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We were allowed to be a part of the last show and had the opportunity to report firsthand what it's like to work in a scooter shop. So we could see a face behind the surface of the customer give.

Our friends from Lambretta Locomociones also shared the set and they told us a little more about their great book EIBAR LAMBRETTAS 1954 - 1989 - by Jaime de Prat Salomone.

Among the guests were Vincent from RepuestoVespa and Rocío from Recambio's Scooter Pasión from Madrid. I was glad to finally meet them as they are also a distributor of many SC items.
I also took the opportunity to welcome you as an exhibitor and visitor to the Scooterist Weekender Cologne on September 2nd and 3rd.

The video is mainly intended for our Spanish speaking audience or for those who want to study Spanish intensively ;)

Have fun watching the video!!

Every journey is a potentialVespa trip“ And that can certainly not be any different in my home country. The Vespa scene in Colombia is simply fantastic!
After three and a half years I met again with my dear Vespa friends, the Vespa Club Bogota and my Vespa.
And just like in Germany, it's nice to see scooters on every corner.

Vespa friends

But I had to divide my short time wisely between my hobby and my family, so I'm with our 2T environmental movement© “Mi Heart late in 2 Tiempos” (My heart beats in 2 beats) called for a trip to meet as many Vespa friends as possible.

Exit to Boyacá

Nevertheless, I almost thought I would bump into “another Vespa scene in Colombia” at the meeting point. I was really surprised what has happened in almost 4 years.
In general, clubs in Colombia have reduced their activities during the pandemic and I have a lot of new faces,"new blood” seen with modern Vespas.


The distances in Colombia are very different than in Germany, our casual trip took 12 hours and was only 258km long. Geography, thousands of ways to make a stop, plus the thousands of other "breakdowns" that can occur with our vintage Vespas all play a big part.

Especially in a country where spare parts are an ocean away, although one of our official dealers: Super Motori solved it very well and I delivered merchandising to them and we raffled off vouchers.

My Colombian Vespas: Vespertine & La Pelada

It's time to get my Vepas in order:

So my collection, distributed in boxes and such, has now found a nice place, unfortunately still in Colombia. All my Vespa treasures didn't fit in the suitcase :( Same story with my half half Vespa.

The story is different with my “running Vespas”, the “golden years” of the “Vespertine” are over, and “La Pelada”, my Rusty/Rat project, is getting a little more rust every day, but the important thing is that I can drive them and this is what happened after @Migue's lovely care.

Of course, this resulted in some small adjustments that I had to fix with some “temporary” fixes along the way.

Hello Colombia!

I will miss you as I have always missed you.

Here you can read more about my story in Germany with the dreamPlatonica read

Platónika test drives after more than 7.000 km more than completed and off we go!

With the Scooter Center off to Zell am See from September 10th to 12th, 2021

Slowly it is enough to just make kilometers on the way to and from work. It is time for longer journeys with Platónika and our trip to the Vespa Alp Days is the best opportunity!
In my personal ranking of the events, VAD has a special place:

  • It is -after the Vespa World Days in Celle- the biggest event I have attended. Both were in 2017 and in Zell am See I am with me more than 1000 Vespistas out 20 celebrated different nations.
  • It was my first meeting on European soil.
  • I had never seen so many different Vespas together, including this one 60 oldest Vespas of the continent. Keyword Faro Basso race.
  • It's also the longest event 8 days of continuous fun.
  • The most beautiful landscapes my eyes have seen.
  • The oldest Vespa I've ever ridden, the beautiful Vespa Super Sport 180 from Franz, which he lent me very nicely.
  • And it was the event at which I made great friendships that have existed until now and continue to strengthen.

Back to the future

Now the reasons are different, I travel to work. As part of the Scooter Centerwho is the official sponsor of the event. And of course, Platónika is coming with us.
I am preparing to show you all of these adventures firsthand. But now some nice memories of 2017.


The good friends I've made

The Colombian Representation

Super Sport 180 from Franz


See you there!


part of Scooter Center Being a team also means working with great people. Driving is even better than working! Passionate Lambrettisti sit in the office on both my left and right. So it was only a matter of time before I would go with one of them. Or rather with her, but she is not just any girl, she is: Yoleila (as she is known on Facebook) or Julia. She is president of the Lambretta Club in Germany, drives scooter races, collects old vehicles in their original condition, works as a graphic designer ... and I could go on with the list. That's why we interview them to find out their story, which we always love to hear.

The result was a very exciting project.

