer ... and I could go on with the list. That's why we interview them to find out their story, which we always love to hear.

The result was a very exciting project.

Stay until the end to find out what it's about;)


On the couch at Scooter Center | Interview Julia Spitznas - Marketing SC



Vespa & Lambretta Thailand Bangkok
Vespa & Lambretta Thailand Bangkok

Deliver Mission with Lambretta TV 175 and Vespa GTS in Bangkok

Travel report Thailand, Bangkok 2018


It's January 2021 the lockdown has just been extended and tightened. The presence in the shop is restricted by the obligation to work from home. And we miss a lot of what makes our lifestyle fun. No runs, no nighters, no weekenders, no races and also no barley juice sextets with friends in the workshop. Cazzo! Sometimes it feels like there's nothing left but Covid.


The other day we were discussing our travel activities for the during our Skype lunch break Scooter Center. We have already done quite a bit and mostly it ended up sweaty and dirty or with a well-groomed hangover on long journeys back in the van on the highway.

One of the ultimate highlights of all trips was the visit to Bangkok in 2018. We have already been to India and Vietnam and have looked at dealers, producers and visited LML several times. The plan for Bangkok was similar. There are plenty of dealers and we wanted to do cold acquisition with classic handle cleaning. And also get a better feel for the scene there, about which we admittedly knew little. With the little bit that we knew, it was somehow clear to us that the basic tenor of the western hemisphere “all copycats there” could not be right. To anticipate it and to spare one or the other a long break from reading: Seldom met such passionate scooterists who are so far ahead and live the whole thing!


Buddy Seat Lambretta Garage

Our first stop after landing was a visit to Buddy Seat Lambretta Garage. An incredibly cool workshop with frame and fork straightening benches on an incredibly high level. We had to give up our attempt to get there on our own, unsuccessfully. Even a taxi driver could only call us at Buddy Seat help. He then came to us to pick us up. And what a start! Hardly two hours in the city and we are escorted by a Lambretta TV 200. Not a bad start to the seven day business trip. The language barrier was unfortunately very high and the Lambretta talk was successfully conducted with hands and feet.

[modula id = ”100205 ″]

Lambretta Thailand Cafe

Before we start to get bored in epic breadth:

That was our second stop Lambretta Thailand Cafe, in which the Lambretta Thailand store of our very good friend Show is located. He speaks perfect English and took care of us for the rest of our stay, giving us insights that we would have gained without him. Thank you, Show !!! At least for Philipp - maybe even for Ulf - he made a business trip a more than perfect vacation.

[modula id = ”100211 ″]

Deliver scooter parts in Bangkok with Lambretta TV 175 and Vespa GTS

In addition to our daytime entertainment at the dealers to be visited showed us Show pretty cool places. Places that showed us how passionate and obsessed the Thais are with Vespa and Lambretta. One day we were even allowed to come along Show and Lert Deliver scooter parts on Lambretta TV 175 and Vespa GTS in Bangkok.

Delivery mission

[modula id = ”100214 ″]

Scooter collector

The collectors we were allowed to visit cannot go unmentioned. That was really big cinema that we were offered there. And we are always amazed when we look at the pictures.

[modula id = ”100216 ″]

Ratchada Night Market

Another highlight and a definite recommendation for every Bangkok visitor is the Ratchada Night Market. A place with a couple of little Lambretta shops, lots of vintage car shops, vintage things and clothes. Cafes, bars, including an old American gas station (dismantled, moved over and reassembled in the US) and loads of other things to see, eat and drink.

[modula id = ”100218 ″]

GO TO SCOOTER meeting in Bangkok

Our dream for after Corona: To the next GO TO SCOOTER meeting in Bangkok:

Goto Scooter V6 2019 ตลาดนัดรถไฟศรีนครินทร์ Ohhoโตล้อ10"




All fotos

Here you can find all pictures of the trip.

Modern Vespa dealer


Big Daddy Moto Club


Mr Balon

M autopart