msf 2009

msf 2009

The date is: 26.09.2009.

The MaxSpeed ​​Festival (MSF) was the highlight of the season 2008 and will take place again in Meinerzhagen in 2009.

The OK for the location has just come.
Let the race begin!

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The announced long video from the MSF Max Speed ​​Festival is ready and can be seen on Youtube from now on:

[youtube] 5XacTNOs4w8 [/ youtube]

Here are the results from the MaxSpeedFestival:

The fastest scooter in Europe was a Piaggio ZIP from the team SCOOTER CENTER, Driver Thorsten Wengeler with 159,4 km/h over a distance of 450 meters.

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The Max Speed ​​Festival was a great event!

Everyone had a lot of fun, some really stressful competition, and by the way, we were successful fastest scooter in Europe determined.

The name of our sponsor was program: GoFastSports.

With starters from Russia (1.000km journey !!!), Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, France, England, Poland and of course Germany, the MSF was a mixed bag international event.

Also mixed because Vespa, Lambretta and automatic scooters started with each other.

As promised, top-class exhibitors in the pit lane and international VIPs were among the participants and visitors. Marc Broadhurst (MB Developments) traveled specially from England on his BMW. Sticky came to report for Scootering. Harry Barlow (Pro Porting) was without a racing scooter this time, but still in racing fever.

Maxiscoot from France presented itself with a lightning-fast 2-cylinder Sprinter. Scooter Attack surprised with one fully disguised prototypeswhich unfortunately could not be extended due to too much crosswind and a gearbox that was too long for the unexpectedly short distance.

Andreas Wrobel started with 2 Lambrettas. Darrel and Pete from SES Tuning Services from England with Lambretta and Italjet Dragster, respectively, were among the hardest-working drivers. You could see the fun of it !! read more

Supported this as early as 1999 SCOOTER CENTER Andreas Wrobel during his attempt with the Lambretta die 200km/h To break the limit.
Due to transmission problems, Andi was only able to drive in 3rd gear and achieved remarkable results here 165km/h.

We were also at the start of the second event at Bitburg Airport the following year. Here Oliver Kluger reached (SCOOTER CENTER) proud with a street legal Lambretta 157,52km /h and was therefore the fastest classic scooter.
Ulf Schroeder (SCOOTER CENTER), also with a Lambretta, 146,11 km/h - in 3rd gear - the 4th gear was defective, the scooter probably rightly bears the name Rubbish Racer. ;-)
Incidentally, the fastest scooter at the time was a Piaggio ZIP from SIP or Stoffi 159,56km/h.

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