Stay until the end to find out what it's about;)


On the couch at Scooter Center | Interview Julia Spitznas - Marketing SC



7 On the Road – Vespa bgm Platónika project by Scooter Center

As we would say in Colombia: “I'm in my salsa * " (it means that I am fully in my element).  I received Platónika with 18 km and exactly 15 days later, she had a thousand km more.

Completely excited because spring is already there colors I started to drive. And even put together a Motonostra accessory set for touring:



Foldable rear rack


But with this German weather you never know! And sure enough, a week later it starts snowing ... that shouldn't stop me, so I'll protect myself from the harsh cold and keep going.

Pictures and videos come and go, but I still think I'm missing something. The reason I fell in love with this scene: Indeed, their Vespisti.

No meetings in sight, "then I'll go with my colleagues" I thought, but who could go with me? in the marketing office where i'm sitting i only have the two of them Lambretistas found…

And now ... why not?


Did you miss any details of Platónika's story? You can find the full story here.

Platónika project - the complete story - Vespa PX bgm 177 by Scooter Center


I'm so excited I can't wait when the end result is a “small” step away ... a bureaucratic step.

Although I have had a Colombian driver's license for more than 10 years, a theoretical and practical test is required in Germany, so: As soon as the project started, I started learning all 800 questions. After I passed it, I also took the practical test. And the Platónika got its approval from the TüV. Both she and I did an excellent job of the paperwork.

The Platónika have registered to replace their old, rusty PX frame, along with their performance improvements, but the license plate was still missing. And the day before my exam, it looked like this:

So my hope for a ride was gone.

However, Alex and the work team surprised me, they had taken care of the details to pick me up on the day of the exam.

Platónika's construction took almost a year. Every single step has been filmed, the pandemic and so on and so on has prolonged the process, but the long-awaited day has finally come.

6 Ready to roll Vespa bgm Platónika project by Scooter Center


But this story doesn't end here. The next will be to get to know the European scene. And I'll try out all the TOP components she got. A wide variety of adventures and tests are filmed and told here.

Let's hope that these strange times of social distancing will come to an end soon, and we can bring back the lost hugs, shared routes and contact with the asphalt, and we can live out that passion again.

See you on the way!

Maryzabel & Platónika

Platonic parts

When the technology is in place, it is time to tackle the visual down to the smallest detail. Details that let us recognize the Vespa, which is built entirely from new parts and will be one of the few who will not come from one of the factories.

All words are superfluous when we can look at the result of hours in the workshop in a good mood, because the assembly was almost as fun as it will be to drive it.


4 Perfection is in the details – Project Platónika Vespa PX bgm 177 by Scooter Center

Details like:

  • Overhead locker LML  - 5050038L
  • Handles-PIAGGIO - CM08380KT
  • Kick Strip Kit – 5821017
  • Cable set -BGM ORIGINAL, PE inner sleeve- Vespa PX Lusso (1984-) - bgm6412n
  • Bumper - frame protection - mud flaps - 15769690090
  • Side panel rubber set - BGM -  7676534
  • Tank -PIAGGIO- Vespa PX (since 1984) – version with separate lubrication – ref.: 5250011
  • Fuel tap wrench BGM - BGM3035
  • Mounting set handlebar lower part – 3333483
  • Brake lever + clutch lever (set) -BGM PRO CNC- disc brake (GRIMECA)- Vespa PX (1998-2003), LML Star, Stella – matt black – BGM4551KT

All Platónika products in the shop wishlist

Artist: DJ Freedem
Title: Cutting It Close

As in Mary Shelley's famous story (Frankenstein), also rolls the dice Maryzabel Pieces of different origins together to - hopefully - bring a legend to life.

A central part of Platonica is the LML frame set. A set consisting of all sheet metal parts of the Vespa PX and directly painted. Sets that are unfortunately only available in limited numbers, as LML has unfortunately no longer existed since 2018.

We can reported:

But back to the Platónika plot: One of our LML frame sets replaces the old and rusty Vespa frame, whose soul it takes over when the old frame number is hammered in.

The inner values ​​of Platónika are mainly determined by the bgm PRO Share determined. For example from the most recent evolutionary stage of the bgm PRO ignition stator plates. The completely redesigned stator features small details such as a degree scale for easier and faster setting of the pre-ignition value or the silicone cables, which are more durable, easier to lay and significantly more temperature-resistant.

Let there be light!

