Maisto Vespa

Vespa models to collect and play with

The great thing about the MAISTO series is that you can let off steam as a collector. You can finally put together your dream collection in a narrow course.
The MAISTO models are true to scale and true to the original. Great thing not only for the big Vespa fans!

A great gift for little money, ideal for a Secret Santa or as a small gift for Vespa friends.


Maisto Vespa

Model -MAISTO 1:18- Vespa 125 GT125 (1966) - white

Article no. MS3154024

Maisto Vespa MS3154024

Model -MAISTO 1:18- Vespa 125 Nuova (1965) - silver

Article no. MS3154018

Maisto Vespa model MS3154018


Model -MAISTO 1:18- Vespa 150 (1956) - light gray

Article no. MS3154011

Maisto Vespa model MS3154011


Model -MAISTO 1:18- Vespa MP5 Paperino (1945) - apricot

Article no. MS3154001

Maisto Vespa model MS3154001

All Maisto Vespa models are available in our scooter shop:

maisto vespa models maisto-scooter-models-2

Vespa gift ideas

Gift ideas for Vespa drivers

Also this year we have great gift ideas for Vespa fans. Today we have 2 suggestions if you are still looking for a suitable gift for a Vespa driver:

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1. Vespa merchandise & fan articles

Vespa gift ideas

Here is our Vespa product special for Christmas. The original Vespa products are a great gift idea. For every budget and in every price range you will find great gifts that will appeal to every Vespa fan.

Here you get it directly to the gift finder:

Vespa gifts


2. Vespa models

Vespa models

Great as a little gift or as a Secret Santa present are these high quality Vespa modelsthat every Vespa fan will be happy about.

A small gift for large and small Vespa fans that will surely arrive safely:

Vespa models



Maisto Vespa models

Maisto Vespa models - a great gift idea for scooter drivers

Maisto manufactures great Vespa models on a scale of 1:18 for us. The company has been around since 1967 and a few years ago, for example, also took over the well-known Italian model manufacturer Bburago, which had previously gone bankrupt.

The great thing about the Maisto Vespa 1:18 scale models is that the quality is top-notch. The proportions are right here and many great details have been adopted from the models. Great thing for collectors - or to introduce youngsters to the topic.

Currently, for example, belongs to Vespa Messerschmidt GS3 with only 4,99 euros plus postage for the cheapest models.
You can order the Maisto models here, Overview of all Vespa models

maisto vespa models maisto-scooter-models-2

Features of Maisto Vespa models:

  • Scale: 1:18
  • Type: finished model
  • Material: metal / plastic
  • Brand: Vespa
  • Packaging: cardboard box with window and original logo.

Available models:

This is the range of Maisto Vespa models in 1:18 scale
Vespa Classic models: 24 Vespa models assorted among others

  • “Collector set” assorted all 24 Vespa models
  • Vespa 150 (1956)
  • Vespa LX (2005)
  • Vespa 125 GTR (1971)
  • Vespa knife cut 150 GS (1961)
  • Vespa 150 Super (1965)
  • Vespa 125 U (1953)
  • Vespa 125 GT (1966)
  • Vespa 98 Corsa (1947)
  • Vespa 160GS (1962)
  • Vespa 150 Sprint Veloce (1969)
  • Vespa TAP (1956)
  • Vespa 125 Nuora (1965)
  • Vespa MP5 Paperino (1945)
  • Vespa 90 (1963)
  • Vespa 125 (1953)
  • Vespa Sport 6 years (1952)
  • Vespa 50 Special (1969)
  • Vespa 125 ET3 Primavera (1976)
  • Vespa 200 Rally (1972)
  • Vespa 150GS (1958)
  • Vespa Hoffmann Queen (1954)
  • Vespa 90 Super Sprint (1965)


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