Engine swing arm Piaggio Maxi, Gilera Runner

Engine swing arm Piaggio Maxi engines Gilera Runner and Co.

Good news for performance fetishists and lovers of the Piaggio automatic two-stroke engines.

We have ours for you bgm PRO swingarm to reinforce the motor housing further developed, optimized and in a new design have it manufactured:

Swingarm BGM PRO Superstrong Piaggio 125-180 cc 2-stroke BGM7900N

BGM7900N (4)

The legendary bgm PRO motor swing arm

bgm pro swing arm

The idea for this swing arm originally came about when we were setting up our shop demonstrator. Especially for that 50PS strong twin a sensible reinforcement had to be attached to the motor housing.

Instructions for use

So that the swing arm can also find a way to your engine to protect the very rare, large Piaggio two-stroke engines; As with the previous version, a few things must be observed:

  • fits Piaggio 125-180 engines with disc brakes
  • Exhaust bracket on the engine housing needs to be machined
  • Exhaust systems must be adapted for assembly
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Easy construction

First the motor housing has to be adjusted. The easiest way to do this is to create a gap with a screw that is turned through the holder from behind of 5mm “Adjust”.

BGM7900N_2 BGM7900N_5 BGM7900N_4

To be on the safe side, you should try the swingarm assemble and measure, if these parallel to the surface runs on the Vario lid. Shortening around at least 5mm is usually always required. However, the dimension can also vary depending on the composition of the components and up to 10mm be.


Fasten the rear wheel

That used double row self-aligning ball bearings tolerates a slight twist / misalignment of a maximum of 5 °. In order to attach the rear wheel, longer screws are included with the swing arm, which should be mounted with screw locking.


Safety note

The swing arm is only designed for tough use in tuning and racing.

There are a large number of variations of the hub, rim and motor housing on the market.
We therefore ask you to use all of the parts during assembly very carefully to check for the fit and the final Assembly very carefully to execute.

Dynosession PM tuning cylinder 2T Maxi

We're already on in February this place reported on the new PM cylinder. On Friday we put the new PM tuning cylinder for Piaggio Maxi engines / Gilera Runner & Co. through its paces on the test bench on a customer engine. Since you buy the License to test If you can click into the shopping cart for free, such a diagram is a great thing for the next gasoline talk.

Especially when the cylinder and engine are doing so well. Was on the test engine nothing milled. The rest of the setup consisted of one 25 PHBL carburettors with modified airbox, the original exhaust and a shaft with 'only' 52 mm stroke. Everyone in the test room was amazed that there was 23.4 PS rest on the rear wheel. With slightly lighter weights, the 24 hp mark should be easily cracked. Nice to see in the course of the torque curve in the rear speed range: diagram_1 Diagram_2

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The new ones have just arrived Piaggio cylinder from PM tuning.

The Nicasil-coated aluminum cylinders fits the 2-stroke Maximotoren (e.g. Gilera Runner). Tuning legend Paul Melici took on the development of the fast road use had in view. The cylinder layout is coming

  • with four overcurrent channels,
  • two boost ports and
  • one-piece outlet with a width of 44.7 mm (corresponds to 68% chord size).
  • from 25PS at 8.200 rpm and full suitability for everyday use

According to PM, the cylinder is inserted for 25 PS good on the rear wheel without sacrificing durability and suitability for everyday use. The peak performance is moderate with the PM59 exhaust and Dellorto 25 PHBL carburettor 8.200 U / min on. If that's not enough for you, you can still port the cylinder. For this purpose, all sealing and channel surfaces are reinforced with sufficient material. This provides the perfect basis, where you don't break straight into the cooling water or the outside air.

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Scooter Center & Rollerschmiede Crew / DSSC runs MZA Luckau 2009

We took part in the DSSC run in Luckau.
We drove with our MaxiZip SCK 6,5234 sec / incl. 0,1319 response time!

Here is the video:

[youtube] 86XGM8s5dH4 [/ youtube]