A highlight of the electrical system is definitely the powerful one LED headlights from Moto Nostra. Compared to the conventional BA20d bulb with 35 watts, it impresses with its three times higher luminosity (1300 lumens instead of 400 lumens) with a consumption of only 20 watts.


It took some time to breathe life into the electrics, which have been converted to direct current. Seven months to be precise, during which Mr. Stroh and I - his faithful assistant - used our rather limited free time to get everything sorted.

3 She's Alive! – Project Platónika Vespa PX bgm 177 by Scooter Center

After the rough structure was in place, we took care of the detailed work and brought all rubbers, accessories and other peripherals to the start.


Artist: Kevin MacLeod Title: Georges Bizet: Habanera Album: Classical Sampler License: CC-BY

Original Audio movie "The Bride of Frankenstein" TM & © Universal (1935)


Like Mary Shelley's famous story (Frankenstein), maryZabel would also combine parts of differents origins to bring a legend to life.

Platonica Platónika is made of a chassis from the last production run of the LML factory. The factory that sadly went bankrupt in 2018 and of which we bought the last production run of frames.

(look here our visit “before the final end”)

Back to the plot one of these sets is used to replace the old and rusty Vespa chassis, from which it adopts its soul by rewriting the frame number.

The intrinsic values ​​are determined mainly by the bgm PRO range of parts. Like the latest version of the bgm PRO stator plate, that includes as one of the nice details, the degree reading on the base plate to make timing adjustment much easier. The silicone wiring guarantees greater protection, duration and extreme resistance to temperature.

Let there be light!

And the light was made, embracing the modernity, with the high-power LED headlightof Moto Nostra. Which luminosity is three times higher (1300 lumens, instead of 400 of the usual bulb) with a much lower consumption (20W instead of the usual 35W).

Expose it to a spark of life with direct current, would take a considerable amount of time -7 months to be exactly- where Mr. Stroh and I, his faithful assistant, dedicated the limited hours available to such a noble laboratory.

3 She's Alive! – Project Platónika Vespa PX bgm 177 by Scooter Center

With the shell ready, it is time to take care of the details, including all the rubbers, rivets and accessories find their place.



Artist: Kevin MacLeod - Title: Georges Bizet: Habanera - Album: Classical Sampler - License: CC-BY

Original Audio movie "The Bride of Frankenstein" TM & © Universal (1935)


Al igual que famous historia de Mary Shelley (Frankenstein), maryzabel también combinaría partes de differentes orígenes para traer a la vida una leyenda.

Platonica esta hecha con uno de los chassis which Scooter Center compró a la ya extinta LML en su ultima production y que desafortunadamente quebró en 2018. (Míra nuestra visit here antes de su cierre)

Cuyo chasis (volviendo a nuestra historia) reemplazaria a la oxidada Vespa, de quién adoptaría su alma regrabando sus números de series.

The spark of life

En su interior también coexiste la version más reciente del encendido bgm per que incluye, como uno de sus detalles, las marcas de ajuste de grados directamente en el plato, para hacer más fácil su ajuste. Un cableado recubierto con fibra textile que garantiza mayor protección, duración y resistencia a la temperatura.

Let there be light

Y la luz se hizo, abrazando las novedades que trae consigo la modernidad, gracias al piloto trasero and faro LED de high power LED de moto nostra, cuya luminosidad it tres veces mayor (1300 lúmenes) por mucho menos consumed (20 W).

Exponerla a una chispa de vida con corriente continua, llevaría un tiempo considerable, 7 meses exactamente, en dónde Mr. Stroh y yo, su fell asistente, dedicamos las limitadas horas available a tan noble laboratory.

3 She's Alive! – Project Platónika Vespa PX bgm 177 by Scooter Center


Con el cascarón armado, it momento de cuidar de los details y darle forma, para que todos las gomas, remaches y accesorios encuentren su lugar.




Artista: Kevin MacLeod - Título: Georges Bizet: Habanera - Album: Classical Sampler - Licencia: CC-BY

Original Audio movie "The Bride of Frankenstein" TM & © Universal (1935)


Who, what, how PLATONIKA?

We know our Platónika project now takes a little longer than expected.

But we continue to work hard behind the scenes. And used the project to do a few SC tutorials for you.

Due to various inquiries about who Maryzabel is and how she came to us, Alex has Lanz on the couch for an interview Scooter Center gebeten.

Just as every Vespa has its story, every Vespa driver and of course the male counterparts also have their own story. And one thing is always of interest: How did you get to Vespa? And why, of all things, to ride a scooter. And just then it becomes clear that it may be the Vespa that brings us together. And that this is more important and stronger than the things that could separate us.

