It all started with the decision to choose an exhaust for the 1000km trip of our GTS Keyless 2023 and we went for the Malossi.

We took the opportunity to stop off in Bologna to visit Malossi on the way to the Pontedera Vespa World Days, where I was able to see what is behind the brand, and it is impressive, all the scooters were beautifully presented in an enviably clean workshop, and walking around the huge site we even picked up our order on the way to Germany, making us feel at home.

visiting @malossispayt #malossi #gtsmalossi

There we were invited to their event, the timing of which coincided perfectly with our return of the VWD to Germany, this time in Modena. The event took place on 21.04.2024 at the Autodromo di Modena and consisted of two main parts:

Miscela Day

Some of the things we found at this meeting were the Dyno, dj set, Contest of ugliness and arrogance where the only rule is to be yourself, a simulator: Moto trainer and a pit walk to make the speed experience closer, the shop, food and drinks, and even a tattoo area with flash designs by Malossi.

It's amazing how the atmosphere of speed and performance is in the air, an event that left us amazed and with a wide participation, from children riding their bikes on the rear wheel, to the most professional on the track, to those who bring their uniqueness scooter designs to show them off to the connoisseurs.

Miscela Day program

Malossi trophies

in the 37th edition, we had the opportunity to live closely the experience of a scooter race with Joe Shack, all the tension before and after the race, the physical and mental preparation and the support of a great team, which together, will define results in the seconds that these races last.

In the boxes you could also find it Malossi Racing Academy with the Italjet Dragster 200cc.

in short, an event that speed lovers have to experience once in their lives.

youtube trophy