Although those who follow us here on the blog or on other channels already know something about me, we fulfilled the wish to tell a little more about me and the Vespa and also Colombia. A country that many people only know from the media and the Platónika project. But that is also a country that beats in two beats.


On the couch at Scooter Center | Interview – Alex & Maryzabel Vespa Platónika


I introduce you to Vespertine. My first love, the first scooter I bought and which I will keep all my life. After it came “la pelada” another PX from 1994. But I'm not a collector, so my ambition is not to have more. Although here in Germany it is very good for me to have something to drive. So now we will build a platonic love and in time see what comes ...


Deep insights

I am quite fortunate to have direct access to the bgm development team. The guys who brought the BGM 177 from the first prototype to the production-ready product are at my side with advice and practical help. A good starting point for Platónika's heart.
The entire SC team is driven by the enthusiasm for scooters. Many have been driving for decades and know what works best, why, how and for what purpose. In combination with 27 years of experience as one of the leading scooter shops, an unbeatable combination. Which flows directly into the bgm products.

The parts!

Wie der  BGM PRO 177 cylinderthat breathes life into the engine. Jamming, broken pistons or rings are a thing of the past thanks to the modern design and the ingenious concept:

Or its general BGM PRO BigBox TOURING (BBT),
Thanks to the classic look, one completely underestimates the performance of this system. Both the standard optics and the moderate sound make you almost forget that this is the reference system for the speakers.

Knowing that a few degrees can make all the difference, she comes BGM Pro Touring crankshaft  with appropriate timing. This means that the filling is correct over the entire speed range and the dreaded spitback from the carburetor is eliminated.

And the best thing is that the products are subject to constant further development and, if possible, improved. If you'd like to be kept up to date, don't miss our tutorials on the parts.

2 The Heart – Vespa Platónika by Scooter Center

Jahzzar - Railroads Whiskey Co
Artist: Jahzzar
Title: Railroads Whiskey Co
Album: Home (Excerpt
License: CC-BY-SA

And last but not least
Rene Winkler from Scooter Center
Song: code-red-no-clean-sweep-master-5


deep knowledge

I am in the very lucky situation to have direct contact to the developers of the BGM range of products in SC. So I was in the position to get first-hand experience advice from the guys who build the first prototype of the cylinder kit that makes Platónika's heart now.
All of the SC staff is driven by their excitement for scooters. They are using it for decades and really know what works for what reason. Combined with 27 years of experience as one of the leading scooter shops in the world they have a second to none experience. And with the bgm range they create products of unique quality.

The products!

Like the Cylinders BGM PRO 177  that would give life to the engine.
An overheating, a braked piston or broken piston rings, will be a thing of the past, thanks to its modern design and materials, whose resistance is unequalled and for a very reasonable price.

Or the BGM PRO BigBox TOURING Exhaust,
which traditional appearance fooled me. Without looking like (neither visually nor by hearing it) Its performance easily overcomes the competition in the touring category.

Knowing that a fraction of millimeters makes the difference Crankshaft BGM Pro Touring  corrects the long timings of the Italian crankshafts, achieving an incomparable smoothness and stability at low revs but enduring an engine power up to 20 HP.

The best thing is that these products are evolving; if you also want to know these and more details firsthand, don'Don't miss the tutorials and reviews that are on the way.

2 The Heart – Vespa Platónika by Scooter Center

Jahzzar - Railroads Whiskey Co
Artist: Jahzzar
Title: Railroads Whiskey Co
Album: Home (Excerpt
License: CC-BY-SA

And last but not least
Rene Winkler from Scooter Center
Song: code-red-no-clean-sweep-master-5


Would you like to know which parts are built into the Vespa Platónika?


1 The Wishlist – Project PLATÓNIKA Vespa px bgm 177

Only the best of the best, i.e. a multitude of specially developed products from the bgm brand. It would not have been easy for me to pick the best products, but luckily the technical department of the Scooter Centers actively supported here and created a never-ending list in painstaking detailed work in just a few hours.

The whole thing would have cost me months, because this is not just about him Cylinder -BGM PRO 177 cc, its general BGM Pro SportTouring bench or the Shock absorber -BGM PRO SC F1 SPORTbut really ALL parts, from the washer to the Chassis complete LML Star. Thanks to the wish list function of the Online Shops you can now see all parts that are built into the Platónika:

Platónika wish list

Tip: Create wishlists and share them with your friends so that they can choose gifts to give you for Christmas this year.




Hello I'm Maryzabel and I do part of the Scooter Center team. In the SC Newsblog I will show you my adventures here and give you a look behind the scenes.

How do build a complete Vespa from scratch


1 The Wishlist – Project PLATÓNIKA Vespa px bgm 177

To build a complete scooter from single components is not an easy task and you need a source, or a shop in this case, with a strong search function and good data base.

Luckily there is a list with the components to complete the Frame LML Star listed on product page of the shop:, this helped us to create ours, with the specialties of BGM and Motonostra.

You can see the Platónika's wishlist here, with its hundreds of parts

Platonic Wishlist

The wishlist in the shop is also the perfect Trojan horse to share your wishes for Christmas, as it can be simply sent out by mail.

For the engine treatment I asked the SC technicians for their advice for the perfect touring engine that is reliable, powerful, a pleasure to ride and also not too thirsty.

And they helped me to add the other parts to my list that already contained the Cylinders - BGM PRO 177/187cc, The  Seat-BGM PRO SportTouring and the Shock absorber -BGM PRO SC F1 SPORT.








Hello, soy Maryzabel y como Trainee in the team of Scooter Center, Los llevaré, a través de una serie de publicaciones en el blog, a conocer como se vive desde aquí adentro el Pure scootering.

Desde Service de Atención al cliente

Esperaba con ansias mi paso por el departamento de Service de Atención al Cliente de Scooter Center para tener un contacto more cercano con scooteristas hispanohablantes. Cuba, Argentina, España y por supuesto Colombia estuvieron entre los casos a resolver.

Y con ello, corrobore la muy bien conocida, diligencia English; pues cada planteamiento era abordado a un nivel casi detectivesco, rastreando cada variable para determinar sus posibles causas y así mismo ,findrar la mejor solución para ambas partes. Saber que tus preguntas, sin importar las que sean, serán siempre resueltas (en tu idioma) por un equipo con profundos conocimientos técnicos, mecánicos y de procedimiento, desvanece ese sentimiento de inseguridad que nos genera comprar algo, tan lejos

“Una marca que se preocupa por la satisfacción al cliente”

This process, since I left it on a sunny day at the end of the day, has the flag of a brand that is prepared for the satisfaction of the client and sends the child a grade in the pastel.

Contact us here



Maryzabel Scooter Center Customer Service

Hello, my name is Maryzabel!

I am a trainee at Scooter Center. I come from Colombia and take you on my big and small adventures in the blog, take a look behind the scenes with you Scooter Center and take you to scooter meetings.

With customer service

I was looking forward to my work in customer service at the Scooter Centers to establish closer contact with the Spanish-speaking scooter drivers. Cuba, Argentina, Spain and of course Colombia were among my customer inquiries and tasks.

Here I also experienced the well-known, German diligence, because every approach was approached on an almost detective level. Each variable was tracked in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction, to determine causes and also to find the best solution. The knowledge with which customer questions from all over the world are answered is really impressive here. That Scooter Center Team has in-depth technical, mechanical and process know-how, which also gives customers from the other side of the world a good feeling of ordering something so far away from home.

"Scooter Center - a brand that cares about customer satisfaction ”

This process undoubtedly brought me a smile at the end of the day, because wearing the flag of a brand that cares so much about customer satisfaction and feels grateful for it is the icing on the cake.

Contact us here


Hello, soy Maryzabel y como Trainee in the team of Scooter Center, Los llevaré, a través de una serie de publicaciones en el blog, a conocer como se vive desde aquí adentro el Pure scootering.

The big day has arrived

¡Aquí en la escena scooterista de Germany se encuentra de todo! pues gracias a los restauradores, fabricantes, organizers de eventos, clubs, and muchos asistentes que estuvieron presentes en el Classic Day 2019 de Scooter Center, you have the fortune of entering rare places in all types:

  • Conocer en persona la Vespa PX Malossi 244 con dos motores, que es tan divertida como la razón de Christian al construirla "suficiente espacio en el lado izquierdo y relative bajo cilindraje en el lado derecho"
  • El nivel de especialización que se puede llegar a alcanzar, con las clasicas bellezas del Hoffmann racing relay & factory hall, which preserves in perfect condition the original models of Vespas manilares tubulares fabricados bajo licencia de Piaggio en Alemania por Hoffmann Vespa entre los años 49 al 57 ...
  • Comparing the efectividad de soluciones literalmente "crazy" de Wolfgang en Crazy Monkey Developmentand Raging Rhino A support that comes with the art of magic, so that the scooter does not have the weight of the light as it is transported.
  • Las miras hacia un scooterismo verde, que nos motiva a renunciar definitelyamente al plastico (al menos de los empaques ;-)), una idea de Franz Schmalzl, donde además cada participante plantará su árbol en Zell am See, el próximo Alp Days.
  • and the inflatable cazadores de tesoros, like Sam de Lambretta Finder, which is included in the agenda, via jes periódicos in Italy, exclusively for hacerse a attractive offers.

Entre otras cosas que no dejan de sorprenderme y que podrán ver en las entrevistas que hice, ¡claro! si logran entender mi "alemán… donde al respecto, tengo que decir que los eventos en alemania füron un gran reto para mí; pues integrarme en un grupo de hablantes nativos de Alemán, entender details y con la timidez que hace que olvide todo lo aprendido, ha sido claramente una gran barrera. Pero en the Classic Day de algún modo me sentí en "mi flow", but you can see what you're doing (solo and more) or what's going on in a space that's new to you, rodeada de scooters, ruido de motor, olor 2t, offers super tentadoras de repuestos, music and friends… juzguen por ustedes mismos.

Vespa & Lambretta @ Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 interviews / 58PS Vespa

Por el momento, me alegra decir que con las locuras de los vespistas, more los espacios como el Classic Day, companies like Scooter Center que apoya cada nueva idea que se les ocurre y products Like the BGM and Moto Nostra that no solo fabrica repuestos ya olvidados, sino que los renueva ¡Tendremos vespas y lambrettas para rato!


Vespa and Lambretta fans at Classic Day 2019

Maryzabel has your impressions described here very nicely – I don’t need to write much anymore and prefer to let the pictures do the talking. The weather was great, the exhibitors were great and so were our customers, visitors and friends! All in all a super great day:

Here is our video:

Vespa & Lambretta @ Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 interviews / 58PS Vespa

Photos Classic Day ´19

Maryzabel Classic Day Vespa Lambretta

Hello, my name is Maryzabel!

I am a trainee at Scooter Center. I come from Colombia and take you on my big and small adventures in the blog, take a look behind the scenes with you Scooter Center and take you to scooter meetings.

6. The big day has come!

Thanks to the restaurateurs, manufacturers, event organizers, partners, clubs and many participants who attended the Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 were present, I was lucky enough to learn more about highlights and rarities:

  • Getting to know the Twin Vespa with the two PX Malossi 244 engines and Christian personally, which is just as much fun as Christian's reason for building it: “too much space on the left and too little power on the right”

    Xtreme Vespa Tuning Twin Vespa PX 58HP Scooter Center Motorino Diavolo

  • The level of specialization that can be achieved with the classic beauties of the
    Hoffmann racing relay & factory hall the, the tubular handlebar model (Wideframe: Lampeunten, Faro Basso, ..) the Vespas of Piaggio and licensed buildings ACMA, Douglas, but especially those Hoffman Vespa, which were made in Germany by Hoffmann in the years 49 to 57, received in perfect condition and, above all, also drive !!
  • Testing from Raging Rhino, a magical support that keeps the scooter in place during transport - literally one of many “Crazy” solutions in a positive sense from Wolfgang /Crazy Monkey Development,
  • Scootering goes green: The renouncement of plastic (for packaging ;-)) and Franz's idea that every participant of the Alp Days will plant a tree in Zell am See.

What amazes me again and again and what you can see in the interviews that I did to you - If you manage to understand my “German” ... I have to say that the events in Germany were a great challenge for me and are. Because integrating myself into a group of native speakers, understanding technical details and humor, and that with my shyness, which makes me forget my knowledge of German, was clearly a major barrier.

But on Classic Day I somehow felt in “my flow”, I don't know if it's because I already speak a little more German (just a little more) or because it was a room in which I could be whoever was again I am: surrounded by scooters, engine noise, 2t smell, offers of super tempting spare parts, music and friends? Look for yourself:

Video Scooter Center Classic Day

Vespa & Lambretta @ Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 interviews / 58PS Vespa

Vespa & Lambrette forever!

I am glad that there is the myth of scootering with Vespa and Lambretta. Events like Classic Day and companies like that Scooter Centerthat supports the scene and with bgm and Moto Nostra produces and improves forgotten products and develops great new products, there will be scooters like Vespa and Lambretta for a long time to come!